Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

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  1. how long did it take you to get good? I've been doing this 2 years and I suck. Do you think some people have a knack for it, and advance quicker?
  2. 1. What compelled you to put the moves on genesis that you did?

    2. Are all the moves original, and created by you?

    3. Of all the moves that didn't make the cut for Genesis, which was most likely to make it on if you could add one more move?

    4. If I have little or no skill in magic is this something I should look at getting?
  3. 1. (Past)
    When you started cardistry what motivated you to keep on practicing and did you have friends to practice with?
    2. (Present)
    One thing that makes you proud of modern magic?
    3. (Future)
    How do you see cardistry evolving in the next 10 years?
  4. - how did you get involved with the theory11 project?
    - have/do you ever perform magic?
    -what keeps your creative juices flowing?

  5. Genesis(second question)

    Hey Andrei,

    When Katie has her baby, are you going to try and teach him/her flourishing?


    -Jon R.
  6. *Well, I am not a cradistry guy AT ALL. That being said would someone like me benefit from this and/or get into cardistry a lot fuller?

    *Most cardistry anything leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Although I did like your 1 on 1 "Carditsry 101". Will the teaching be at all similar and as clear as that was? If so I will extremely consider picking this up.

    *What makes this so special, why should I buy your product as opposed to others out there on the market? That's just a throw away question. By that I mean the quality and teaching from you guys has always been the best. You all are very good at what you do and I would buy anything from you guys in a heart beat because I know I will never have any problems learning the material.

    Welp, those are mine!!!

    - Zac
  7. how does your family feel about your chosen profession?
    Were you ever a gymnast?
    Do you is flourishing/xcm as a sport?
    Do you like rap music?
  8. How do you feel about the especially low quality flourishing we see so often around here?
  9. Hey Andrei, I'm really excited about Genesis, however, I want to know some information about you...

    1. What personally influenced you to start cardistry?

    2. To you, what is the mindset on cardistry today?

    3. For future references, what will you expect to see in the cardistry community years and years from now, better, same, or worse?

    Hope your project goes really well, can't wait to see the videos of it!!

    -Casey Rudd
  10. What is your ultimate goal you want to accomplish in cardistry?

    What would you say is most rewarding about cardistry?

    How did you develop your flourishing style?
  11. Zac asked a similar question about the DVD, but I would like to know specifically about YOU.

    What makes YOU different from any other flourishes? What makes YOU better? Why should I care who YOU are? (this is all one question by the way, it's just broken down.)
  12. Genesis (thrid question)

    Hey Andrei,

    My last question :(

    What was the best reaction you have ever gotten from an on-looker while practicing your flourishes?

    -Jon R.
  13. Rumors say that you (andrei) created the charlier cut, but then a guy called charlie robbed it. Is it true?

    How many sybils do you think that can turn on a woman?

    Those are my last two questions.
  14. How many times you wanted to quit?

    how do you feel about seeing yourself in project this big?

    according to your knowledge,how do cardistry started?
  15. Magic and Cardistry are sisters in the world of performing arts. Do you think the line between the two is too defined? And, have you ever done any magic performance?
  16. I am only going to ask one for this, one that I really hope for an answer for.

    How have you made a name for yourself, as to say how did you become a big name in the magic community?
  17. 2. As a mentalist/magician who hasn't yet embraced cardistry/flourishing, what does this DVD offer somebody like me? Can I take the material taught here and incorporate it into the routines (involving cards) that I already perform?
  18. 1. Do you consider "cardistry" and art form?
    2. Do you flourish for laymen, or is it only for yourself?
    3. Do you consider what you do flourishing or cardistry? Both? Are they the same?
  19. 1. how did you get into the cardistry?

    2. what is your favourite deck? (classic lol)

    3. do you believe that the "Genesis" would actually create new concepts and bring a new era of cardistry?
  20. 1.) What is to come of your 1on1s? You made Cardistry 101: Volume I - will there still be new volumes of that?

    2.) Why did you create so much more than what most people create? Many of us are passionate about the art, but you have obviously gone above and beyond what most people create. Where does this drive come from? What are you hiding? :p

    3.) After you finish with Genesis, will you still be involved in the production of Theory11 projects? (Filming, editing, etc)

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