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  1. I am sure that you could snap your fingers, but the entire illusion is geared toward having a power "Word" that moves objects. I would recommend using a word, but it does not have to be the word "Fall" It can be whatever you want.:D -Matt
  2. This looks like a really strong effect.
  3. I think, to be honest that the idea in itself is ingenious. That in itself should hold ground. Hopefully the method won't be too cumbersome.
  4. This looks fantastic!

    I really hope its something new, not using a long piec of IT or something.
  5. I can't discuss the method for obvious reasons, but I can say this is easy to do. The effect is extremely powerful. With Power Word: Fall, you can ask the spectator to pull out some pens and set them on the table in a wall or line of pens, never touch the borrowed pens, say "Fall", and cause them to fall. The spectator can then immediately pick up the pens and examine them. That makes for some pretty blown away spectators. :)

    -Matt Sconce
  6. well all i would like to know if its invisible thread or not. I guess that is discussing the method. well go as far on the topic as you can without revelaing the method, because if its IT I will have to think a bout buying this, at the moment it looks AMAZING
  7. My favorite illusions are the ones that seem to give the performer paranormal abilities to move or control objects with their mind, or the ability to read minds. That is why I created Power Word: Fall.
    I have practiced Power Word: Fall many times with no one around simply because it is addictive due to the fact it actually "feels" like magic when you perform it.

    The difference with this and others in the same arena is the broad range of applications and the control you have. When you say fall..the objects fall.

    Applications (Some of them):

    1. Power word fall allows you to make single cards or pens fall, or lines or walls of pens.

    2. You can set an object in front of a line of target objects and still make them fall without touching the first object.

    3. You can cause the back object in a line of objects to be the only one to fall.

    4. You can cause the middle objects to fall and not the first or last.

    5. You can make a stack of cards fall through an arch of pens without the arch falling.

    6. You can cause a ping pong ball to fall off of an object without impacting the object it was resting on.

    7. You can cause objects to fall with your back turned. Even with a spectator holding each hand.

    The objects fall on command, and are immediately examinable, as are you.

    That is Power Word: Fall. It is simple and powerful. If you want to be able to do the above effects, then it is for you. If not, then you should save your money. I spent a lot of time on the DVD attempting to teach this effect in the best way possible. Each method and application has its own instructional section, where it can be learned.

    If you have any concerns, you should definitely wait to buy it until you read some reviews. I am quite proud of it and excited about it, as you can see. Thanks for all of the discussion!
    :) -Matt Sconce
  8. Wait...what? The spectator can set it up? This does sound impossible.

    You must be a mastermnd. I'm not fishing here but please tell me this
    doesnt have any "noise" problems.

    Also, remind me to get anything you ever put out. Ever.
  9. Absolutely no noise problems whatsoever. Silent as the grave...except for the beautiful sound of the objects falling over. The spectator can pull the pens from their own pockets, stand them up and you can say "Fall" and they will all fall down. The spectator can immediately pick them up and put them back in their pocket.

    Imagine, telling the spectator that words are so powerful you can command them to recognize color. You set up a red pen, then three blue pens behind it. You set the last red pen farthest from you in front of the spectator. You say "The red will stand!" You then say "Fall" and only the blue pens in the middle fall over, leaving the red standing. :D

    -Matt Sconce
  10. Wow...insane.

    I'm not even going to wait for the reviews like I always, always, always do.

    This is going to fit so good into my routine. I cant wait.

    Sounds like you stand behind this 110% and are being honest. Thanks for the info Matt. Let us know when the release date is posted.
  11. Out of interest, could you have a spectator say the word too? That'd be awesome.

    - Sean

  12. Hey Sean,
    You could definitely have them say it, but Power Word: Fall is geared toward you saying the power word. The spectator usually knows they are not psychic, but they do not know for sure about you or what powers you may have. Because of this, I think the effect plays stronger when you perform it. But it will work if you want to have them say it. Something I have done is have them say it with you at the same time. That works well.:D -Matt Sconce

  13. Thanks,
    I strive to have integrity in all aspects of my life. I am definitely proud of Power Word: Fall. It is a great effect and has a powerful impact on an audience. I also spent a lot of time on the DVD, making the art and interactive menus to help teach it the best way possible, and feel cool and mysterious at the same time.

    Like all effects, there is a trick or "Method" to perform the illusion. I am sure, many of us have experienced the "open the box, discover the secret, feel slightly dissapointed it is not real magic" feeling. :) I worked very hard to make this as close to real magic for the practicioner as well as the audience. I love Banachek's PK pen for the same reason. When you perform the PK pen well, it is like you are doing real magic. The same is true of Power Word: Fall. It has given me some of the best reactions I have ever received doing magic.:)
  14. Update: It appears the Release may be pushed 4 days to the 1st or 2nd of November. I will let you know if I hear anything new. Thanks for the excitement on the thread. I can't wait for the release!:p

    -Matt Sconce
  15. I just had this question asked and thought I would answer it here publicly because it has some good info.

    How impromptu is the effect? Is there any set-up involved, and is there a gimmick to construct at all? "

    The DVD has a section that teaches the Brandon Williams Method that is a impromptu/walkaround/street method of Power Word: Fall. The DVD comes with what you need to construct the gimmick. Once prepared, the setup for the spectator is 1-2 seconds for the mobile method. One of the versions I use the most is the Universal method which is one of the three taught on the DVD. There are 6-7 actual effects to perform with Power Word: Fall which are taught on the DVD. I hope this helps! :D
    -Matt Sconce
  16. I have a question I didn't see asked. Which direction does the object fall? Example..If I had a highlighter standing on a table, will it only fall in one direction, such as away or towards me (side to side) or can it fall different directions? And if so, would I have control of which direction it falls?

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    The objects fall away from the power of your word. They always fall toward the spectator, if the spectaor is standing opposite of you.

    In the future, I may put up some alternate methods, on the Power Word: Fall secret website, which allow you to have the pens fall left right or toward you.

    You will get the link to this website and the password with the DVD of Power Word: Fall.:)

    -Matt Sconce
  18. They fall 90 degrees from you in some parts of the trailer.

  19. True, let me clarify my previous statement. I should say. "The pens always start to fall away from you." Some of them may gently fall and slip to the right or left while others will fall immediately straight down like you see on the air hockey table in the trailer with the single pen. The objects act as if the force of your words impacts them immediately and then fall from there. I hope that helps. :) Let me know if you have any other questions.:)
  20. What I meant was you intentionally have the 2 sets of cards fall 90 degrees from you
    when your sitting in the chair, which is also cool. Maybe its just the camera angle.

    Either way the performer makes them fall. Everything after that is grease baby!

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