Real Life Bullet Catch - Daniel Madison

Jul 25, 2009
It just goes to show...if someone holds a gun up to you...GIVE THEM YOUR FREAKIN' STUFF!

A very inspiring story, very lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something wrong with the gun though.
well if you have professional (non-youtube) training on how to de-gun/knife some then you can fight back...or if your like John Mclain (the guy in Die Hard)
May 1, 2009
Real Life Bullet Catch

On the baddest streets of the UK (where there are no chimeny sweeps or tap dancing penguins), a young Daniel Madison refuses to give up his personal items, on the grounds that his items are so personal. "These are my personal items!", Madison cries. Years later, after getting a wart removed off his hand, he invents a thouroughly unbelievable story about how the wart scar is actually a mark from a real life bullet catch.
Sep 1, 2007
haha I'm with you wonder...sounds like more bs...was this before or after he was almost killed by the British backroom gamblers? haha
Dec 16, 2008
Austin, TX
whoa whoa whoa now... TEXAN GANGSTA'S?!? how can you tell? doesn't everyone have a gun anyway?

hahaha, very funny XD :p

I believe that this could've happened, because the bullet was lodged between the bones. The only thing is I'd have to say that the bullet was probably a very small caliber, as well as there must've been some distance between them. either that, or something was wrong with the gun/bullet. I think this is possible, just incredibly unlikely.
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
whoa whoa whoa now... TEXAN GANGSTA'S?!? how can you tell? doesn't everyone have a gun anyway?

Texas is not at all how you think it is. At all the best cities it looks like cali.
The bad sides of town may seem like..compton? Besides,if you look for bad people,your gonna find them.And thats exactly what my cousins did.

Side note,daniel madison isnt saying he actually caught the bullet.It just got lodged in his hand when he covered his face.
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
Yeah, He's just pointing out how lucky it was and how it gave the illusion of a bullet catch to the robbers.

It seems that some people though have the impression that daniel is saying he actually caught the bullet.Not necessarily just in this thread,but people have said it.
Well, I'm still questioning if this is even real or not...But if it is, it was hardly 'inspiring'. If anything, it was his fault for being stupid and walking through a part of town that was "Known to be a very bad area" and not cooperating to give them what they wanted. If this is inspiring, please explain what it inspired you guys to do.

On the other hand, imagine if you were mugging someone, and you shot them...And it looked to you like they actually caught the bullet, I would be freaking scared man..
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
show me the bullet. thats not the kind of thing you toss away so show me the bullet then well talk. And why would we just be hearing about this now? We all heard the story about getting beat up by casino mobsters, we heard about the recovery, this seems like the kind of story that would have come out when he was trying to make a name not years down the line. I'll believe it when i see a bullet and a medical report. until then, enjoy the hype


Elite Member
Sep 13, 2008
You'll probably never see a bullet, because it would have been disposed of when they removed it from his hand. Things covered in blood are a biohazard, not a souvenier. They're not going to clean it up for him and be like, "Here you go!"
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