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Jul 23, 2007
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We wanted to switch things up a bit this week - we've done a series of serious Saturday Night Contests in the past few weeks, so this one is a fun one. And it requires complete creativity to win. Buckle your seatbelts...

About a month ago the preview for the new Facebook movie ("The Social Network") debuted online. That got us thinking - what would a movie be like about theory11 - about magic? We thought the topic would be the perfect ingredients for a hilarious, creative SNC. So here's the challenge: imagine a movie. Your challenge tonight is to conjure up what the theory11 movie would be like.

What artists would be in it? What actors would play them? What would the plot be? Everything can be as fictional and fantastic as you choose - let your imagination do the talking. Include a summary of the plot of your movie, but it does not have to be anything too extensive - a few paragraphs would be more than enough. The more creative, the funnier, the more memorable, the better.

Bonus points if you include a movie poster image (of your creation) for your movie. Have fun with this! Since this is a contest revolving around the movies, the prize is just that: a Kodak Zi6 HD Video Camera, the actual camera used to film most of the artist diary videos seen on this site! Entries must be posted on or before 11:00pm EST tonight in this forum thread.
Jun 6, 2010
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The movie would be called "The Bicycle Guardian"

A young magician named Jonathan Bayme visits Las Vegas for a couple weeks for a magic convention held at a new hotel called 'T11' the new attraction at the hotel is a bike made out of nothing but cards (and maybe a little bit of glue.) Outside there's some crazy guy with nunchuks and calls himself 'The Sexican'. He walks in and Andrei Jikh is to greet him in Russian. There's a crazy thunderstorm and the lights go out for 10 seconds. And then (you guessed it) the card bike is missing!!! The Sexican is the codename for the ninja from Houston, Danny Garcia. He fights his way through thousands of hecklers to find the theif, he sneaks into the Luxor to continue his search and he finds... (cliffhanger)
Aug 23, 2009
Theory11 The Movie:
The film would start out with a young Jonathan Bayme (played by himself), at his first magic experience, whether that be a magic show, trick or a relative showing him a coin trick. The same revelations of magic to the other 10 original artists would be shown. The young magic lives of the artists would progress eventually coming to JB deciding that magic needs something like theory11 after seeing what magic was becoming. he gathers the other artists including (but not limited to) Wayne Houchin (Leonardo DiCaprio), Danny G (himself), and Dan and Dave Buck. After tons of work on design, tricks, finding the right artists, and more, Theory11 was born. The years progress as more and more artists join the site and the forums become more popular eventually leading to 14,652 forum members and 313,735 forum threads! The movie then shows the production of Genesis, the most comprehensive cardistry set ever produced. The viewers see how much filming and editing and work go into these projects. Soon after, the new theory11 is unvieled, going from the classic underground grunge look to the new metallic, shiny, and modern design. They get a new logo, 7 new releases, (including smoke, colorblind, and the sentinals.) also shown is the production of cards at T11. How long they work with graphic designers to make it possible. The end of the movie shows all the statistics about theory11. For example:Year Founded:2007, 2,268 media videos, 120 Amazing Tricks, and 37 Phenomenal artists. FIN.
Apr 5, 2009
haha i like this contest. but i already own a kodak zi6 camera. i'll abstain so somebody who deserves it gets it :) i'll make sure to read em all though. i might put in an entry after the deadline
Oct 20, 2008
Austin, TX area
I can see something like Total Recall. Or even like a full length version of the Chemical Brothers video "Let Forever Be." We start with a YouTube performance, then zoom out to a second magician watching the video. He shrinks his browser to show the T11 logo, turns around, and performs Crush. Zoom out to the next person who shrinks the video player on his iPhone. He then shoves the phone into his pocket and covertly steals a gimmick for the next trick...

A cast of five magicians, say, one card magic, one flourisher with a couple of hardcore technical sleights, one rubber band worker, one gimmick worker, and one who dabbles in all of it, could allow this loop to continue forever. Let them interact from time to time, too. After a couple of performances, they become aware that they are being filmed and watched. They know it's one of their five but they - and the audience - aren't sure which one is doing it. Let it get really paranoid from there.
May 19, 2010
The entire movie would take place inside a black and white balloon. Dan White and Dan Hauss have to stop Mathieu Bich from creating a gimmick that would destroy the wire using only a single matchbook and a few chap sticks. They seek Andrei for wisdom on how defeat him but leave after having a long argument on whether or not cardistry was an art. They then went to find D&D. They were of no help for they just performed pandora and j5 silently until DW and DH finally left. They thought all hope was lost until they came across Chris Kenner. He said that anything could be solved by finding the missing link. They immediately went out and bought a copy of TOOC and were angered with Chris for thinking their problem could be solved with a silly rubber band trick. They were walking towards Mathieu's layer when they saw Jason England performing the Macmillan switch. They thought "Genius, we could secretly switch him out for D+M!" But upon further thought They knew D+M's accent would give him away. DW and DH then hopelessly entered Mathieu's layer. But luck was on their side. Mike Hankins was there to distract Mathieu with his impressions long enough for DW to switch the real gimmick out for the one disguised as a matchbook under the cover of eating a lit match. They return the gimmick to to JB who then tricks the gimmick in eating the OREO cookie with the razor blade in it. THE END


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Sep 13, 2008
Ah, fun. Okay, here's something I whipped up.

We begin with multiple shots of the younger versions of the T11 artists. Jonthan Bayme walking into a David Copperfield show, looking excited. Daniel Garcia making a thumbtip out of a paper bag and using it to vanish salt. Dan and Dave buck doing a card through window effect. Apollo Robbins watching his brothers pickpocket in a crowd. Chris Kenner behind the scenes at a Copperfield show. Wayne Houchin pulling thread from his eye at a party. Jason England doing a gambling demonstration at a posh card table somewhere in Vegas. I don't know appropriate bits for the rest of them. Kenner could obviously play himself, as well as Jason England. There would have to be suitable youngsters for the rest of them.

We cut to JB performing at a park, and having a slightly older boy come over and mess up the show, telling him that magic is lame.

We have a multiple picture-in-picture display of a half dozen or so professional magicians, all in various versions of the 'magician' outfit (coat and tails), doing basically the same act with the same stock patter, and doing it poorly. Then show JB at one of the shows, looking thoughtful and writing notes about what not to do.

We have JB run into various artists. Maybe Garcia first. They meet on the streets and Garcia does some interesting and original magic for Bayme. They start collaborating via videos mailed to each other. They start to hear about other unique performers, traveling around the country to see the shows.

They form a group that wants to drag magic into the modern world, making it relevant and interesting to the general public. They decide to pool their most creative ideas and make a company that only puts out interesting, good and unique magic. Imagine JB in the dressing rooms of various artists before/after their shows, trying to talk them into joining him.

They eventually form T11, and launch it. The 'old hat' magic community initially dismisses them, but becomes more and more disturbed as the popularity of this new 'underground' magic grows. People start looking for the younger guys instead of the older guys, and the older guys get upset and decide to take action.

They begin by simply heckling the younger artists, but soon that's not enough and they begin to sabotage their shows. When that can't stop the new magicians, the old hats resort to physical attacks. The younger magicians have to fight back! So they devise a clever ruse to capture video and audio recordings of the older guys conspiring to poison the young magicians at a groundbreaking Magic Conference.

The plot is stopped just in the nick of time and the conference goes on to inspire hordes of new artists to be creative and original instead of old and hackneyed. Fade to black.
Jun 10, 2010
Two Bucks one deck.

Dan has lost his deck of S&M v.4s when Cartman from South Park teams up with Stewie from Family Guy to steal his deck. Deeply saddened by his loss, Dan realizes his feelings for Dave as they share Dave's S&Ms while doing a show in Vegas. The two quickly move to California where they meet Arnold Schwarzenegger(Kenner), Chuck Norris (Garcia), Matt Damon(Mike Hankins), and Tom Cruise(Dan White), and discover the shocking truth about 9/11. A funny, fast-paced parody of 2 Girls 1 Cup with the good ol' Hangover hilariousity (yes, the movie's so pro the description doesn't use real words).
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Jun 5, 2009
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Revelations - Movie copy.jpg

(Fade from black with slow music)

On a Wednesday night, Jonathan had a revelation. No, not a prediction revelation, a dream of what magic should be; a dream of seeing magic as a genuine form of art. Over the course of the next few days, Jonathan would never let this idea go to rest. Staying up all night in desperate search for his answer, he got what he was looking for; Chris Kenner. The two conversed for the next few hours, discussing all how magic is going well, but how it could even better. After serious thinking and multiple Cokes later, this idea was ready to hatch.

A few days later, Jonathan flew out to World Magic Seminar. On his way from the hotel, he received another call from Chris. They planned to meet at the seminar lobby within the next 10 minutes. As soon as Jonathan had walked into the lobby, Chris was as happy and as joyful as possible. Their idea was like a black hole, it sucked a multitude of magicians into it. All of this was done in secrecy, and no one knew what was yet to come.

One Year Later

(Now, clips of the magicians designing and contributing to the idea are shown with suspenseful music, with some slow mo shots of the mouse clicking and the magicians conversing. The shot ends with a close up of the mouse pointer clicking the button with the word “Publish”. Sudden cut to black.)

In the latter half of August, the final product was complete, and the anticipation was storming in the magic community. Jonathan released a hunt to the excited magicians, to try and discover what was to come in the next few days. As the date grew closer, everything fell into place.

(slow shots begin with a dreamy look, a flashback to the old days. Jonathan sees the past times of him and Chris discussing the idea, and the designing of what was going to be the best thing that ever happened to magic. Slow music and slowmos end the flashback.)

As the timer hit zero, it was official. Magic had been changed forever. Nothing could be taken back, and taking it back would be the biggest mistake. It was a new website devoted to purely advancing the art of magic, as well as a few trick releases to get the new beginners started.

(shots have a wide array of magicians of all ages looking at the website and smiling. They couldn’t believe it.)

Neither could Jonathan believe it. Just a year ago, the idea was big, and today, it has been achieved. All the 11 artist of the beginning theory11 have their backs to the camera as they stand side by side on a mountain, looking over the city of Las Vegas. All their bodies are silhouettes due to the sunset, with epic music roaring in the background. The camera cuts to all of the magician’s faces, scrolling through each one close up in a continuous shot. This shot fades out to have all 11 artists facing the camera with the theory11 logo on the face of the mountain. The epic music stops as it cuts directly to black.

The End
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Jan 26, 2008
Cast :

Shia LaBeouf as J.Bayme

Dolph Lundgren as Chris Kenner

Mark Strong as The masked magician

Jonathan Baybe is a young man with his whole life infront of him. After working on a secret new project for 48 hours with no sleep Jonathans old friend Criss Kenner tells Jonathan to go home and get some rest. Jonathan grabs a Taxi and heads home but on its way home the cab is hit by a drunk driver. The only survivor is the young Jonathan Baybe and is taken to the hospital.

When the theory11 team arrives at the hospital the doctors tells them that Jonathan Bayme has gone into a deep come and there is nothing they can do but wait.

Criss Kenner is faced with guilt and he asks himself, What if i didn´t tell him to go home? Could i have done anything different that night? He tries to forget by burying himself in work and starts to write Totaly out of control part 2.

After nearly 4 years, Jonathan wakes up from his coma and is shocked to learn that it is now 2014. How much has changed under that time? Jonathan has to adapt to the future he now is living in. But can he really do it now when he realizes that Apple does not exist anymore? Microsoft is now the owner of Apple and there is only WinBooks, Winbook pros and WinPhone. How can he run his company with a WinBook and a WinPhone he asks?

But Jonathan is going to face a bigger problem than that. After nearly 4 years in coma something has changed. When he meets people sometimes he can see and hear their future and thoughts. Has the hard hit to his head during the accident somehow gave him psychic powers? Has he become a real Mentalist?

One day Jonathan Baybe meets the magician Val Valentino in a elevator and Jonathan gets a flash and sees Valentinos future. In his vission he sees that Valentino will become the masked magician and expose all of Theory11s tricks and magic secrets on national TV and maybe destroy the art of magic.

He is now faced with the most difficult choise he will ever have to make.

What would you do if you were in Germany in 1933 and meet Hitler and knew that he would start World war 2? Would you just stand by and watch or would you pull the trigger? Thats the question Jonathan now has to face with Valentino.
The Video Starts with J.Bayme and Chris Kenner sitting in Chris’s house. They are chatting about their evening they had together. They went bowling, go carting, played hopscotch, and Chris even paid for outback steak house (what guy). As J.Bayme was just about to leave, Chris says, “hey wanna see something extra cool?” Bayme says sure! And they go to his basement, where behind a james bond poster, chris reveals the batman room! (yes chris is batman) Bayme is psyched he is like can we please go out and fight crime? And chris says, that’s not the cool part. Behind the batman outfit is a room where on a pedestal is the Indiana Jones raiders of the lost arch idol from the first scene. Jbayme is like holy bananas and goes to pick it up, chris tries to warn, but is too late. As bayme picks up the idol he is hit in the head by a booby trap (very Indiana jones like). He is temporarily knocked out, and when he wakes up, he is actually seeing everything in black and white, and he is lying in an alley. Worried at what happened, he searches around and finds his way to Andrei Jikh’s house. There he questions why the world is in black and white, and he says that while he was unconscious years had past, and the evil Daniel Madison had taken over the magic world! By use of flourishes and quite practice magic effects. The only person who could stop him was jbayme. That is why d+M hired thugs to take jbayme out. But they were not able to because of the mark the booby trap left on his forehead. Bayme was the only person to survive a D+M attack. Bayme looks at his forehead to see a spade shaped mark on his forehead. From then on out bayme and andre head out to take over the world from d+M. they meet up with some other friends like dan “not black” White, and Danny the goat hearder Garcia. They are on their quest to see the wizard of vegas (kenner) along the way they have to fight past many evil nemeses like the French (matthew bich) the english (jason england) apollo “13” robbins, some wild deer (buck twins) and even some cameos by people who we thought had disappeared like tom isaacson, lee asher, and joel paschall. In the end bayme is able to defeat d+M with a Technicolor ninja suit (he got from danny). Kenner is then able to send bayme home by tapping his heels together and say, there is no magician like Dai Vernon three times. He then wakes up on Kenner’s floor with baby zoe drooling on him. He then starts to tell the events that happened and made it into a T11 artist diary video.
The End.

Mar 28, 2010
In a world that is threatened by evil overlord Dan Hauss (Sylvester Stallone) and his v-neck minions, Jonathan Bayme (Leonardo dicaprio) goes on a quest to find the ultimate team to take the world back from the evil overlord. On his quest Jonathan ventures into an old rundown town where he hears of several misfits that the town has shunned. Curious who these "misfits" might Jonathan finds out that they are staying in an old shack at the end of town. He goes to the shack where he meets Dan White (Harrison Ford), Daniel Garcia (Kevin James), and Luke Jermay (Also Kevin James). Curious to why these three ordinary looking men could be considered "misfits" he has them demonstrate their abilities. Dan White haring the question takes out a book of matches rips and lights it, eats it and then it is found in the book of matches (Lit). Daniel Garcia proceeds to put Jonathan's cell phone (or other small appliance_ into a baloon and Luke Demonstrates his ability to read with his fingers. The four of these men form a team and begin to make a plan on how to defeat the evil Hauss and his v-neck minions. After they make the plan the four guys go to The Hauss' empire and begin their plan. Danny Garcia begins putting the v-necks into balloons while Dan White begins eating matches and amazing the v-necks to death. Luke Jermay begins discerning the colors of cards with nothing more than his fingers and confuses Dan Hauss until he looses consciousness. The team wins the world back and begins theory 11. The End

(Also after Theory 11 took back the world, they found out Dan Hauss could do a really cool trick with chap stick and he joined their team)
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May 7, 2008
MoNTReaL 514 *****!

Johnny Depp as D. Madison
Jack Nicholson as C. Kenner
Daniel Radcliffe as J. Bayme
Chase Crawford as A. Jikh

Title : Pasta, Drama and blah blah blah..

(Everything is blurred)

Daniel madison wakes up and sees C. Kenner aiming at him with a gun, Kenner shoots him and steals the small booklet laying under d. Madisons pillow.

The boocklet contains the secret to daniel madisons famous spaghetti sauce but most importantly d+Ms Change.

Kenner killed Madison to allow one of his 2 sons A. Jikh or J. Bayme to become the most famous pasta eating during performance magician.

The two brothers both Bayme and Jikh wanted to learn the secret but only one was allowed to because of a secret egyptian ritual perform at the twin brothers birth, the one who wont succed to learn Change will have his soul trapped forever in a playing card.

Once inside the playing card the only way to get out is to challenge the free brother to perform an impromtu torn and restored trick with the card. If this one succed to restor the card he stays free but if he fails the roles are inversed proving that he wasn't the greatess magician in the universe.

One year later after multiple attemps form both Jikh and Bayme to proove their talent to Kenner, He, had finaly made his choice

When C. Kenner prepares to name his most worthy son, daniel madison arrives and performs a one handed torn and restored card routine to trap the evil trio inside the card, while cooking pastas with the other hand, he then proceeds to eat the cards along with his amazing pasta...

La Fin.

all music by Dana Hocking

To: Kenner, Bayme and Jikh i don't wanna spoil the sequel but you guys come back from the 11th dimension more powerful than ever, but you'll have to wait for Pasta, Drama and Blah blah 2. to see what happens, should be coming out right before Christmas along side nothing actually.
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