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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tavio, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Drama?

    Baha, trust me, if you want drama, go look at past post from other magic forums.

    I found almost each and every forum is like a diffrent station, with its own indivisual soap operas.

    And then, before I know it, theres a tub of ice cream infront of me with a large spoon inside.
  2. dude i have you exposing a Trick yes A DVD trick on a website i could show it to people who dont believe me!!!!!!!but dont see the DVD
  3. link me up!

  4. lol, no thanks, I think I got enough of the guy already.
  5. People Should I Post The Link Hear
  6. yes, post the damn link!
  7. you could see who put it RAPHERL DID PROOF PROOF Thanks diego for the Link
  8. Ok, calm down kids. Don't get your thongs in a bunch. Calm down. Take it down a notch. Breath in through your mouth, and out your nose.


    Say it with me yall. Wooooosaaaawww.
  9. oo and also people know he put the link on [LINK EDITED]
  10. I've done that before.
    When I got done, I went abck and read it, and realized that with some dramatic music, and a few good actors, I would have had a FINE scene for a movie or something.
  11. you see their you go rapherl you been caught
  12. are you creating fake links now?
  13. Instead of Days of Our Lives it can be like Day on Our Forums or something. Hahaha.
  14. I hate to break it to you, but that video has been removed.
  15. or fake...
  16. you see their you go it was you raphelr want the proof from LMT HU??? the you gave them the link
  17. =o Thats a grand idea, wonder what the title would be though..


    The center 'stare'?
  18. "Desperate Forum-Goers"
    "Days of Our Lives Online"
    "General Forum"
    "Dana's Anatomy"
  19. Grammar buddy. Right now I'm picturing you as a 10 year old kid jumping up and down waving his arms in the middle of the high way screaming "ICE CREAM ICE CREAM"

    Don't ask me why, but thats what I'm getting.
  20. General Forum sounds pretty epic.

    but Days of Our Lives Online would make a good abrev, DOLO.

    " Hey guess im gona go watch DOLO tonight, anyone wana come? "


    Desperate Forum-Goers is raunchy too =)
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