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  1. it was brought to my attention recently that I sound like a pretentious know it all. At first I dismissed it, but after reading some of my older posts I can see how someone could say that.

    I'm sorry to anyone whom I've managed to offend with anything I've said or done either directly or indirectly. I swear I'm not an egomaniac and I feel I've not done a good enough job of portraying that as of late.

    I feel like this should have been said sooner. Thank you for my reality check, you know who you are.
  2. I have lurked on these forums for a couple of years, and I found that you were very informative. Unfortunately, I also found that you were a bit pretentious; however, I have seen your posts grow. I now look forward to seeing your input on the forums. I think it takes considerable self respect to make a public apology, and I commend you for that. I would also like to thank you for your knowledgeable input into these forums.
  3. I can't believe William Draven is doing this. :) Proud of you man.
  4. William I am proud that you made the effort to make such a public appology, however I do not feel it was required.

    With all forums there is always people who actually do whatever the forum is about and then there are people who don't. We don't really k.ow each other on a personal level however I respect you and know full well that performing is your full time job. Everyone of your posts reflects your level of professionalism. Each piece of advice you give obviously has a real world story behind it.

    Coming from a level of authority it is hard not to sound pretentious, especially when the advise you give day after day seems to fall on deaf ears. I know that myself and a close friend on these forums could use this advice, and I will make a conscience effort to do so.
  5. To be perfectly honest, in comparison to most posters you are far more knowledgeable. Your pretentiousness is made up for by your clear, concise posts and their distribution of information. Be pretentious if that's what it takes to post well, because I don't want your fingers to stop typing because some readers are a little over-sensitive.
  6. It's unfortunate that sometimes longer posts come with that "know-it-all" connotation. But take it with a grain of salt. We're also on the internet and "tone" is harder to portray than in person. Draven, most of your posts are very informative that which in person would probably start great discourse. So don't be hard on yourself. Although I will say that your "Criss Angel Sucks" Thread was not the most humble post I've seen lol.
  7. Pretentious know it all? I don't know you very well ... but you speak your mind, and tell it how it is (or how you think it is). What the hell are you apologizing for? Sometimes we rub people the wrong way for no apparent reason. If these people feel the need to contact you and belittle you about it, then it isn't you that has the problem. I say carry on, but think about consequence before posting something 'on the edge'. Sometimes a little spice is good for a forum, but the age of internet means everyone has long memories.
  8. No way man, You have given me consistently good advice.
  9. It takes guts to apologize publicly that way! I never got the feeling your posts had been pretentious but I've learned not to read too deep into what people say online.

    Besides, if you're consistently helping the people, which you clearly have been if replies in this thread are any indication, then you've already done infinitely more good than bad.

    - Alex
  10. I noticed you are honest... which is not a problem in anyway!
  11. I kinda feel like a part of this, as going back and re-reading, I came across as quite a smartass in the "Criss Angel" thread. I'd like to publicly apologize to you, William, if you feel I put you down in any way. You were one of the first to welcome me to the forum, and you definitely have some good knowledge to offer.

    There is definitely a line between pretentiousness and confidence. I think many people misunderstand this, as some folks struggle with the idea that someone is better or more knowledgeable than they are. Keep doing your thing, and who cares what others think, as long as you're having fun and the bills are paid. ;)
  12. Get used to it William, the older you get the more you will hear such things simply because of how you explain things. I've endured such an image for years and it doesn't matter how many times you apologize to the group, there's always one that slips through and believes their pov is god's word. Unfortunately, most that do this tend to be under 21, have only studied magic for the past couple of years and never actually performed, so naturally they would know far more than those than someone like you or me.

    Some consider me a bully, which I try not to be. There's always that exception that shows up and wants to get in my face (how dumb do you have to be, thinking you can poke a grumpy old bear with a stick and not get bit?) Yes, I'm certainly "challenging" and purposely so; I want to incite folks into the act of THINKING. They don't have to agree with me, they just need to stop, set their views off to the side for a few, do some footwork and think things through. My hope is that I'm able to help them process things in a way that makes them better and thus, improves magic all the way around. Getting folks reason to take pause ain't easy, but that's where being the old curmudgeon has it's benefits. (hehehehe)

    You're doing just fine young man, don't sweat the small stuff.
  13. Agree with Craig here. I really think that if people can just take advice, they would be so much better. I don't pretend to be amazing, because I'm not. I don't pretend I perform professionally, because I don't. But I do want to get better, so I ask for advice and really take what people say and go with it. (hence why you, William, got a PM from me a few months back). I say keep doing what you're doing. As long as you are being constructive, you are good to go in my opinion.
  14. Often confidence and bluntness can be taken as ego or pretentiousness. (Also stupidity but that doesn't apply here.) Haters gonna hate and all that.

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