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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tavio, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. No Just Move And plus i was a beginner i didn't knew nothing about magic but i swear i stop that wow only moves is not bad.
  2. Don't know too much about grammer either huh?

    =) Just teasing.

    Though it is alittle strange you would pirate while ranting a 'pirater'

    I decided to move foward and search through Raphealr's post.

    I see absolutley no illegal linkage posted by him, maybe it's just me.

    Who knows.
  3. Pm me i will show you!!!!:mad:
  4. oo wait CHARLES Brown your in SA so obviously your with Rapherl working with him so thats why your asking me this hu??:mad:
  5. Yes I am the founder of Sleight Artists, but just because someone, in this case, Raphealr, is caught in something like this, dosn't mean I'll stick up for them.

    I literally searched for it.

    However on one scale I do have to say he is the lightest of cocky.
  6. Yes, I am Raphael, the same one. All I have to say is:
    GEEEZ, you guys are already worst than the people on the E forums.
    First, don't listen to tavio, he was a user at LMT that I had to ban due to his spamming and inappropriate language, and his making of several accounts.
    Next myth, I am not the person behind LMT, I am just a super moderator, as why I am not an admin. The person you want is Dave J. Castle
    Final myth, I am not one of the ones at LMT that illegally uploads, you can look at every single post of mine, I have not posted one link that is illegal, not one.
    The only reason why I am on LMT is for the conversation, not the links. An example, the people with many posts on the E forums are not there for the advice, but more of the conversation, and maybe give a couple tips, same here.
    Seriously, look at every single post of mine, there is not one, no, not one post where I did anything illegal, or provided an illegal link to download or watch copyrighted material, also, if you had the ability, you could look through all of my PMs, and again, I am clean.

    I hope some of you users are understanding, how would you feel if I told you you had no life because you had 200 posts in a forum that has been online for a few days?

  7. Look guy he come with his lies No!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  8. People I got Proof!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Here comes another splurge of useless name calling..
  10. tavio, do you wish me to show the users of this forum what inappropriate things you have posted on lmt?
  11. Lets sit back an enjoy the show, I love forum wars.
  12. Oh god.
    Look, while I may not agree with the site LMT.org, as I find it all very unethical, I do not have a beef with Raphael or anyone there.
    I wish to apologize for Tavio's behavior and comments, as I do not feel they reflect the views of the majority of posters here on the Theory 11 website.
  13. Look Rapherl i don't hate you or nothing am just trying to do the best for magic of not being expose my dad is a magician he said am really crazy to stop this he said exposure will never end so thats why am trying to stop in the way i can but i don't hate you.
  14. yeah true lets stop this now let this be close.
  15. you don't hate me...right
    look, if you didn't hate me, you wouldn't be smearing lies all over.
  16. am not i told you what i did that for to stop it in anyway i could.
  17. WHOAH MAN! This is better than TV drama...EVER!...Not that I watch them or anything...
  18. lol wow !!!!!!

  19. So "raphael" the guy that you said uploads tons of tricks to torrents. You brought him here..........good job.
  20. just to give you an idea, he has created 10, yes 10 accounts after being banned, and you want to see his posts?
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