Saturday Night Contest - Any Last Words?

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  1. Is this quote suppose to be directly related to magic or could it be indirect?
  2. Dropping cards left and right, on my last performance last night. Would you know what to do, if this happened to you?
  3. Don't be dissin' the Real American Heroes, at ages 5 to 9 I played with those things all freakin' day. It's weird, I used shared a room with my cousin who's seven years older than me, so I grew up on things from his generation.

    Ok, here is mine:

    "The best effect is the one that takes place in your spectator's memories."
  4. My angel gave me this months ago.I love her.

    Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.”
  5. Here is mine:

    "Magic isn't about the fancy sleight-of-hand or the impossible gimmicks, but allowing your spectator to get lost in their own amazement, bringing them into your world where everything is possible and leaving them with a memorizing puzzle."

  6. "The audience is baffled, dazzled, amazed, and entertained. The former three are experienced by the audience, often believing the entertainment comes from the trick. But see, the secret is practically nothing. The way a magician goes about delivering amazement makes magic what it is, entertainment in its purest form."
  7. Mine: "Magic is awesome".

    Haha, couldn't think of anything else. :)
  8. "Magic is not meant to be rushed or quick. Let the magic set in so the spectator(s) can really take in what has happened. Make the experience magical and the most amazing thing they have ever seen, and finally... Have FUN."
  9. "There is the entire world to entertain."

    -Anthony Nguyen
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    "You won't know if you'll make it big or not until you take that leap and keep pushing when it gets rough."

  11. Believe whats in your heart. Magic is something special and indescribable. The feeling you get and the looks in the eyes of a child who's witnessed it, that is where true happiness lies. That is my life.

  12. SNC Entry:

    With magic I can silence the noise in your world.
    With magic I can make you question reality.
    I can make time stop.
    But I can only show you.
    So pay close attention, and you will be amazed.

    - Kirby
  13. basically kids, lets say your grandpa got all the ladies. Oh yea they got some of his deck ;-)
  14. "Believe in what you trust, or what you trust won't believe in you."
  15. When you first begin in magic, you see the world with a brand new pair of eyes, and you can never go back to your old ones. You start to question fact, and believe fiction. You take every moment as a gateway into something else, something...bigger. Bigger that yourself, bigger than anyone. You see, magic brings a whole new life, a whole new perspective. It is an escape from the troubles of the old world.

    Magic is beautiful.

    Well, I gave it a shot...
  16. "magic is like your fisrt time having sex,you'll never forget the feeling" I would definitly tell this to my grandchildren
  17. Magic -the key to unlocking and sustaining your childhood dreams.
    As time passes, magic will fade for those around you.
    Boundaries and limitations do not exist through the eyes of a magician.
    Laughter, screams, tears, astonishment, - it is the art of magic.
    Live it, breath it, take the leap.
  18. That's what she said
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    " The True Meaning of Magic is all around us. Magic brings astonishment into the Minds of the people in the world Together. People of all race- black, white-rich, poor - young and old. Time stops just for that one moment. No Trick-No Sleight-No Illusion can beat that feeling.

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