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  1. Awesome! glad the answer helped.

    The anticipation of the release is killing me is killing me! It will be out this upcoming week. Hopefully on Monday.

    Until then, here is another effect possible with Power Word: Fall:

    You approach someone at a table or by a flat surface, and perform a card trick for them or another opening illusion. When you are done, you ask them if they want to see something you just discovered this morning about words that you never knew before. You explain that sometimes soprano vocalists can shatter glass with the frequency of their voices, and you have discovered that is only the tip of the iceberg. Vocal waves can also move objects.

    When they do not believe you, take out a highlighter and a ping pong ball, or ask them for a pen that you can balance the ping pong ball on. They can inspect the pen and ping pong ball if they wish. Have them balance the ping pong ball on the pen.

    You then step back from the table and tell them to watch the ping pong ball and listen to the frequency of your voice. Concentrating on the ball, you speak the command "Fall". The ball falls off of the pen, leaving the pen standing, and bounces into the spectator's lap. You then let them pick up the pen and ball and look at them, as you soak in their reaction.

    -Matt Sconce
  2. Hey matt one question... Will we ever have to worry about getting caught performing this trick? In another words how easy is it to perform and have you ever been busted ..
  3. I have never had anyone figure out how I did this illusion, or catch how the method worked. :)

    Like many illusions, you will need to practice this before performing it. Once you have it down, it almost becomes self working. Even when YOU know the method, sometimes you will still feel like it is magic. :)

    -Matt Sconce
  4. im buying this purely for the sole reason that i can say anything else besides 'fall'.

    Doesnt fit my style at all. i'll prolly scream out "CRISS ANGELLLLLLLLL!!!"

    or some other crap. lol!

    Looks good Mr.Sconce.
  5. Sitting by, card in hand ;)


  6. Hey there! I just heard from Paper Crane that Power Word: Fall will now be released the 28th or 29th. I am getting excited! Only 1-2 more days of waiting. I am glad you guys are excited, and I look forward to hearing what you do with this soon. -Matt Sconce :D
  7. Power Word: Fall is released! www.powerwordfall.com Enjoy making things fall down! Try to control your new found power! ;) -Matt Sconce
  8. Congrats Matt!!!!!
  9. Thanks! First Reviews are coming in on the Cafe: Here is the first from Pete Legend:


    I bought dvd+download package today...before I comment I like to point out that I dislike Matt so don't worry about this review being biased in any way whatsoever

    First the download is easy to access.Im terrible with technology but even I had no bother clicking on the link which pops up after payment

    The method itself is glorious! If it were a girl I would date her even if she had no personality...It really is first class.Its something Geller would do if he didn't have real PK powers

    The explanations are crystal clear.Matt goes over each detail in a clear concise manner and nothing is left out.All the little things and subtle ploys are included..some are nothing short of genius!The piece can be performed pretty much on the go if desired which is fantastic

    It looks real.If you were to perform pk in test conditions I think this is how it would look/feel.I love it and will perform it Its very very practical in all sorts of settings.Its something you will enjoy working on and will adore performing!One of my all time best purchases.


    P.S. I don't really dislike Matt
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    Definitely getting it!

    I have a gut feeling that this will be a sell out.
    Best to grab one now (proceeding to checkout myself at the moment) before you have to wait for a re-release ;)

    Well done Matty! Looking forward to keep your not-so-much-of-a-secret-anymore with me ^^ Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hey Guys, I got this effect this morning after suitable prompting from Matt :p

    Well, I must say when I first watched the download and one of the first things he said is;

    "Well, The secret to the effect is ........" (don't bother counting the dots to try and work it out - I just held my finger on the button :p)

    I was marginally disappointed - HOWEVER, I continued to watch as I was sure that there must be more to the effect, how could the spectator set this up? how do you get around this?

    When about the 5 minute mark hit I had completely changed my views. I think it's a GREAT idea and I've said from the start the whole powerword concept is a great one. haha, The secret's great.

    It's likely that most magician's will have the special item needed, but I went ahead and ordered the d/load + DVD deal as you get the items sent with your DVD purchase...

    Guys, pick this up - the concept is great, method is great and Matt goes thru lots of app's and stuff, the video as per usual is great quality from Papercrane.

    Nice one Matt and Papercrane, I look forward to more!

  12. Same thoughts here. I actually went into the purchase thinking that it better not be ............ or I'll be really disappointed. So when the secret came out I nearly just stopped watching. But I'm glad I didn't.

    Simple hits hard. That basically sums up this effect in three words. You say a word and things fall over. Kids, try not to get in trouble at school with this stuff.
  13. What an awesome description of the effect. xD :p *waits impatiently*

    - Sean

  14. Okay, Sean...stand up and put your feet together...make sure there is something soft behind you...."FALL!" *waits* did it work? :p

    I hope yours comes in soon! I look forward to your thoughts. -Matt Sconce
  15. This is one of the best things released this year, and there have been allot of great material out in 2008 in my opinion.

    Most people have seen some kind of card or coin trick and they know that there are some kind of trick behind it, but people have never seen anything like this and it looks SO real and clean that it cant be a trick. It really freaks them out.

    I did try this out yesterday at a party, and after the sharpie fell down i had about 30 people screaming and jumping around. I did a routine where i did Wayne Houchins Control followed by this, and people really did belive i had real powers, even if i told them it was just an illusion.

    Matt does a great jobb explaning the effects and the download is very well produced.

    I would recommend this to anyone because its really easy to do and 100 % practical for the real world and its something different.

    I would say that about 80% of effects that i buy gets putt down in my magic drawer because its nothing i can use, but this one will i use all the time.
  16. Yep, its really good. I think you nailed it when you say that it looks different to a spectator than a trditional magic effect. Did you use the mobile walkaround method? Great job Matt.

  17. I appreciate the kind words and am happy you are able to use the effect to create magic moments for people! Let us know if you have any other crazy reactions with Power Word: Fall! Thanks! -Matt Sconce
  18. I am looking to combine this with Wounded after performing the "Fall"... Just to add more spookyness in the effect with the word "Bleed" ;)
  19. That is a GREAT and creepy idea! ;) -Matt Sconce
  20. When I first heard about this, I thought it was too good to be true...it certainly sounds it. Now, after reading reviews, I have decided to place my order. I'm looking forward to this one!

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