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Apr 16, 2009
Alright so here's what I'm thinking of for a trailer:
Screen showing some sort of whispy images or shapes.
Narrator (Wayne Houchin): So much about humanity revolves around the number ten. We use a base ten number system, base ten measurements, we've got ten fingers and toes for crying out loud! But what if... we could go further. What if...we could take it past a ten... take it to an eleven. Where would we be? Well I don't think anyone could really tell you what it looks like, but everyone knows what it would feel like: magic.

Cut to overhead of a city, New York City or Las Vegas.
Mantage of clips of casinos, street buskers, psychics, etc.
Narrator (Jonathan Bayme): Entertainers, illusionists, magicians, charlatans, whatever they call themselves. They call it magic, but they are pretenders. Not liars, but strugglers, searching for the power to stop just being actors playing the part of wizards.

Cut to a couple T11 artists huddled around a book
One of them: Look at this, the theory eleven. It's out there. All the greats, they were looking for it. Houdin, Erdnase, even as recently as Vernon, they all knew it was out there.

Cut to Danny Garcia talking to Jason England
England: It's bound to be protected. Guardians, sentinels, whatever. You can't expect this to not be downright impossible.

Cut to the person who was reading the book arguing with another artist in the street
First one: This is the greatest secret in history!
Other: I don't want to get involved with your conspiracy theory bull****!

Cut to the following artists with mysterious lighting.
Andrei Jikh
Dan White
Apollo Robbins

Fade to black.
Narrator (Chris Kenner): Is it worth it?

Text: Coming Soon
then something flashes really briefly on the screen indicating some website with exclusive content.

So that's it. It actually turned out to be more of a teaser trailer than a full-on trailer. I'm still not entirely sure if I would want to take it in a Tomb Raider action/adventure sort of direction or more of a Prestige interpersonal struggle sort of direction.

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Aug 26, 2009
There owns was a boy. His name was Dan. Dan white. Like most young magicians a simple magic set given to him one evening by his father lit the fuse. As a child he had always been intrigued and frightened by magicians and their knowledge of secrets that he knew nothing about.
As he grew he wanted to know these secrets and wanted to be able to harness that level of mystique that had fascinated him. But he didn’t know how. Two years later Dan was walking across the streets with his cards in his hands as always he saw a boy. a weird boy…Daniel was his name Daniel Garcia. Dan saw that Daniel had a deck of cards. Dan went over to Daniel and said. ”hey am the grate Dan white. Who are you and did you just do a Pinky Count!?!?”
Daniel replied "I'm the big Daniel Garcia and yes I think it was. I find all my magic in books and Mack up stuff myself because am cool."
It sounds so cool. “We can find all the best magicians in the world and make the best magic shop ever!! Are you in?” Dan asked.
“The answer is yes” Daniel Answered.
and so the two friends went on a long trip.


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Sep 14, 2008
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Theory 11 Movie: Catch Me If You Can!
Setting: Basement of the Luxor, a small desk lamp illuminates the room.
Music in Background: Italian Mob Music

Jason England, in a pin striped suit, is sitting behind an old oak desk, racking his brain trying to figure out who he can bring in undercover. Ashes fall from the cigar onto the sloppily written notes. Jason sips from his whiskey as the perspiration drips from his forehead.
For the past 6 months someone under the alias, Apollo, has been hitting all the local nightclubs stealing credit cards, wallets, and red chap sticks.
“Sir, they have arrived.” Kenner announces as he carries the silver platter out of the office. “May I leave a tad early Mr. England? You know that David doesn’t like it when I am late.”
Dan White and and Senor Garcia walk in, black trench coats touch down to the floor. “Gentlemen, have a seat.” It seems our Russian spy, Mr. Jikh, has been gunned down by Robbins’ hit men. He was the best shot we had and was a damn good agent.
“I just got off the phone with General J.B. over at the pentagon, and he assures me that you two clowns have completed your training.” “Well…not exactly sir, I still have 10 more hours to log with Digital Dissolve and failed my Coin One test twice now,” Garcia mutters. “How about you White?” “Passed everything sir.”
“Everything…. even LIT?” England questions him again. “Burned my fingers twice but they healing, sir, I’ll be fine…I assure you, but you do know that I am Colorblind right?

“Gentlemen, there is no room for error and we will only have one crack at this. I’ve checked the Foundations and have pinky counted the blue prints twice. The Wire is our last shot at this. It has been undergoing heavy heat from the agency’s members.

Jon Raiker enters with two females carrying brief cases.
Both White and Garcia are soon armed with Smoke Gimmicks and Invisible Decks as they exit out into the alley way.

Two Days Later

Apollo puts the phone down as he gazes out the window. He squints through the tinted glass as an armored vehicle screeches to a halt. Two large D’s written in fresh, black, paint adorn the sides. With a sly grin, Apollo puts the phone to his mouth, “I presume these are the v5’s hot off the press…per our agreement?”
“Mr. Jermay will be very satisfied…..”

Ending ???
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Dec 20, 2009
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OK so im in a really bored & random mood, So here!

Note - All the links that are to be clicked are intended to be pictures/videos on the screen but since that was unavailable, i had to settle for links.

Theory11 exposed for good!

*Close up of THIS*

*Criss Angel Narration begins*

Are you ready?

So the story starts, when Jonathan Bayme and all those other Theory11 artists first got into magic.

The exact date would be *puts hand on head and concentrates*........ the 31st of August 2070. Now I know you must be really confused and your'e face must look something like this but just give me a chance to explain.

Im NOT going to beat around the bush.


Think about it? How else would Andrei Jikh have such MAD skills if hes only 22years old?

The truth is, hes 60! Hes been into flourishing ever since he was born.


Theres No doubt about it, thats definately Andrei Jikh.

Also Jonathan Bayme, the CEO of Theory11 alot of people might be wondering what the deal is with this guy? Well, Ive known Jon for a long time now and just the other day, I was unfortunate enough to view some of his baby pictures, well old.... guy pictures. may find this disturbing *sigh*
Well, thats all the proof i have about Theory11 artists being born old, I know the others were too, but i cant prove it since all the others burnt their pictures.

So after practicing magic Day and Night for years, they finally decided to put a magic community together, a community they called it Theory11. The name "Theory11" still proves as an inside joke for all the artists. WHY? Heres Why?

T - Tiger
h- Has
e- Eaten
o- Our
r- Rice

The numbers 1 and 1 are sensors for the words that Daniel Garcia said after that.
1 ****

Now you might be wondering what the tiger thing is. The truth is theory11 artists met at their headquarters i.e "The forest".

After a long hour of discussion they decided to eat some lunch, little did they know the tiger beat them to it.

After that incident, Jonathan Bayme and Chris Kenner came up with the name "THEORY11". You should see them giggling about it behind the scenes!

Theory11 also has something SOMETHINGHUGE coming up but i cant reveal what it is because...because I Pinky swore ok! And everyone dont break a pinky swear.

But i do have some more Dirt on Theory11 so look out for Theory11 exposed for part 2!


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Jul 16, 2008
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Made into a major motion picture we present you with:

The Magic burrito monster: A film about theory11

A group of artists get together hoping to promote the art of magic. They
decide to make it a live show called Theory11.

[ushers: Andrei Jikh[played by bradpitt]]

The crew gets together to discuss illusions. They decide on a motercycle appearance, a series of
origional tricks from the mind of Dan Sperry [played by jonas brother nick], and an incredible unexpected ending.

JB aka total badass opens the show. He appears on a fire engine red motercycle with wind blowing in his
hair as he slicks it back with a smile.

Dan Sperry[played by jonas brother nick] just dominates the show. He brings out the absolute scaryest illusions he has
to amaze an audience of little kids. He goes on to his, amoung the kids, famous illusion
called "living on the edge". He takes oreo cookies, 4 of them...and he puts
a fragment of a lime in one.and proceeds to eat all but the one with the lime in it.

But theres problems...dan keeps getting interrupted. This audience has these hecklers
This one child, who looks much older than the other kids, and
with nunchucks keeps trying to come up on stage.
Thinks hes some kind of ninja or something.

Backstage: JB was talking with Andrei[played by brad pitt] before he went out to the floor and told him some news.
When Andrei got out he didn't even notice dan was being heckled he had just heard the worst news EVER. Hellen Keller is dead. He was focused on that.
It was just terble

Dan then proceeds to pull a burrito out of the big kids ear he immedietly stops heckleing. He is amazed. Where did that burrito come from? That was one large burrito.

They end the show by taking the burrito and changing it into none other than mr jason
England [played by Mr incredible]. The crowd of kids is in awe and run up past the big kid
with nunchucks to talk to him. He's incredible.

Then JB [aka total badass] decides that theory11 was not ment to be a show, too many
hecklers. He decides with many others to make it a magic company so young people and old
alike can learn magic tricks in a safe environment.

They put out a series hit of tricks:

"Living on the edge": 4 oreo cookies are shown, a lime is placed in one. You eat
all the cookies but the one with the lime in it. Can be very dangerous. Ages 18 +

"Coin two": make the spectators $100 bill vanish completely

"subway": pull a large buritto from anyones ear

"Blueline": mandatory requirement: green chapstick, a trick where it visually turns blue.

"glitch": give the appearance of broken technology. Take a friends phone and visually
smash the screen.

[To be continued.....]

coming soon:

PART TWO- The buritto monster: strikes again: A film about the new theory11

The biger kid as Danny Garcia
JB- as himself [aka total badass]
Brad Pitt as Andrei jikh
Mr incredible as jason England
Jonas brother nick as Dan Sperry
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Oct 30, 2007
Here's my story.

Chris Kenner in his mid twenties practices magic as ussual, and he is found in a situation where he can't get a method for an effect down. He wishes he would have someone who could show him the method in a more precise way. and suddenly he gets an idea of how there should be a community of artists joined togheter to help other young and aspiring magicians with the same kind of issues. And ten or fifteen years later he found other magicians who had almost the same idea. Those magicians were Daniel Garcia, Lee Asher, Andrei Jikh, Dan Buck and his twin brother Dan, hmmm, i mean Dave:) And they decide to start a project firstly called Help Magic Community or for short HMC. But they struggle and just can't do a lot until they run at Jonathan Bayme who had all the answers. He had ten theories of how the HMC would work. But he hated the name. So he add another theory for changing the name to something better, something awesome! So he called Danny, Dave, Dan, Chris and Lee on a meeting and told them to bring their best attributes with them because he's done it! He also called Aaron Fisher, Dan White and a few other great magicians. When everyone arrived at the meeting Daniel Garcia brought his favorite attribute-the nunchucks. But JB had a little bit different plans than him. He continued the meeting and just as he mentioned all of the eleven theories he realised there were eleven people in the room. He decided to name the community theory11 or for short T11 or for even shorter: TLEVEN. he realised thats not shorter so he gave up the last name for it. Then there would be a scene in three years in the future-year 2010. Theory11 is now known as one of the best and most popular magic online community with more than 15,000 members worldwide. They can count dozens of succesful DVD projects and also more than 50 1on1 releases. And with more contributing artists than other online magic communities theory11 can only go higher. And Johnatan Bayme is the one who made this all hapen thanks to his eleven theories. And they all got married and lived magically ever after. Not married to eachother. And that is the story of Theory11.
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Jan 19, 2008
It all starts with Jonathan Bayme walking into a casino with $5000, a system to cheat at poker, and a way to make it big but in a small way at first. This system was devised by a few friends – Wayne Houchin and Aaron Fisher. (Scenes of them creating it, in the middle of a warehouse with a single pack of cards, a table and one light). The first hand is dealt. Jonathan wins it. The second and is dealt, a 4 of diamonds and an ace of spades was his hand, the flop two 6’s a 3 a 5 and an ace. Part of the system is used and his 4 of diamonds morphs into a 6 of diamonds. Full house, he wins it. No one sees a thing except the eye in the sky, but Jonathan is unaware of this. He keeps playing, winning every hand, a crowd gathers amazed by his great playing! At around 10 30 pm the dealer took his eyes of the cards for a second, and in that one second Jonathan makes the deck dissolve in the dealers hands and puts a second stacked deck on top. All in the dealer’s hands, completely unnoticed to him. Everyone else saw and gasped in amazement. They keep playing and Jonathan keeps winning. He is up to $11 000 and a man approaches him from behind…Bam Jonathan is outside on the ground with none of his winnings. The man who did this was a Mexican. Daniel Garcia. “I never want to see this in the casino again, but you could become a magician probably” Walks away. Jonathan checks his pockets, he finds 11 cents, and a new theory. A theory of not just becoming a magician but to help other magicians with the use of this new system in a good way, and the art of performing magic.

By the time he gets home, there is a crowd of people there, Chris Kenner, BJ Bueno, Dan and Dave and of course those who created the system. All were magicians. They all saw what he did in the Casino and Jonathan explained his new idea, his new theory to them. Everybody loved it. With that 11 cents and that theory, Theory11 was born.
May 7, 2009
Here is my entry:

A young magician works as a janitor in a school and when he sees unfinished math problems on the board he goes and finishes them... Wait- thats Great Will Hunting

Anyway my real entry:

Starring: Dan, Dave and their long lost brother... Jordan

A young Dan, Dave, and Jordan are going on a family vacation to the happiest, safest, most family friendly place on earth: Las Vegas. In Vegas their father decides to buy them each a few decks of cards from the casino after a night full of gambling and winning. The boys are extremely excited to get their decks from their father and they open them immediately. To much of their fathers surprise, these boys were born with an incredible ability to handle cards. Their father was sure this could not be learnt and that each of these boys were born with this amazing gift.

The boys were instantly hooked and were excited to show off their new talent, so they walked the streets of Vegas performing, getting tips, and they couldn't be happier... Until Jordan makes a wrong turn, down an alley and is abducted. He was able to escape and was taken in by a british family, but he held on to that deck that his father gave him for the rest of his life.

Fast forward to 2007 where the brothers meet at the Blackpool convention, however they had no clue that they were brothers. They were just three flourishers with an incredible gift. It wasn't until Dan and Dave took out their Jerry's Nugget deck that their father had given them that Jordan realized what was going on. Dan, Dave and Jordan Lapping realized they were long lost brothers with an incredible gift.
Jul 10, 2010
Inspiration Born From Theory

The year is 2011, all in the world is perfect. There is now war, violence, or suffering. No one is born crippled, deformed, or incomplete. Everyone is happy, blissful, and... mindless. All human thoughts have been erased. Emotions, now gone. In the future, creativity is nonexistant. And responsible for all this is C.H.I.P. The Central Human Intelligence Program, or C.H.I.P, has been installed in every mind, and has become a genetic gene, so everyone is infected.
Everyone is infected, everyone except a chosen few, the ones who dare to venture out from the rest of the pack, they are... Theory 11. Theory 11 are the only humans left on the planet, and maybe the universe who can still use their imagination to do the impossible. Their minds create the illusions that have left people thinking and maybe waking up some people from their ignorance. But small time illusions aren't enough to save them, They're going to need something huge, and what they do will reload the world. Theory 11 has been careful, and from their original 11, they've grown. But are they careful enough? They've been doing good so far, but C.H.I.P has been piecing. the clues together. If they're going to wake up the world's imagination to the possibility of wonder, Their Magic show, should be huge. A Torn and Restored Card trick, ain't gonna cut it this time. This is Inspiration Born From Theory.

Cut to the Chase: people have no thoughts and theory 11 does tricks so it exercises their imagination.

Rated: R Cast: Jonathon Bayme, Andrei Jikh, Chris Kenner, db, Dan white, Jason England,Mathieu Bich, apollo robbins, Daniel Garcia.

This is kind of a sci fi movie with magic, so not sure how it will go. Magic and science kinda sorta work together so it's iffy.
May 15, 2010
With Gerard Way

Okay, I am a writer but I won't be writing what the movie will be about.

I will be showing you.

I did make a movie, finally with my camera. I had fun doing it. It is a documentary about t11's new artist. A cardistry and magic master.

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but I sure had fun doing it. It took me a while to make with some blood sweat and tears though it turned out moderately okay. I am proud of myself though because it is my first real video, movie thingy.


Catchy twenty second commercial spot:
In a world *insert cliché music here* when people stop believing in the impossible, when all the magic that we see has "been done before" and nothing new has emerged, 11 artists combine together with the dream of starting something new. Something that will change the face of magic forever...

Plot Summary:
Jonathan Bayme wakes up from a dream. A dream about a world of great and wonderful magic and a tight community helping each other to create this great magic. So for the next few months he gets into contact with some of the industry’s leading professionals such as Chris Kenner, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, and Dan White, along with six others, and starts plotting a new site, a new community of magicians.

But then, out of the blue, they get sucked into the battle between magicians and dark card masters...the Superhandz Warz. Battles emerge and people are won and lost. Victories and defeats repeat one after another. Just as Jonathan Bayme and De'Vo are about to face each other in a competition for the end a young man emerges...Andrei Jikh; the chosen child of destiny to stop the war and bring peace between these two sites. But in the heat of the moment, before the truce was agreed upon, De'Vo throws a card like none other and cut's Andrei's left hand off. Fortunately, using the futuristic technologies of robotics (that we still don't know how this came about), he gets a new hand that works exactly the same as before and nobody can tell it's fake.

Now, though some hostilities may remain between the two communities, the Superhandz Warz has come to a close...for now. Waiting in the darkness people from both sides are waiting for the day for an act of war, refining their skills. *Ends in a scene of mystery leaving the viewer wondering if a sequel will come but one never does, pissing many people off.*

Jonathan Bayme: David Arquette
Andrei Jikh: Young Mark Hamill
Wayne Houchin: Ryan Reynolds
De'Vo: Himself (Face it, no one can be De'Vo but himself :p)
Chris Kenner: Adam Sandler
Buck Twins: Sprouse Twins (only Twins I could think of :p)
Daniel Garcia: Antonio Banderas
Jerry Cestkowski: Christopher Walken

If I can whip up a poster in half an hour I'll get one up.
Oct 5, 2008
A drought is occurring and some magicians are heading to the "Great Valley", an area with lots of leaves. A KatieKenner herd gives birth to a single baby, named J.Bayme. Wayne Houchin , a "Three-horn" , plays with J.Bayme for a while until a "Sharptooth" attacks. During their escape, J.Bayme accidentally blinds the Sharptooth in one eye with a card. J.Bayme's mother intervenes, battling with the Sharptooth and suffering severe injuries, but managing to defeat him by pushing him into a deep chasm. At the same time, an "earthshake" occurs, opening a deep ravine in the ground, which swallows up the Sharptooth and a great deal of other magicans, and separates many herds, including J.Baymes and Wayne Houchin's. J.Bayme finds his mother when the earthquake ends, but she is mortally wounded, and near death. Before dying, she tells J.bayme that she will be with him and gives him instructions on how to get to the Great Valley. She instructs him to follow the "bright circle" (sun) past the "pyramid hotel" and then past the "mountains that burn" (volcano).
Wayne Houchin finds the Sharptooth's body, and thinking him to be dead, pokes fun at him until he awakens, having only been in a coma, causing Wayne Houchin to flee in terror. J.Bayme meets a "Bigmouth" named Daniel Garcia , who asks to join him. As they travel, and try to find food along the way, they encounter an aerophobic "Flyer" named Dan Buck , who joins them on their quest. Wayne Houchin bumps into them and warns them of Sharptooth, but J.Bayme does not believe her, since he is convinced that Sharptooth is dead. As Wayne Houchin describes the encounter (exaggerating his bravery), he accidentally flings Daniel Garcia near a patch of grass, which has a hatching egg containing a baby "Card Cheater" . Daniel Garcia names him Daniel Madison and brings him into their group.
Jun 2, 2008
Dallas, Texas
An elite team of 11 individuals including about 20 other people is given the job of protecting one of its most powerful secrets. A new deck as been designed, one to rule the entire magic community. Its design is flawless; the metallic ink will blind a layman within seconds, the stock will withstand those who use the finger exerciser thing from dananddave, and the thick cardboard case will withstand bullets. Within seconds of holding the deck you'll be able to perform the most impressive flourishes ever imagined. They must prevent this deck from entering the hands of the Ellusionists, where it will be massed produced in many different designs so everyone will be cool. The evil Brad will stop at nothing to get these cards.
On this team there is the young prodigy Andrei whose moves will blind you from the excessive arm movement, and if that doesn't work, the loose jewelry on him will surely take you out. There is Daniel Madison, who makes you feel unworthy and boring when he talks to you, but you will probably be taken out by the hard flourishes as you adjust to the new black and white environment. There is the double fury, otherwise know as dananddave, or better, doublethetrouble. These two will teach you a flourish at the slow learning pace, and as you're focusing on the cards, BOOM kick to the groin. Yeah thats right, they play dirty. A young Jonathan Bayme is the carrier of the deck, with expressionless companion Dan White. He doesnt need to smile with his badassery. One dirty glance at him and WHAM you're inside a balloon. The E's will learn not to mess with this group. You cant run; Marcus Eddie will catch up to you. You cant be sneaky; Danny Garcia will shank you. And then tear you up and put you back together so he can shank you again.
Get ready for the most exciting thrill ride of the century. With guest appearances from ex warlord Jason England, Chris Kenner, and BJ "Taco" Bueno, this is one movie you will not want to miss.
This film is about a rag tag team of magicians trying to survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland. As Jonathan Bayme (played by James Franco), Wayne Houchin (Macaulay Culkin), and Danny Garcia (Sylvester Stallone) fight zombies they encounter a stranger with incredible powers, his name, Daniel Madison (Russel Brand) who tells stories of an incredible wonderland up north. The place is called Canada, a place where the zombies are much nicer. As the four of them trek across this nation they meet an ancient wise man by the name of Chris Kenner (Joe Pesci) and his two deadly but lovable bodyguards Dan and Dave Buck. He tells them about an old and powerful tome said to hold the secret to save mankind. They fight on in the hope of finding this artifact.

As hope starts to fade the group encounters a stone tablet with The 11 Theories of Magic inscribed on it. They pull the tablet into a near by cave where on the walls there are glyphs of angelic guardians on bikes and all of the Expert at the Card Table. Suddenly the floor beneath them collapses and before them appears the King of Cards, Harry Houdini (David Bowie). It turns out it was he who cursed mankind and the only way to save humanity is to fool him with a magic trick. Desperately they all pull out their best tricks but to no end Houdini knows all and sees all...

Suddenly Dan White (Robert Downey Jr.) drops down and performs Smoke. As the effect was sold out Houdini could not figure out the trick and so then retreats into the darkness. Thus the world is saved and our heros form an alliance to make sure such a catastrophe never happens again. The end

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Dec 26, 2009


Samuel L. Jackson as J. Bayme

Emillio Estevez as Brad Christian

Tom Arnold as Chris Kenner


Don Knotts as Mike Hankins


The Olsen Twins as "The Bucks"

Movie opens with Kenner (smoking a cigar) driving down the Vegas strip, in his 1969 GTO Judge, to pick up Bayme and the Bucks from McCarran International Airport. Finishing his cigar, Kenner waits in front of the airport for his fellow magicians. As Bayme and the Bucks exit the airport, walking toward Kenner and his Judge the sound of Brittany Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" fills the air as a convertable Volkswagon Beetle enters the scene with Brad Chritian singing away at the wheel. With an ear piercing whistle both Bucks hit the ground holding their throats as Christian speeds away giggling.

As fast as the Bucks hit the ground Bayme rushes over to his fallen friends. Noticing a bridge sized playing card protruding from the throats of both Bucks, Bayme screams, "MOTHA DUCKIN BRAD CHRISTIAN JUST KILLED MY MOTHA DUCKIN HOS!" Bayme leans over The Buck with the cuter nose and says, "You will always be my favorite."

Kenner walks over and says to Bayme, "Should I make the call?" and with a nod of Baymes head Kenner pulls out his phone and makes a call to New York.

"THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT PLAN" (read that like Don Knotts said it) says Mike Hankins, "I'LL MAKE THE CALL."

On that day in August 2007 a band of magicians vowed to bring down the evil forces behind Ellusionist. They had everything going for them. They had 2 spies, Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin, infiltrate the ranks of Ellusionist to bring them down.

Flash Forward 3 years to August 2010

J. Bayme has started the gears in motion by releasing The Sentinel Playing cards (when the writing on the back of the Sentinels is translated it is a direct quote from The Egyptian Book of the Dead to make the dead walk again) and Smoke (which is an actual chemical that when performed while using the Sentinels will bring ancient mummies back to life) to aid him in his revenge against Brad Christian and Ellusionist.

Flash Forward to December 21 2012

J Bayme faces Brad Christian for the final showdown. Behind Bayme is an elite army of walking zombie mummies. Behind Christian is an army of the most elite fairies from fairy world all decked out in their best eye liner and shiny shirts.

Movie closes with Bayme standing over Christian. Christian says to Bayme, "You know you can't kill me!". Bayme says "Watch me Motha Ducka!"

Camera pans out to outer space as Bayme performs the ultimate sleight. THE LUNAR PASS.

END. of the world.

EDIT* i left out the term "Buck Futting" out of the beginning of this story but figured I would add it now :D
Oct 19, 2007
Tom Cruise.....Jonathan Bayme

Johnny Depp.....Daniel Madison

Twin stone statues.....Dan & Dave

Chris Kenner.....Genie in Bottle

Richard Zadorozny.....Robot

- Port
- Out at Sea
- Cave of Wonders

Title: "How Theory11 was Thought of..."


Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a man named Daniel Madison(played by Johnny Depp). Now, this man was not any "ordinary" man but in fact he was a pirate. His one true goal in life was to find a genie in a bottle. Daniel Madison heard of a legend about the magical lamp being stored in a cave not to far away from where he was staying. But, in order for Daniel to successfully accomplish this mission he had to join forces with another pirate. Daniel soon later held auditions to see who would "help" achieve his dream. Only one man auditioned. His name was Jonathan Bayme(played by Tom Cruise). Now, Bayme wasn't a fool, he knew Daniel would possibly ditch him so he could have the treasure himself. In fact, Bayme had his own wish that he would liked to be fulfilled, but we will get to that later in the story. Daniel now had a recruit to help him on his mission.

Daniel and Bayme are now 3 weeks out into sea in their dingy were they talked about their dreams, showed each other magic tricks to pass the time, and ate. Daniel soon began to have a friendship with Bayme. One night, they checked the map on where they needed to go in order to find this lamp, they looked down and BOOM! They were on the shore of the island. They got out of the boat and looked around. They saw two stone statues that were holding decks of cards. They thought it was kind of ironic that they did since Daniel and Bayme both did magic. They walked closer towards the cave and all of assuden the two stone statues came alive. Daniel and Bayme became startled. The two statues talked in sync as they both told Daniel and Bayme that they need to present a magic trick that was worthy of being granted the privilege to go through the "Cave of Wonders". Now, Daniel and Bayme talked it over and decided that Daniel would show the trick. Bayme, was not comfortable yet showing tricks to others he's never met before. Daniel stood before the two statues as he preformed a trick that has fooled everyone who's seen it called "CHANGE". Daniel shook a card and it instantly changed! the two statues were both mystified and granted Daniel and Bayme entrance to the cave.

Danel and Bayme both entered as they were both ecstatic for the glorious moment that they were waiting for was only moments away. Daniel first saw the magical lamp that he heard in legends and ran towards it, Bayme soonly followed. Daniel picked up the lamp and started to rub it. The bottle began to shake and techno music started to play very loudly. Daniel and Bayme looked at each other in curiosity. The genie appeared out of nowhere and gave a grand entrence to greet Daniel and Bayme. He told the two that his name was Chris Kenner. The Genie then told the two young lads that they would be given two wishes. Daniel spoke and said "Why only two wishes? I heard that genies are suppose to give in fact three wishes". The genie looked at him and said "No". Daniel didnt care so much anymore because he had only one thing on his mind, "what to wish for?". He thought up of dozens of ideas but all of assuden he had a giant grin on his face. He asked the Genie to give him godly abilities to cheat at casinos. The genie granted him his wish and went on to Bayme and asked him what he wanted his wish for. Bayme thought about this very hard but, he already knew what he wanted. He asked the genie for an assistant to help him make a website called "Theory11" in which people all over the world would come together as a community and do what everyone knew and loved, "magic". The genie made a robot appear out of nowhere named Richard Zadorozny.

The next few months went by as Bayme and his robot worked on this website called "Theory11". It was finally completed, after many hours of hard work. Bayme was so pleased on his hard work he then took a vacation to Florida to relax and meet a fine girl to live out his life with. The robot soon became depressed because he had no other purpose in life and eventually became rusty. Daniel "beat the house" countless times and became a multi-millionaire.

The End.

Good luck to everyone!
Theory11 Movie: Street Credit

T11 movie plot

basic idea: a group of starving underground artists get together to form a club of performers in order to challenge each other to “battles” to prove who's the best of the best. Their clubs idea stolen by an evil mega media corporation, can the group pull together and win their own contest and secure their part in magic history? Story involves a betrayal of friendships, a budding love interest, and the gritty viciousness of survival on the streets when your paycheck is only as good as your next card move.

Who will try, who will die, and who will walk away with all the glory. Watch Theory11: Street Credit and find out!

Juan Marcus (Danial Garcia): Hard nosed street thug. Loner, gang banger. Has a reason to do magic, as he sees it as an out to escape the trappings of inner city wars, and provide his family with a better life. He's enthralled by the chance for real success at the evil William De'Fowl's tempting offer and sells out the group's plans for the ultimate battle between magicians, allowing William to scoop the idea and debut it for his private magic production company's profit. Having fallen out with Tommy over this betrayal before returning to his senses in the final act, betraying William, and redeeming himself in an act that helps give Tommy and his crew the much needed victory.

Tommy Burns(J. Bayme): The kid with the silver spoon. Rich kid, brought up proper from a family with money. Doesn't want to follow in his fathers foot steps and inherit the family business. Turned to magic to prove to his father that he can make his way, his own way. Was cut off from the family fortune, and contact until he “comes to his senses.” Leader of the group.

Aaron Williams (Aaron Fisher): Tommy's best friend from child hood. Grew up on the other side of the tracks, mother and father divorced when he was young. He's spent more of his time at Tommy's than at his own home, and shares the same childhood passion for magic as his best friend Tommy.

Dave Sardo (Lee Asher): Rival magician, and star of the local city's IBM ring. He's defeated by Juan and is blown away by his pure skill at cards despite his back ground. Riveted by Tommy's vision he joins the group.

Samantha Heartly (Katie Kenner): The girl next door. She went to school with Tommy, and has been his steady girlfriend since early high school. Her biggest dream is to be a TV soap actress.

Supporting Actors:
William De'Fowl (Wayne Houchin): An evil heartless, coldhearted business moogle and owner of a mega online Magic production company. He's looking for the next buck when he learns of the groups underground club battles. He tempts Juan Marcus with a lot of money for inside information on the groups battles. He attempts to steal the groups battles idea for world wide coverage on his tv & internet channels.
Lonnie Futchettie (Derek Delgadio): William's right hand goon. Sarcastic, cold, calculating and witty, Many a good man has fallen by the wayside with a proverbial dagger wedged between their shoulder blades bearing Lonnie's initials.

Guest Staring:
Ken Smith (Chris Kenner): The wise sage, and owner of the burned out theater which serves as the groups club house. Ken is a retired magician who remembers what magic was like back “in the golden days” when vaudeville ruled the stage. He gives Tommy much needed advice, and guidance to get the project started, but dies in the fire set to the theater in the middle of the movie by Juan. His death spurs the group to work harder to work together to pull off their plans to beat William at his own game. Enter the battle, and win.

Penn & Teller: Celebrity presence in the final battle. An opponent that Tommy must beat in show.
Act 1: Scene 1

The movie is shot in a gritty, street style. It's dark. Late at night, and we're in the inner city. New York. Rain is starting to come down and the sound of cars honking their horns is heard as we pan into a busy street scene. A well to do looking family is exiting a theater and walking down the street to a hailed cab. Juan Marcus approaches flicks open a knife, and mugs the family. A struggle breaks out leaving Juan running away empty handed. A local police officer seeing the struggle, chases down Juan, cuffs and arrests him. The scene cuts away into a Montague of Juan being put into a cruiser, booked, given prison cloths, and placed into a cell, the door slamming shut. The opening credits roll during this.

Act 1: Scene 2

The scene opens with a guard telling Juan to get his stuff, bail has been posted. Juan exits the jail to a pissed off wife. His head hangs in shame as she abrades him the entire way home. As we follow him into his home we see he has a family of two small kids. His wife expresses concern for his “gang banger” life style. She says its no way to raise a family, and is concerned for his safety and freedom. It's not likely the judge will give him much leniency if he continues committing these crimes. He in a depressed slump moves to the kitchen counter where an answering machine is flashing 10 messages. He hits play and half listens to her argument and half to the machine. Creditor, Bill Collector, Mother yelling at him for not calling, friend calling about playing poker, Boss yelling at him for being late to work, Friend calling needing a ride to the poker game, final message about playing tonight or not, etc. He sympathizes with her, and tells her he will give it up, to become a better man, and provide the right kind of life for her that she deserves. This is an empty promise though, because he has no clue how to do this, let alone being of possession of any life skills that he could use to get a better job. No skills, no school, no hope. He's crushed by this realization, and turns to a bottle of alcohol to drown his sorrows. He doesn't get very far into it when the phone rings. A friend of his wants him to come over for the weekly game of poker. Having nothing better to do he exits the house when there's a car horn sounding from outside, and enters the dark colored Impala.

Act 2: Scene 1
Juan's Friend's Garage

Juan's friend explains to him on the way to his house that they found a couple marks who are rich and are easy targets. They want Juan to cheat them out of their money tonight, and his friend offers to split the pot with Juan 40/60. Juan taking delight in someone else soon to be misfortune agrees. At the table sits, Juan, his friend, a couple of extras, Aaron Williams, and Tommy Burns. The game plays well into the night, and being amateur magicians Aaron and Tommy begin to suspect Juan is using sleights to cheat them. They begin to cheat back using a system of buddy tells, and manage to win back their buy in. An argument erupts and and Juan throws them out of the house. Sympathetic Tommy begins talking to Juan on the street. Seeing potential in him, he presses Juan about being a magician. Juan isn't, but admits he's good at cheating. Juan hints at his troubles and Tommy is quick to pick up on it. Tommy writes his number on the back of a napkin and hands it to Juan. Tells him to call if he wants to make something out of his magic. Tommy suggests it might be more constructive output for his creativity. Juan secretly considers, but physically dismisses him. He pockets the napkin.

Act 2: Scene 2:
Tommy's House

Tommy and Aaron is enthralled by the experience of beating another cheat at their own game. Aaron suggests they form a club for magicians unlike any other club dedicated to the betterment of performances. In the conversation the idea grows to pitting magician vs magician on the street “battles” for credit, and possibly prizes by making magicians buy into the fights with cash. Samantha Heartly enters with beer and pizza and gives Tommy a huge hug. We establish through dialog that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and have an old and well involved relationship. Tommy needs a place to serve as a base of operations for the project and a name to call it. Aaron summarizes the 10 different performance theory's in magic, and then suggests that what they are trying to do not only incorporates all ten elements but expands on them. The group should be called Theory11. Samantha's dance director knows a person who owns a run down theater building on the other side of town. She suggests that she maybe able to get them in with the owner and use the theater for the project.

Act 3 Scene 1
Theater House

Tommy, Aaron, and Samantha all meet up at the theater house and meet the owner and caretaker. An old man named Ken Smith. Ken was a magician back in the day and loves the idea. He gives them the space to use, and wants a split of the pot for his theater use. The stage is set, we go through a few scenes of Tommy, and Aaron rehearsing, cleaning up the theater, and talking about the old days with Ken. Ready to host the first battle, Aaron goes to contact the local IBM ring to offer them a challenge. Tommy, calls Juan.
Act 3: Scene 2.
The First Battle

A couple of people from the local IBM ring show up including Dave Sardo, and Juan. The battle commences, and both Tim and Aaron are defeated by IBM member Dave Sardo. Juan defeats all the other IBM members and the final battle goes down between Juan and Dave. Juan wins. Juan is now in love with magic. He now sees this as a chance to make money legit on the street, and he's having fun at it too! Dave is humbled by his loss and is deeply moved by Juans situation and Tommy's vision. He goes back to the IBM and promotes the battles for the next week, bringing with them a slightly larger audience.

We Montague a sequence to “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor as we see a progressing number of battles growing in popularity, attendance, and money. A website is created to promote the idea, the core members gaining underground popularity, Juan is supporting his family better, his wife is happier, and things are picking up. We end the Montague in a very corporate office decorated with expensive furniture, a pissed off business man in a three piece suit turns off the computer monitor displaying a youtube video of one of these battles. There's a Linking Ring on his desk open to a news article about these underground battles. A large circle and question mark is drawn in red around the article. He picks up a phone and speaks into it. No sound this is pantomime. End Montague.

Act 4: Scene 1
Magic Universe Headquarters

In a corporate board room, the man in the three piece business suit stands smoking a cigar looking out a window overlooking a vast city scape. This man is William De'Fowl the owner and CEO of Magic Universe a multimedia company with their hands in everything from TV, and Radio productions to internet broadcasting. Entering into the room is a tall, bald man: Jack Thompson. Jack is William's right hand man. William is interested in knowing what this underground group is doing. He see's potential for a very lucrative profit if this is could be sold to him and marketed correctly. He enters a huge monolog of controlling information on cyberspace being power, and he who can take control of cyberspace can control the world. He sends Jack to infiltrate the groups next battle and bring the organizers back to Magic Universe headquarters.

Act 4: Scene 2
The Next Battle.

Jack attends the next battle, and congratulates Dave on a win, and Tommy on his vision. He offers Tommy to visit Magic Universe headquarters to speak to the CEO William De'Fowl himself. Tommy and group follow. Samantha is blown away by the draw of false Hollywood fame, and is easily courted by the temptations of the rich treats William's office offers. William offers Tommy a lot of money to buy the idea of the group off him. He dialogs that he doesn't feel Tommy can properly manage this thing, and is afraid that it will destroy itself if he (William) doesn't help it along. Juan, and Aaron both are very interested in the money, Juan more so. Tommy is insulted at Williams a heated argument breaks out resulting in Tommy throwing his drink in Williams face. The group leaves, Juan showing signs of second thoughts.

Act 5: Scene 1
Magic Universe Headquarters

Juan visits William by himself. Humbled by the opportunity, he is willing to give William what he needs to scoop the idea. William re-creates the same concept that Tommy is using, but puts it on a much larger world wide scale using the internet as a medium for media coverage. He brings Juan onto payroll as the event's chief host, and gives him many immediate company perks. William begins hosting a series of events nation wide online which begins a tournament process that will conclude with a huge world wide showdown for a serious cash prize. Tommy gets word of this and has a fall out with Juan as William's project launches. As the project continues we see a cut of several scenes as William's project gains more attention and notice than Tommy's as William has more money and resources to back it. Tommy's club loses numbers, and popularity, and soon it's back down to the few members who started it. Tommy's club is visited by a mean spirited William as he taunts Tommy for his foolishness. Tommy vows to get even, and begins to train harder with himself, Aaron and David at his side. Ken serving as their mentor, The three of them begin to compete in William's events and slowly begin to rise in the ladders. Threatening to get entry into William's grand tournament William in an act of evil sends his henchman Lonnie out to prevent them from winning at any cost. Lonnie gets Juan to torch Ken's theater. Burning down the theater and everyone's props there in. Ken dies in the fire as he lives in the upper levels of the theater, and is unable to escape the blaze. Distraught Tommy wants to give up, but is held together by the inspiration of his close friends. Juan never wanting to hurt anyone,
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