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  1. -Eleven-

    Plot- To Wayne a trick was just not a trick. It was survival. Living in a civilization of carnies and sideshow freaks, it was not a hobby, it was life. Unlike his kin, he was not gifted with this natural ability to amaze. For years he kept this a secret. He would be killed if found out. If money did not come in, he was useless. He was able to pull thread from impossible cavities in his body and stop his pulse at the snap of a finger. Trickery? To them, he was God, to himself, he was a fraud.

    Locked up by the military, on the verge of civil war, he maintained his story, his position. His nights were spent perfecting his lie. Meanwhile suffering cruel beatings, witnessed the death of his parents, and saw his former home burn. Until his lie became truth. He suddenly possessed powers. He faked his own death and escaped prison by way of coffin.

    Once out, he spent years forming the right team to seek his revenge. Others who possessed this same unique gift. Suddenly, he found them.

    Winter 2011

    "Come back role of a life time for Mary Kate and Ashley Olson!"
    - E!

    "Worst film I have seen in ages..."
    -Roger Ebert

    "Brilliant... I cried... twice..."
    - Oprah Winfrey

    "Beyonce's music video was the best video of all time..."
    -Kanye West
  2. Christopher Nolan ( vipermagic ) is the best so far i love it ahaha, i hate you if i don't win but you're awesome :p
  3. hearing of Ken's death, overcome with grief and guilt begins to question Williams motives.

    Act 5: Scene 2
    The Great Tournament Preparations

    With the loss of Ken's life, and theater as their banner Tommy returns to the tournament scene with a renewed interest in victory. His friends pooling their remaining resources together to support him as their one last chance to win, and prove themselves the best of the best. Tommy takes victory at the preliminary and secures his position at the final Great Tournament. The magic community now hailing Tommy as it's underdog. This pisses off William who yells at Lonnie and Juan to prevent him from winning. Juan doesn't want to be involved anymore. He didn't want to hurt Ken, and he doesn't want to hurt Tommy. William blackmails him into compliance and Juan sabotages Tommy's first performance in the Great Tournament. Fast thinking and a supporting team help Tommy overcome the sabotage, and take an early victory. The battle is a fierce one against Vegas famed magican Duo Penn & Teller. This causes William to personally rig the tournament to put Lonnie against Tommy in order to defeat him. Lonnie is defeated by an incredible performance and Tommy advances. The tension boils over as we come down to the best of the best. The final showdown between Tommy and William himself. The battle is a long and drawn out one starting with simple cards, and ending in grand illusion. The audience goes wild, but William isn't worried. He's got the performance rigged. At the last minute, Juan intervenes exposing the rigged performance and Williams cheating to the entire broadcast affectingly ruing William's reputation across the glob on a live internet stream being watched by millions of fans. Out raged, William threatens Juan's freedom with the information about the burnt theater. Turns out that the police was already called by Juan, he turning himself in. William in rage, is taken out in cuffs arrested for his crimes, and Tommy is crowned victor. Juan is also arrested, and we fade to black.

    With the money from the tournament Tommy is able to have the theater rebuilt, his friends now running a very successful organization for the promotion of magic among the young aspiring magicians across the globe. The battles still continue, but under Tommy's watchful eye. Several letters opened are on Tommy's desk to symbolize correspondence. The address on the letters is the local state prison. William is disgraced, and in jail. His cooperation finds a new CEO, and is shown to suffer in sales and popularity since the fall out of the tournament. We see a series of headliner posters from several prestigious locations highlighting Dave, Tommy, and Aaron. Lonnie is seen at a local burger joint flipping burgers for a bunch of unhappy customers. Final scene is a cut away shot of Theory11's website with the address clearly typed into the scene where the audience can read it. The caption is: “Join us... get involved, perform better... We're waiting for you.”
    Fade to black.

    Credits roll.

    End of credits bump. Outside a prison. Caption reads 5 years later.
    Juan is shown walking out of jail, Tommy approaches him and puts his coat around his shoulders. Tommy leads him to a car and opens the door, a little girl jumps out to hug him, and a woman inside the car smiles.

    Black out.
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    Heres mine! I made it as if this was being pitched to a movie studio.

    THEORY 11: The Movie​

    Director: Michael Bay
    Producers: Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Jonathan Bayme
    Screenplay: J. J. Abrahams and Jason England
    Score: Dana Hocking and David Julyan

    The film starts out during the early nineties with a young Jonathan Bayme (played by Atticus Shaffer) watching David Copperfield’s “Dreams and Nightmare” tour. It was at that moment that Jonathan realized that he wanted to be a magician more than anything else in the entire world. If only knew how influential he would become.

    Fast forward to 2007. Bayme (now played by Jason Biggs), along with ten other powerhouses from the magical world (Casey Affleck as Dan and Dave Buck, Leonardo DiCaprio as Wayne Houchin, Kevin McKidd as Lee Asher, Dexter Holland as Aaron Fischer, Tom Arnold as Chris Kenner, and Mark Wahlberg as Dana Hocking. Dan White, BJ Bueno, and Matthew Bich are TBD) form the production company mysteriously known as THEORY 11.

    Months of preparation lead to the development of a top secret website that takes the magic community by storm. Thousands try to find out what exactly is Theory 11. After six clues have been released as to what Theory 11 is, the magical community is taken by storm by a brand new powerhouse in modern magic.
    Nearly three years later, this small group of 11 artists (now totaling 37) has become a world leader in the magic industry. Who would have thought that a simple dream from that of a six year old would one day spawn into one of the greatest collection of magicians of all time.

    What is Theory 11 you ask? Simply put: a complete magic revolution, three years in the making.

    Cameos: David Copperfield, David Blaine, Justin Kredible, and Michael Ammar.

  5. Blahhh. I had absolutely no time to enter this... :( Good luck to everyone else, there are some hilarious ones in here!
  6. Title: Theory 11: Held out

    Lovely Assistant :Megan Fox
    Magician: Neil Patrick Harris
    Delusional guy in the ghetto: Chris Capehart
    Director: Christopher Nolan (So obviously there is a twist ending)

    In the slums of New York, the Theory 11 crew has set out to film a new release. They approach a group of young men, and begin performing. They get amazing reactions, "How did you do that?". "Magic", is the simple response. But the man remains persistent, until when the artist is unwilling to surrender the secrets to his craft the man driven by the unknown, pulls out a weapon (the director can choose what kind). He then takes the crew hostage, at knife/gun point. And it turns into an awesome action movie with the police and hostage situations (where they are "held out" against their will. Until the artist points out to the villain that he can simply wait until they release the product and buy the trick. The man is relieved and then waits patiently. He is looking forward to the release and a month later it gets released, and he promptly purchases the effect. They all live happily ever after.

    And this is terrible and there is no way its going to win, but I thought I might as well enter because I have nothing else to do on a Saturday night.
  7. The Theory

    "Raindrops are fallin' on my head And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed nothin' seems to fit....." On the street of NYC, a teen is holding a deck of cards and is trying to cut the cards into multiple styles. He has his smile on his face, Yes this is Jonathan Bayme. But "BAMB", he hits the tree... just because he's too concentrated. One girl laugh at him loudly and he is embarrassed. To gain his confidence back, he ask the girl if he can show her a trick. And he shocks the girl and leave her speechless! This girl is Katie Kenner, recognizing JB's potential, she introduces him to Chris Kenner! That's how Jonathan Bayme find his incredible mentor!

    Time flies fast, Jonathan grow even faster! With the instruction by Chris Kenner, Jonathan even created many astonishing effects, one of them can even make a bra penetrates the owner's t-shirt! Moreover, he got to know with the top names in Magic, for example flourishes Dan and Dave, Dan White and David Blaine. He starts to have a thought in mind, to unite this crazy guys and produce high quality magic for all teen who are interested in magic! To focus on quality, not quantity! This, is JB's theory!

    A world magic competition is gonna be held! Jonathan and all his magician friends wants to participate and win $100,000 as their fund to support JB's thought, a website called Theory11! But this is not easy, another group of magicians who only care about making money, has challenged JB and his team. This group is named "Amazement" and they want to make a site as well, but they only wants to make money, and quality is not they first priority!

    The day of battle finally comes, Theory11 and Amazement is gonna to have a fantastic battle. Only JB isnt on stage bacause he's still too inexperienced. The judges announce the start of the competition, two teams are doing their incredible magic one by one. but the Amazement seems to be on the higher ground, Theory11 is struggling to fight back. Jonathan cant wait, he walk on stage, and show the world his own creation, which leave the judges, the Amazement and the people speechless! The judges stand and shout "The Winner Is ..... THEORY11....!
  8. A World With No Color

    The time is 10:00 pm and the world is in utter chaos. The super mega ultimate Theory 11 Headquarters is about to be attacked by the infamous black and white wizard known as Daniel Madison. The Theory 11 Headquarters sits on an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by 100's of beautiful glimmering blue scaled sea dragons who protect the Headquarters. Dan and Dave Buck the two dragon tamers fling cards at the dragons daily to tame the wild beasts and prepare them for combat. Daniel Madison has almost arrived at the headquarters but the dragon tamers are startled to see he his not alone. His evil team of evil people include Dan Sperry with his razor blades of evil, Apollo Robbins the man who can steal Theory 11 without anyone noticing and last but not least Daniel Garcia the ninja so swift and agile he can rearrange a grown mans beard. Wait out of nowhere J. Bayme has arrived to stop Daniel Madison and his henchmen in their tracks. He quickly unleashes Theory 11's beautiful glimmering blue scaled sea dragons and his own set of 500 warrior ponies at Daniel Madison and his evil team and the Theory 11 headquarters is saved.
  9. The film would have to be "actual" footage that was lost and finally found sitting in the woods. The old footage would be of JB, WH, and DG in the woods filming a documentary on the rumors of the so-called Kenner witch. At first, they are having a jolly-old time, laughing, telling jokes, smoking Smoke gimmicks. After the first night, JB and WH find DG missing, along with one of their HD cameras (the one that shot the trailer for Symphony and FIVE). They search and search, getting more scared as day turns to night. Of course, they are documenting the whole time. The finally stumble upon a house in the pitch black. The house is rugged and scary. They enter and notice that there are handprints on the walls. The handprints have three x's in each of them. In the basement, they find DG against a wall, and the KENNER WITCH POPS OUT! As the rumor has it, many other artists have been lured into that house, never to be seen again. And this is how Theory 11 is so secretive.

    All characters played by Michael Hankins because he's awesome at voices.
  10. ONE TEAM.

    Chris Kenner (Tom Arnold) and his team of magical basterds embark on eliminating the reign of awful webcam magic DVDs through a quest to recruit the world's best magic artists and redefine the production of new magic. However, they are stifled by the arch nemesis Ellusionist, with a similar objective but an entirely different aim... to cash in on awful magic with his team of Magic Nazis and put this horrible material on the market in shiny packaging.

    To reach their goal, The Magical Basterds must journey to and conquer the 10 Theories before reaching the highly sought-after 11th. Each theory poses a challenge more different than the next, challenging their cunning, intelligence, and physical strength... could the team be in mortal danger?

    Featuring an all star cast, The 11th Theory features action-packed sequences, heart-stopping suspense, and gut-splitting comedy that puts all other action movies to shame. Not bad for a bunch of magicians.


    Chris Kenner-Tom Arnold
    Katie Kenner-Nicole Kidman
    Daniel Garcia-Antonio Banderas
    Jonathan Bayme-Justin Long
    Wayne Houchin-Brad Pitt
    Fran Houchin-Angelina Jolie
    Jon Raiker-John Malkovich
    Aaron Fisher-Himself
    The Bucks-Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse
    Lee Asher-Seth Rogen

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  12. Holy crap draven, with writing like that, steven speilberg wouldn't stand a chance.

    props to shindrichs for pure comedy.
  13. thank you web. hearts to you and not in a pedo way.
  14. Didn't the rules state it was supposed to be only a few paragraphs?
  15. so by eliminating pedo sam are you implying homo sexual?

    hm. i didn't read that, but i tend to skim the rules for these things. that'd suck for draven if it did.

    apparently draven went above and beyond more than enough
  16. Theory11: The Struggle

    The idea for an elite group of magicians wasn't new. In fact, it came up frequently at the annual New Magicians conference in New York City. But every year it was hammered with negative feedback, the main problem being money. Money had turned the city into a savage, raging monster. Few magicians performed for the audience, they performed for the cold, hard, cash. And after looking at the idea every which way, nobody could come up with a method to make it profitable. And then there was the problem with choosing the members. Who would be considered elite?

    The man walked into the Cave of Magic, a dying magic shop in Las Vegas. This particular shop was run by the same man for over fifty years. He was now 78 and struggling to keep up. Ding-ding. A younger man walked into the shop and rang the bell. "In a minute!" the shopkeeper called, and hobbled to the front desk. The young man introduced himself as Jonathan and reached into his pocket, pulling out a deck of cards. He placed them on the table. But these weren't ordinary, holographic cards that were popular nowadays. These were made with the same material made decades ago. But it was the design that caught the shopkeeper's eye. This was true art. He turned the deck over, and read the name: Guardians.

    In this thirty minute film, Jonathan and the shopkeeper work together in an attempt to create the elite magic group. They will be met with much disgust by the public, but ultimately it would be the New Magicians who give them the most resistance. There are a few magicians, however, who team up with the pair and dedicate themselves to reviving the old way of magic - performing for fun and the goal of impressing the audience, not prying for cash.

    Starring Nathaniel Madison, Chris Penner, and directed by Han White.

    EDIT: Crap! I didn't check the time. Hope it's ok.
  17. Ok so here is what I am thinking hope it hasn't been done . . .

    Title: Coin Matrix: Revolutions

    The Jonas Brothers as Jonathan Bayme
    Nigel Tufnel as Luke Jermay
    Bill Cosby as everyone else

    Plot: The story opens when Luke Jermay steals from J.B. his most precious possesion the 11th of his many theories. After a long debate on the boards with Prae and Draven about whether or not he should reveal said theory he decides to take the decision to his vampire friend Whayne Houchin (played by Bill Cosby). After having enough of the Jello (R) pudding he decides that all along he should have simply asked Derren Brown (played by Bill Cosby) the Architect, but before he can reach him he finds a letter in his mailbox from Derren telling him the issue has been resolved. Curious he pursues Derren anyway who explains the complexity of the equation and the many unsovled variables. Still unsure he takes his decision to the oracle, Daniel Madison (played by Bill Cosby). Before he reaches the Oracle he is approached by a J.B. who looks strangely like Keanu Reeves with Jusin Beiber hair. The two collide in epic battle to the death. Emerging from the smoke and dust is J.B. with a perfectly retained hair doo and the fabled lecture notes that no one recieved. Mostly however, is the remaining secret of the 11th theory of J.B. which consequently is an equation that when solved reveals the wire date.

    Watch the extra features to see just how Bill Cosby played every person on earth.
  18. Very nice job Viper. We should have worked on this together. I believe we could have made an epic movie!
  19. "I'm Bill Murray, you're everyone else."

    Be Kind Rewind.

    Jonathan Bayme plays everyone else, Marcus Eddie is Bill Murray.

    And the movie is written by Tony Chang, hence the name.

  20. The Theory of Thieves

    Theory 11 sales are declining rapidly without reason. After much deliberation they discover that the person behind the decrease is none other then Chris Kenner who pirate’s magic in gross proportions! The rip off has also just come into the possession of the USPCC! After much deliberation about how to put an end to the thief they realize that the only way is by showing tangible proof to the community. They ask him to confess but he threatens to end all sales with them if they try to stop him.

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