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  1. He said that everything you need to perform the effect comes with it.
  2. im not sure if i want to get it if it requires a major gimmick :confused:
  3. One thing I have noticed as of late is the questions that arise when a new product comes out. Some here are worried about angles and restriction that are put on an effect before it is in the hands of other performers. When I hear questions like, What are the angles like? and What is the set up time? It kind of urks me. What I read when I see these questions are- I am not really good at spectator control yet and plan to work on it, and Is it a easy effect to perform, or will I need to actually put some time into it to make it look as good as the performer. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these questions, just do not base you judgement on an effect because you perseve that there are bag angles. Get the effect and make it work, spend the time and you will reap the rewards. Just look at the demo again, I am sure you will agree that this effect is well worth the time needed to make it look that good. And if this effect is taught by Aaron, rest assured everything will be covered --and then some.

  4. I agree that those questions can be what some people are really trying to say but I also believe that people who ask such questions (angles, gimmicks, difficulty) are merely concerned on whether or not it will fit their style when it comes to the method. No one is saying the end result of the performance is not good, in fact I think it is a really great trick. But I myself would have to be concerned with angles and gimmicks because I wouldn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't perform. However, I would never judge an effect on angles gimmicks and methods.
  5. jeremy, youre kidding me right???

    people ask those questions so, like lux said, to see if it will fit them

    i need this effect to have good angles or need to know if there are any angle restrictions.......since i run a busking trickle i usually have people everywhere aorund me, except for behind.
  6. I'm assuming that this is possible, but I'll ask anyway...

    Instead of the four kings (or any four of a kind), can you do Panic with four selections?
  7. Aaron Fisher Answers All you questions about Panic

    First, let me congratulate you guys on asking such terrific questions – your concerns demonstrate that you’re very serious about performing great magic. I’ve been on the road working, and answering a great many questions about this trick and Theory 11 – I just got home to Los Angeles and I’m here for 48 hours. Let’s get to it.

    Normally, magicians want a trick to be gimmicked, so they know technical skill won’t be needed to achieve success. You guys are different – many of you sound like you don’t want to learn any gimmicked tricks. You seem to want magic that can be done with every day objects. To me, that sounds very familiar.

    When I was first getting serious about card magic I felt the same way. I would never, in those days, use gaffs. I wanted to do things the old fashioned way, using only pure sleight of hand. Years later I turned pro. I’d learned the fundamentals, and discovered my priorities had changed. Now for the first time, I only cared about performing the strongest effect possible, whatever the cost. That’s how I developed PANIC. The answer to the question is yes – a very simple gaff is at work here. As we’ve said before, you can perform this trick wearing anything at any time – you only need a pocket for the deck to emerge from. Panic is so strong that I use it to close my professional show, surrounded or not, close up or stage.

    Next concern: Are there any angle restrictions? No, there are not. You can perform this trick on the street, in a restaurant or on a stage. As many of you have already discovered, almost every performance setting will require a slightly different approach. The DVD of PANIC runs about 45 minutes, all to teach an effect that takes about twenty seconds to perform. We used this time to make sure you can perform the trick in every conceivable situation. We want to you be the best magician you can be – that means arming you with the knowledge you need to rock your magic anywhere, and still get the results you seek.

    Last question – can you pass out the kings immediately after the deck melts away? This is a great question because it allows us to learn so much about how magic really works. If you watch the demo again, you’ll clearly hear the spectator respond, “Where did the deck go?” Not all effects are created equal – some technically beautiful effects leave the audience with a dirty aftertaste. “Let me see those cards!” The presence of this uncomfortable feeling denotes an effect which likely hasn’t been very carefully designed. Good magic doesn’t make us suspicious – it leaves us stunned, silent and mystified.

    PANIC looks like a deck vanish, but if you watch the trick again, you’ll see that PANIC can be more accurately described as a transposition. The deck doesn’t really disappear. Rather, it changes places with the four kings, which you’ve previously placed in your pocket. Your spectator will want to know where the deck has gone – when she reaches into your pocket and removes the pack, the illusion is complete. A moment later, when she’s done freaking out, you can hand her the kings. In my experience passing out the kings isn’t necessary, unless you wish to perform another trick using the kings and the ordinary pack.

    Thanks for the thoughtful questions – keep up the great work, and you’ll all be rocking PANIC, and every other effect you want to perform, in a way that looks like real magic.

  8. Finally, our questions have been answered by the man who made the trick himself. Thank you so much Aaron for taking the time to respond. Now I definitely know I'm getting Panic.
  9. Well, if you can use a borrowed deck its great.
    Even, if the package includes the gimmick...
  10. so... you CAN't pass out the kings to be examined? of course you can switch the gimmicked kings for some real ones at a later time, Aaron dodged teh question there which makes me think that those kings can DEFINTELY not be handed out immediately.
  11. I thought his reply was pretty clear. I mean, I get the basic idea from watching the demo (and having in my library a copy of "Art of Astonishment.") Obviously there are some differences in the construction and routining, but I don't think he dodged the question. I'm sure we all could read his reply and get what he is implying.
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    let's just make the T11 guys bear a bit less work here.......

    look guys, if we actually go back into the world of physics, if we tell you the deck vanishes and you don't have to actually a whole deck to ditch somewhere, that is basically what you have here. Nothing is perfect, but we get strong points from every product.

    The bottom line is, this product doesn't involve you to learn instant deck disposal sleights. however, I think it would be very fair and constructive to say that:

    YOU WOULD REALLY want to back-up yourself with the basic foundation of sleights, presentation and timing control with the classic DECK TO POCKET EFFECT. Afterall, I don't believe any experienced hobbists here would not recommend this
    as a one-trick effect;
    it would be best to go thru a trick or 2 with the deck, then top it up with PANIC to reach climax.

    With Panic, you will SLAY audiences, because when they watch the effect, the deck vanishes in their optical range and it's very clean when you turn around to show them your jeans pocket.
    THEN, let them pull out the deck, turn around, hand them the kings, examine everything.

    So if you know what the deck to pocket effect is, then practice it, and Panic would be the perfect addition to make the vanishing process even more clean and visual.

    If you don't even KNOW what a deck to pocket effect is, you shouldn't even ask about the product here.

    And trashman, WOW you are still trying to figure out whether the kings are are not even looking at the effect is about and what Aaron's Message was.

    If you performed the effect and the spectator ACTUALLY WANTED TO CARE ABOUT THE KINGS, you have done the trick WRONG.
    so that is why it's not a question you should even care.

  13. You don't need to be spoon-fed magic. As soon as the cards disappear, you can divert the "heat" to the deck in your back pocket. So what if the Kings can't be examined immediately; you're not stuck in that position for long.

    Think of ways to ditch the kings while you're waiting for your package. I mean, I EXPECT you'll have to do a switch of the kings, but I'd be surprised if you don't.

    It's better than to expect not to have to do a switch and then finding out you have to.
  14. lol, you guys are crazy how fanboy you all go over any negative comment.

    I simply was trying to clarify the question/answer posed previously, in response to which Aaron Fischer "misdirected" all you guys. apparantly his crowd control works even in an online venue.

    Maybe you guys can go perform for random ppl and hope they don't ask about the kings, but I don't want an effect where I'm left totally gimmicked up in my hands ... have fun with it though! I was just trying to get a straight answer.

    btw my friends would immediately ask to see what's in my hands if I did something like this trick. I'm sure that in most cases, random people on teh street will not. thus the term "STRONG magic"
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    Alright I don't know if anyone has answered these questions yet but:

    1. yes
    2. If you have the gimmick and the deck you are given matches the gimmick, then yes, but you would have to do the advanced version.
    3. No. But Aaron does show you ways that you could.

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