Sooo... I found a deck of Jerry's

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  1. Hey guys,
    I was hoping to get some help. I was looking through the bin of cards at the goodwill and found a deck of Jerry's Nuggets GEDC0884.jpg GEDC0883.jpg GEDC0882.jpg . I know there are fakes out there, so I was wondering if someone would give me some of the tell tale signs of real vs fake Jerry's. They are unopened with the celophane still intact so I cannot fan them to see if they're real or not. They appear to have the darker blue seal as shown in
    Let me know what you think.
  2. Please tell me that doesn;t say 50 cents you lucky son of a _______

    ps only if theyre real ;)
  3. Awesome find my friend. From the seal they look to be legit Jerry's Nuggets. Don't take my word for it but from the outside they look real. ;)
  4. And even if they aren't you've got a story to tell for ages to come. That alone is worth the couple of quarters you dropped on this find. I'd put them on your shelf, and crank up the bragging rights.
  5. Lee asher has a thing on his site about how to find real jerrys.
  6. Dude!!!!!!!

    Dude, there legit. Congrats on the find. Pat yourself on the back.
  7. They look real to me.

    The only was to know for sure, is to cut the side open and look for the printing date. Or open them and use them.

  8. That was quite a find! I bet you're super excited and almost died when you saw them in the store. Take good care of them and sell them back around later on when they increase in value. You'll be glad you didnt use them! Or, you could be glad you got it for 50 cents and start using them. I hear the stock and quality of the cards are very nice and hold up quite well. Whatever you do with them, that's definitely a story to remember!
  9. If they have anymore... I'll put up 40x the price and buy a pack off'a you!!
  10. Yea I was pretty blown away to find them. It was in a bin with 70 other decks (mostly arrcos) and the only deck that was unopened was the Jerry's. I'm sorry mehar, there are no more (I triple checked) lol.
    If you have the link chriswiehl please share it, i could not find it on his site. Oh and yes gr33nsn0w, they set me back a whole .50
    Thanks for the responses!
  11. You should have seen if they had a football for cheap so you could spike it in the parking lot on the way out. Awesome find. Epic even.
  12. Wow. What a great find.
    Maybe this is like a send wonder campaign dan and dave are doing with Jerry's.;)
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    "You should have seen if they had a football for cheap so you could spike it in the parking lot on the way out. Awesome find. Epic even." - Haunter

    Yea they did have a a football; but someone ruined it by writing all over it and then signing it.. some J. Montana guy? Probably a highschool dropout.
  14. Oh come on! That's just unfair!
  15. Keep it sealed. What a story years from now, .50 turns into hundreds.

  16. Your such a lucky dude man..........i want one!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!! People pay 150 usd you paid 0.50 usd.....XD i wonder if the shopkeeper is gonna go berserk when they found out the real price of jerry's nuggets. :)
  17. haha....
    when i can find it in my country...>.<
    i found the FAKE one in the magic shop in BEIJING....
    and they sell it for $20..!!!
  18. So I decided to test my luck at my local Goodwill and though I didn't find any Jerrys, I did find the Green Ranger's dragon dagger toy from Power Rangers brand new, in box, mint condition, for $3.99. And yes, I bought it.
  19. +1

    Wait, screw that. +1000000
  20. good work.

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