Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

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  1. 1. Why did you called the DVD Genesis? Because as I remember Genesis means a beginning of something.
    2. Is the material in the DVD will be a little bit of everything? Twirls, cuts, aerials etc. etc?
    3. After the release of the DVD, will you still have flourishes that will be left underground?
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    I'll probably post just one question this time:

    How do you view Cardistry as an artform?

    Do you see the art of Cardistry advancing? [sorry if this question has been asked before]

    Inferno Kaiser
  3. These are original moves or you combinated some moves?
  4. 1. What do you try to portray with your cardistry? Do you see it as more like magic (mental/awe value) or performance art (abstract/emotional value)?
    2. How do you begin designing a display? Do you have a certain hand motion you want to incorporate or certain position, or is it less deliberate than that?
    3. What advice would you give to someone beginning cardistry?
  5. Where did you first stumble upon card manipulation, and when did you realize your style was categorized as cardistry?

  6. how do you find the inspiration and creativity to create a flourish?

    Why Cardistry? what hooked you into the art. was it the concept of being able to maninpulate 52 cards into a piece of art? or was it just because it looked awesome :p

    what would be your best advice for a beginner?

  7. Why did you choose cardistry more than magic?
  8. what do you think about the psychology of playing card flourishes?

    do you ever perform/create magic effects?
  9. Now I understand that you will make a lot of money with the release of Genesis. That said, what other way (if any) can you make a living with Cardistry? It seems that if you aren't making the moves up and selling them that there really isn't a market for that. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  10. where do you get your inspiration from? Does your family support you for what you do over the years? and does Gymnastic help cardistry?
  11. As seen on facebook pictures, how did it feel teaching Larry Fong the sybil?
  12. Genesis

    Hey Andrei,

    Have any magicians ever given you any unconstructive criticism?
    As in, "goodluck getting a gig flourishing", or "you won't get anywhere doing that"

    -Jon R.
  13. 1.How do you know when a flourish is fully developed/what kind of criteria do you have when you create flourishes,displays,etc.?

    2.Out of curiosity, what was the first flourish you learned?

  14. 1. Why did you call the dvd Genesis?
    2. Where did you first hear or see flourishing? and did you find anyone that just inspired you to continue?
    3. Was there anything that made you sway to flourishing than to do magic?
  15. Hows the magic and cardistry art viewed over in russia? Does it has a strong presence there?
  16. This question is for Andrei, when creating a flourish, what main things do you look for? What do you think a good flourish should contain?
  17. Why choose cardistry, not's more impressive for the girls?
  18. Magic is used in front of people the puzzle them and thing of how it is done. You do cardistry, which obveously isn't just like going up to someone on the street and asking them if they want to see you flourish. So this is hard to explain how I will get a question in but, how do you get into doing just doing flourishes for people, since it is totally different than magic where you can just go up to someone and ask if they want to see a trick. If that sounded ok. I hope you figure out the question in the way i mean it lol
  19. I wanted to ask some questions that I felt would refer to cardistry but also help me on my journey as well.

    1. When you were growing up did your family and friends support you in taking up cardistry as a profession? If not could you explain how you looked past the negativity and continued with your passion?

    2. where did you start? did you immediately know you wanted to be great at cardistry or did you move from one type of magic to another to get where you are today?

    3. For my last question out of curiosity I just want to know what deck of cards is your favorite to use? If you can't narrow it down to which is your favorite what deck do you use the most?

    Thanks can't wait for genesis!
  20. 1. Cardistry has often been criticized on this forum for being, in a sense, "masturbatory" (to steal a term from Steerpike), in that it can be seen as a display of personal skill that is more about personal satisfaction than it is about entertaining the spectator. How would you respond to those claims? How is cardistry equally, if not more, enjoyable for the spectators as it is for the performer?

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