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  1. Knock an object over with a single word....

    The words you speak when performing, change the impact your magic has on a spectator. Imagine having the ability to control objects with the power of your words. This is not an average psychokinetic effect. With just a quiet whisper from several feet away, you are able to make objects fall at your command. The Power Word principle allows you to perform the impossible, knock one object off another without affecting it or choose which objects will fall and which will remain standing.

    No weird, unnatural hand movements, no complicated setups, you do not need to be close to the object, in fact, you can even have your back turned while performing Power Word: Fall. Complete with a method perfect for walk around and street magicians, Power Word: Fall is a must have in your arsenal of reputation makers.

    I look forward to your reviews. :D It is my first released effect and should release any day now!

  2. how impromputu is it?
  3. It can be done by walkaround and Street Magicians as well as Closeup or Stage Magicians. The DVD comes with a method specifically for walkaround street magicians.:)
  4. good, tell me if im asking to many questions, so it doesnt need much ste up, and you do the set up in front of the person, and does it need any gimmicks? (I just hate getting something and being dissapointed)
  5. Hmmm...How to answer without exposure...? Here are some answers to your questions: Yes, yes but you do not have to, and the DVD comes with what you need to do Power Word: Fall.

    It can be done with borrowed pens or cards. After the pens or cards fall, they are immediately examinable and you are clean. :)
  6. Looks awesome but you know good magic and junk as well as we do.. Can you answer the question about setup.. I work in a office so can i go up to my bosses desk and stand some objects up and perform the effect?? Is it that easy or would it require me to do some setup when he isn't at his desk
  7. Is it in any way angle sensitive? can the spectators set up the cards or pens on the table?

    this looks and sounds increasingly awesome!
  8. You can walk up to someone at a table and perform it for them without going to the table before hand. This is the Brandon Williams method on the DVD.
  9. The spectator can set up the cards and pens on the table. Done correctly, you can be completely surrounded with Power Word: Fall.
  10. Just one more queston please.
    how heavy can the object be?
    For example can this be used with a 230 page book?
    230 pages is relatively small.

  11. This works for objects such as pens, ping pong balls, cards, thin nails, etc. I do not believe it would work with a book. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!:) -Matt Sconce
  12. Thanks for the info on this Matt - I think ill be picking this up. Not least because it makes me look like a Jedi :D
  13. Exactly what I was thinking.

    Hmm...need the money, guess it'll have to wait. At least I'll be able to see the reviews first.
  14. How long is the setup? Can the gimmick be home made?

  15. Lets just put it this way. It can be done in walkaround or in a stage setting. It can be done different ways, with different setups (The mobile method (Brandon Williams Method)takes about 1-2 seconds for setup). The DVD comes with what you need to perform the effect. :D
  16. I think this performance story will help you visualize how the effect works. I posted it on the Cafe and I think you will also get a kick out of it and hopefully shed light on the routining of Power Word: Fall.

    There was a horror movie shooting at my house 3 months ago, and I took the script supervisor into our backyard to show her the effect. I set a tray table up on the cement walkway and handed her three thin crayola markers to inspect. By now, it was dusk and it was a bit spooky. I stood the pens up in a row on the tray table, then moved back to stand by her.

    I asked her if she knew how powerful words could be. That they could hurt people and heal people. She agreed. I then told her that words were even more powerful than that. I asked her to watch the pens, then turned to the table. It was silent in the yard. She watched intently not knowing what was coming.

    I said "Fall" and the pens fell down one by one. At first she was speechless, and then she proceeded to freak out. She stared at me incredulously, wide-eyed, then looked at the fallen pens. I told her she could go pick them up and she did. She also inspected the table, walking around it. By the time, she went back into the house, she was sure that words had the ability to knock things over. She is a woman in her late 30's with 5 children and still talks about that to this day. Since we all thrive on reactions, this moment was gold for me. This is what occurs consistently for me with this effect. That is why I am so excited Paper Crane is releasing it at the end of the month. I can't wait to hear your reviews and performance stories!

    I hope that answers some of your questions :)
    -Matt Sconce
  17. for the not walkaround version, How long does it take to set up? And can the gimmick be carried around? Hope this isnt exposure. Thanks
  18. Well, that's that. This is has moved right to the top of my birthday list.

    - Sean
  19. I have a question...can I use a word besides "fall"?

    And could I snap my fingers instead for example?

    Thanks a lot! Looks awesome
  20. A couple seconds and yes.:p -Matt

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