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  1. I am glad the reviews helped. :) What you see in the demo for Power Word: Fall is exactly what you are able to do with the effect, without ever handling the objects that will fall. It is pretty powerful, and I am excited to hear what you think. :) -Matt Sconce
  2. if anyone was disappointed when they found out the secret/method for making this work, you simply MUST perform it before you even try to judge it.
    I, for one, am slightly disappointed with what was needed to make this effect work, but then, just like Factory Sealed and Bullet, I gave it a shot, i performed it, and i swear to you, it will NEVER be left to dust until someone invent an even better version (one that requires the knowledge of real/voodoo magic xD).
    Just give it a shot and perform it once, reactions you'll get is... *speechless*

  3. Thanks for the review! My philosophy is that a method should be as simple as possible for the largest effect possible. I believe Power Word: Fall has a simple method and one of the biggest and most powerful effects I have ever seen. :) -Matt Sconce
  4. Here is the newest review of Power Word: Fall.

  5. This is a superb effect. I showed this to my fiance who knows that there is always a method. A very smart girl. And although she "kind of" figured it out (that's how she works) she was unable to understand how it fell away instead of towards. So take your average spectator and perform this and they will undoubtedly second guess the laws of physics.

    I didn't say a word, simply moved my hand forward and the pen fell over. The instant reaction was "how the .... did you do that." I said it was "Chi" from martial arts training, but it could be anything from a coincidence to a miracle. Just go easy on your specs with this one. No need to change someones belief system just because you can. Be responsible and make it clear that what you're about to do is an illusion.

    [Edit] They might not believe you but it's best to at least bring it up.[/Edit]
  6. lol! Chi! I laughed so hard xD
    a VERY good one, y din i thought of that :p

    i have been telling them that it works if you put ALL your concentration onto that one object (or more than one) n with a soft whisper, you can actually knock it down. If it didn't fall, means you didn't try hard enough.
    It's kinda like in the Matrix, you have to let your mine go and then you will be able to leap like a giant frog xD

    And guess what? they went back and tried for days, and they're still trying everyday with the "if he can do it, why can't I?" mentality.
    That's how I like to do things. They believed you, they went home and try for days or weeks, and they spread the words to their friends, and they're friends try for days and weeks, and this went on and on and on...

    I had them done the same thing with Dan Hauss' Flow too xD
    i pity whoever they're doing this on, i know getting wet is not so nice sometimes, but hey, at least they're trying hard, and if they succeed.......... nah, they wont xP

    And same thing with Robert Smith's Wounded. I came up with a story that how Christians believe we humans are created with an image of God himself. I then added that there was this rumor that says those who were born after jesus christ was crucified, will carry the scar of jesus christ with them. The more you sin, the bigger the scar will be, it'll get so big that you might bleed sometimes... ONLY if you believe in jesus christ.
    And we all see people make milk runnin down from their eyes, we see they even pull out noodles from they eyes... and then added you could use the same principle to bleed from your eyes.

    I know a long part of this isn't supposed to be here, but i'm just trying to share how i tackled Power Word: Fall, like i would on those other effects mentioned above.

    An effect with its original concept is just an ordinary effect. Put your own presentation in, and that's when you'll make an ordinary effect so believable that people think it's the real deal, real magic.
  7. Another Review just came in. It is a brief story of a performance and reactions:
  8. Is there any lighting conditions for this?
  9. You do need to take lighting into consideration, but I have performed this in daylight and, in the demo, you see me performing it in a room lit by flourescent lights. I have had no complaints about any problems with lighting situations. :) This can pretty much be performed anywhere. I hope that helps.:) -Matt Sconce
  10. Here is a great review that came in today. I though it may be helpful for those of you still checking out reviews for Power Word: Fall. -Matt:p

  11. I am humbled and excited about the following review from the Cafe. These are exactly the stories I love to hear! Here it is! -Matt:)

  12. Great story that makes me want to buy it lol.
    Thank you for sharing this.
  13. Sounds cool It's Matt correct? Seen you on the Dragon post on The Cafe'.
    Is Murphys carrying this when you release it? I would like to add it to my store.

    - Jason
  14. You can get the wholesale DVDs direct from Papercrane I believe - Correct me if I'm wrong!

    It's a GREAT effect, the simplicity and devious method is inspiring!

  15. Indeed, it is Matt. :)

    Murphy's has the distribution rights to this and works with paper crane. I would speak to Paper Crane to see if you can purchase from them or if you need to go through Murphys as I believe you do. :)

    Dee, I appreciate the comments! Shudder is pretty darn cool too! :cool: -Matt Sconce
  16. We're SO PK-Buddies Matt. we'll start a somewhat 'pokemon-esque' collection of performers and take over the world, moving one relatively light object at a time!!

  17. Power word Fall

    What can I say, it does everything that it was hyped about.
    you are able to knock objects down with your mind, spectators can surround you and if you are into it have them tie or hold your arms behind your back and yet objects still fall.
    This effect is so vague that it could be adapted to any presentation you want.
    It can be done literally anytime, Just walk up to someone have them take out a dollar or an object place it on the table and make the object fall seemingly from only saying the word "fall"

    Now I have so much of the gimmick that I can actually just walk away from the performance area and have the spectators find nothing.

    The gimmick is found in most working magicians case or junk drawer depending on where you get the gimmick from.

    IMO this effect is awesome and completely worth the money, if you want a reputation maker this one could be it.
  18. Awesome, I will go through Murphys.

    Thanks Matt

  19. Thanks! I appreciate that. Here is another reaction to the trick that just came in on the Cafe.

    -Matt Sconce
  20. Effects like this intrigue me so I'll probably be picking this up to save myself the likely insanity of not being able to actually figure out how its done without buying it. Lol.

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