Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

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  1. What are your thoughts on De'vo/Handlordz Style compared to the DnD/Cardistry style.
  2. What does genesis have that other flourishing dvds dont?
  3. Is Genesis a good buy for newbies ? :D
  4. What makes GENESIS unique?

    Why is it named GENESIS?

    Is there anyone on GENESIS besides Andrei?
  5. 3. Although I realize it's not even close to being done by a long shot, what's next after the Genesis project? And on a related note, is there anything we should keep our eyes out for in regards to performances that don't involve a release of your material (say, performing a show in Vegas, or wherever)?
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    Please explain why people should learn flourishing. Why should I spend money on DVDs and books, then spend hours practicing flourishes? What do WE personally get out of it?
  7. 1. How much did it cost to make the DVD?

    2. What decks do you use in the DVD?

    3. Do you want to design a deck of your own or are you happy with the ones you use currently?
  8. Can you sum up your experience so far as a flourisher? From the time you first started to the creation of this dvd.

    Do you plan to release more dvds after all the genesis volumes are finished?

    How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  9. Who in your opinion are the forefathers of Cardistry and did they have any influence on you overseas and other?

    Do you believe Cardistry will become a legitimate form of sport that is mainstream and not underground? Branch off and cut away from magic completely and be recognized, as a separate entity is what I am trying to say.

    I like watching flourishing videos, but sometimes wish the person doing the flourishes added a bit more character to the video. I am not saying add more fancy editing, but actually add other outside influences like subcultures, music, and dance. I mean if I were watching a video and the Cardist was mixing the Melbourne shuffle and cardistry with perfect sync of a hardstyle song, I would find it more original, unique and an all around better production.
    (Melbourne shuffle for those who do not know
    My question is do you think Cardist videos should add more post video editing character?
  10. How does it feel to go from thinking about a possible effect, to producing it, and then putting it out on video?
  11. How is cardistry considered an art-form?
  12. How is cardistry developing into an art apart from magic?

    Do you feel cardistry is "contact juggling with cards" or something more?

    Why do you feel cardistry is meaningful to an audience?


  13. I have heard of Andrei discuss a bit about creativity on the B4 cut. i am wondering how to create a move based on creativity and how long to perfect the move?

    How long should i take to master the moves in GENESIS?

    How many volume in GENESIS?

  14. Seinfeld or Friends?
  15. 1.Have you created any more one handed flourishes (like the Backpack Cut) that will be included in Genesis?

    2.How will the teaching be in Genesis? (i.e. talking/no talking)

    3.Who was the first flourisher you saw that really inspired you to create/perform flourishes?

  16. How often are you recognized in public?
  17. What's the most crazy flourish you do? How many cards does it involve?
  18. Do you manipulate strictly cards or have you ever branched out with other things? Like pens for instance...
  19. 1. who inspired you to start performing cardistry and creating your own flourishes?

    2. What websites do you go to often to check updates on flourishing?

    3. What flourishes do you like to do daily?
  20. How are online cardistry communities affecting the present form and future manifestations of the art?

    Parts of the community are often accused of being elitist. Do you agree, why or why not, and if so, what needs to change?

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