Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

Mar 25, 2010
In the start a young kid name Andrei practice in a small town on hes own flourishes rotin.
He is the best in his village and he saw on the internet that there is a tournement of one min rotin that call blackpool 09.
every magician come to there and show his skills in one min.
when he get Las Vegas he meet all his stars.
All the guys in the Blackpool laugh on him and he is lost in the first stage.
Year past and he come back to the Blackpool 2010.
He meet all the contesants they laugh on him again and said he dont have a chance.
But this year he gets to the final vs all the chances.
and the final is between him and the buck brothers.
In the end he win the Blackpool and win the big prize of being one of the artists in the theory 11.

Andrei Jikh- the main actor
Dan and Dave-play in the final
Jonatan bayme-one of the competitors
Chris Kenner-one of the competitors
Wayne - one of the competitors
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Didn't the rules state it was supposed to be only a few paragraphs?

My movie is only a few paragraphs long... per scene that is. If you notice each act and scene is only a couple of paragraphs! I just needed a little bit extra to fully define what is going on, as there's a lot there. Of course this needs to be refined and distilled more, but what can you do when you work most of the day and only have an hour to slam bash something together?


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Just a quick update - we are reading over all of the entries now and will be posting a winner within the next few minutes!
Jul 16, 2008
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I didn't notice your entry, sorry, I tend to skim these threads. Also, why does your age qualify you for a specification of gender?

thts ok i skim them too. And no it doesnt haha not the gender but i thought he might have ment because we are both in high school that we were considered like girls or something
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