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  1. Now that is how real magic should look
    . i am buying it. Great job Matt keep em coming

  2. Oh, you are right. I forgot to mention you can have the cards fall 90 degrees from you. Pens fall away from you but cards can fall to the right or left or away from you.:D
  3. Hey everyone, just thought I would comment on this thread. I believe that Matt has answered more than enough of your questions. ;) I really don't like people on here asking too many questions about an effect. Its almost like trying to get the method out of someone.

    Let's appreciate the effect for what it is. We know that it is great for walk around and that was what was most important to us. :) (Or at least most of us.) I'm not saying not to ask questions, but I'm saying that I don't think its good to ask TOO MANY questions.

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    Or trying to reverse engineer it.

    Sensable questions are good but why would you perform a trick with a cup covering it?
    You wouldnt. Unless you were just to eliminate some possible methods.
  5. Thanks for the post Doug. I appreciate the concern.
    I agree that it is nice to keep some of the mystery of the effect safe, because as I said earlier, this effect makes you feel like you are doing real magic as well as the spectator. I will keep a little more under my hat as to preserve this bit of mystery...wait, I do not seem to be wearing a hat, so I will keep the mystery in my shoe.:p

    I am very impressed with the members of this forum and the moderators. It seems like a great place to be. I am glad you are excited about my effect, as I am bouncing off the walls to release it.:)
    Stay tuned.
    -Matt Sconce
  6. Ok, someone PM me and inform me why my post was removed and show me what rule it broke. Because I didn't do anything, but express an honest, yet respectful opinion...
  7. Matt,

    Can you comment on how this effect came to be?

    What inspired you to create it?

    Or, just some intesting tales of things that happened along the way.
  8. I didn't read it but I suspect you brought up something about convincing them of real powers? The thought has crossed my mind when reading some of these posts. If that's not what it was about I stand reprimanded as usual.

    Mr. Sconce,

    Whether or whether not Dave's issue was about convincing someone of real powers by saying Fall. I'm curious what you think about how they will feel if they really believe it?


  9. No he did not. I PMed him why they were deleted. It wasn't anything wrong that he did.

  10. Sure!

    All of my life I have longed for the ability to move things with my thoughts. I loved things about this topic in the movies and books, and in Junior High School, I discovered the world of magic tricks/effects. Because the idea of telekinetics intrigued me I thought it may intrigue others so I jumped head first into that area of magic and others as well.

    I have now been doing magic for 16 years, 4 years professionally. Throughout my experience with different illusions, I came across some favorites: Banachek's PK pen and Losander's floating table are two of those. The reason they intrigued me is because until I knew the method, they seemed to be absolutely real magic. They had a powerful impact on an audience. The second thing I loved about them was that when performing them, I felt as if I was actually doing real magic as well. It made the illusions fun for me to perform in and of themselves.

    One day I was pondering what I wished for in an effect and zooming around the magic shops and internet shops attempting to find something in the PK arena that gave me total control of when an object would fall, was not too expensive, was something not many people had seen, and would feel like real magic. I found some things I liked but nothing that fit what I was exactly looking for.

    I thought about the ideas I had for several days and then the idea of Power Word: Fall came to me. I tried the effect and was floored. It was exactly what I had been looking for. It had control, felt like real magic, and had opened the door to many applications. I began to perform it everywhere and for everyone. Slowly, it became refined and developed many effects using the principle of Power Word: Fall. Then I practiced, practiced, practiced.

    Fast forward to the future. I was performing Power Word: Fall one day, and I thought. "You know, I bet people would like to do this too." I had nearly marketed an effect in the past but did not, due to the method being similar to another magician's work. I did not want to steal his work, so after calling and talking with him and discovering my method was in part the same as his, I halted my advancement toward marketing. Watch for Rich Ferguson's work coming soon. It will blow your mind.

    I had been in contact with Paper Crane and sent them the demo of Power Word: Fall. I love the effects Paper Crane put out and the people at the company are amazing to work with. They are truly good people who live by their word, and they know their stuff. They connected me to Brandon Williams, who is an amazing Magician and helped me add a great addition to the effect, and discussed it with me helping me to refine it even more. I then shot the Instructional DVD.

    The rest is almost here. People seem to be stoked about the effect as I hoped they would be. Power Word: Fall will be released in the next couple days, and I will be very happy that others will be able to do it and experience what I did.

    That is the story of Power Word: Fall.

    -Matt Sconce
  11. Cool. Its nice to know a little about how it came about.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  12. My pleasure. I think it always makes something richer when you know its history. Thanks for asking! -Matt Sconce:)
  13. Thank you! The goal for Power Word: Fall ,as I mentioned before, was to not only create an illusion that looked like real magic to the spectator but one that felt like real magic for the performer as well. Thanks for the comments!:)

    -Matt Sconce
  14. Let me quickly address an issue I have been receiving a lot of questions about. The question is "Can I get the items/Gimmick for Power Word: Fall where I live if I buy the Instant Download?"

    Part of the Gimmick can be found easily and part of the gimmick is slightly harder to find. I always recommend buying the DVD because it comes with EXACTLY what I use to do the effect in the demo video www.powerwordfall.com
    and has the cool cover art/menus.

    With that said, let me also say some of you may already have access to what you need to perform Power Word: Fall in your magician's arsenal, and some may not.

    Power Word: Fall is a method and principle that allows you to use the items to perform this illusion/miracle anywhere you desire.

    -Matt Sconce
  15. I wasn't even considering Fall as the effect seemed impractical for my style. Because of this story however, I've changed my mind. Incredible.
  16. :
    I am glad you enjoyed the story! The story above was done with the Universal Method of Power Word Fall. There are three ways to do Power Word: Fall, and this is one of the ways taught on the DVD. Any of the three ways allow you to perform the 6-7 applications taught on the DVD. I use the Universal method all the time. :)

    -Matt Sconce
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    Well, get those fingers limbered up to type some reviews, because Power Word: Fall should be released between Monday and at the Latest Friday of this up coming week. I am excited you will soon be able to make objects fall with a single word. I hope you all get a lot out of this effect. :)
    -Matt Sconce
  18. Hey, this sounds great, I may have to add it to my ever-growing list of things to buy.
    One quick question though, will the gimmick need top ups or will I have to remake it? Or will it last? Just wondering, if you don't wanna answer, you don't have to.

  19. Hello there,
    You do not need any special cothing alterations to perform this. You can perform it in any attire...even naked...though the police may not like that...:p

    With the mobile method you can make one gimmick and use it all night going from table to table or other walkaround applications. The other two ways of performing Power Word: Fall also allow you to perform all night without re-making the gimmick. The supplied items let you do this, so you should be in good shape if you get the DVD (Which comes with the needed items). Thanks for the interest, and I hope you get a lot of use from Power Word: Fall.

    -Matt Sconce
  20. So one gimmick will last for X amount of performances? Thanks, that's all I needed to know. Definitely on my shopping list now.:D

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