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  1. does anyone know where I can find some material on a psychological force?

    Something like this:

    D. Madison mentions that he has a book out about it in the description of the video, but I can't find the book anywhere.

    Anyone know of any good books/DVDs where I might be able to learn this?

  2. all his books are on his website dude. google daniel madison
    The specific book(i have a few of his PDF's) is either collateral or identity on which this particular effect is in.
    You need some acting chops for this kind of force though.
  3. It seems alot of people are taking an interest with psychological forces, which is great. But not when there's a new thread every week asking about them, i bet you wouldn't even need the search function to find the threads, there's got to be one a page or two back.
  4. The "standard" (the book that started it all) is Banachek's Psychological Subtleties series even though the methods have been used for decades under entirely different names.

    You will find earlier mention of these methods in Phil Goldstein/Max Maven materials as well as stuff from Kenton Knepper (you should cozy up with his WONDER WORDS material if you like this sort of thing).
  5. Psychologically forcing a Carr is one of the hardest things you can do. Daniel Madison has a few good ones in his book psycho. As Craig stated Banacheks work is a must to understand the basics of psychologically forcing a card. Most of the big names in mentalism have shared thoughts on it.

    Osterlind in dynamic mysteries and republished in mystique.
    Docc on real mind reading, volume 3 of his mostermentalism DVDs and also PS3
    Derren in the devil's picture book has some very nice approaches.
    Kenton in wonder works volume 2 I think
    James brown has something very strange take on his professional opertuist DVD also as a single download on his site.

    As far as the person who stated you need good acting skills, it is much more important that you develope rapport with your spectator to ensure that they take your suggestions.
  6. Or act like you have a rapport with them.
    I've had to act like a frat boy sometimes so some of the parties i've been asked to go to show magic would respond to me better than my actual personality,mind you I never embarrass myself or completely change who i am. but one should definitely adapt to the people they are surrounded with to build that rapport. Its definitely a fun challenge performing for different groups of people. I crack jokes more and have a laid back persona performing for some and a well mannered persona for others.
    Also the magic your doing should reflect who one is or how you want them to experience the magic.
  7. For someone to pick up on the subtle suggestions they need to be attentive. If you do not have that rapport then it will not work.
  8. The Daniel Madison book that you are looking for is called "Psycho". He should still have it up for sale on his site.
  9. Craig has given you the best sources for studying psychological forces, as well as how to apply them and routine them. These are the exact same ones I would suggest as well. Psychological Subtelties 1 is your best starting point.
  10. Killer Konceptions by Kenton Knepper

    From my experience it has a good success rate.
  11. I learned about the psychological force in Derren Brown's Pure Effect. I think I got that book for $30 or $40 like a decade ago. But I just looked on amazon, and, well, wow, that thing ain't cheap any more! Those were just card forces, though...

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