Surfaced by Chad Nelson

Sep 1, 2007
Houston TX

Watch (8:55)
For the first part of the DVD you get to watch Chad perform for live audiences for about 9 minutes. You get to see his performance style as he performs the tricks that are taught on the DVD.

Learn (31:31)

The first thing to learn on this DVD is of course… the clipshift. He teaches it verbally then silently reviews for you with the Omni deck (a clear block the size of the deck). It is solid teaching that is slowed down and taken step by step.

Dribble Control
This is a great control that you can do when the cards are dribbled. A card can be glimpsed by the spectator and appeared to be dribbled into the middle of the deck. (In reality you have it right were you want it!)

Color Changes
Chad teaches many ways to use the clipshift as a color change.

Basic Change
In this color change you take the deck and give it a shake changing the card on top into another very visually. Chad also gives some very good pointers on how to make it look its best, he also shares a few subtleties that help make the basic change look more impossible.

Winter Change Variation
This is a great way to get into the Winter Change using (you guessed it) the clipshift. So the change is the same but the setup is much different than the way John Cornelius does it.

All around square change
This is just another subtlety in which the card changes when you do an all around square.

Lift Off
This is my favorite use of the clip shift shown in this whole DVD. It can be used as a vanish or a color change. You seem to take (lift) a card off of the deck and it vanishes out of your hand. (a real fooler!)

This is another variation for a change in which you show the card on the top, and bring it up to your mouth and blow it then revealing that the card has changed.

Space Change
In this color change you show the cards, then you square the cards with both hands having changed the card. This same move can be followed by dropping the deck into their hands.


Full deck transfer
You seem to place the deck from biddle grip to mechanics and actually palming a card as well.

All around square palm
You secretly palm a card in the action of all around squaring the deck.

Dibble Palm
This is similar to the dribble control but instead of moving the card to a different part of the deck you palm the card in the action of dribbling the card into the pack.

Tenki palm
In the action of dibbling the cards, the selection goes into Tenki.

26 Shift
This is a one handed pass (hint shifting 26 cards)
Chad also teaches how to do this shift with help of a top cover card and a few variations on how to get into the 26 shift. (Very cool but to me the hardest move in the DVD)

Achieve (06:57 performance) (22:05 explanations)

A protruding face-up selection slowly and visually sinks
through the entire deck landing in the spectator's awaiting
cut hand. In a blink, the whole process is reversed, bringing
the card instantly to th .

Two selections are lost and a random card is removed and
held face up. With a quick shake, it visually changes into the
first selection. The spectator is then asked to shake the
card, which changes into thesecond selection.

A single selection viewed by three spectators is buried into
the pack. After shuffling, three random cards are removed,
shown, and handed out to the three spectators who are
asked to confirm they are not the selection. With a snap,
each spectator is instructed to turn over his or her card, and
each card is seen to have changed into the selection. Each
card is different.

After explaining sleight of hand will be used to find the
spectator's selection, a one-handed flourish swirls the se-
lection from the center of the deck. The cards are taken
behind the back with one hand. A second later, the hand is
brought out, showing the selection's three mates all pro-
truding from the edges of the deck.

The four Kings are produced in mid-air. Three selections
are shuffled back into the pack. One at a time the Kings
slowly and visually vanish only to re-appear with the three
selections sandwiched between them.

A puzzling effect where a selected card shows character.
Straight away a returned face-down selection appears face
up and upon removal it turns face down, visually. The in-
versions continue, leading to a chaotic climax which must
be seen to be disbelieved.

#@*! OFF
A double color change with one hand that begins by show-
ing the Aces buried throughout the pack. By waving the
cards, the two blacks Aces instantly appear face up on top
and bottom. This is followed by another magical appear-
ance of the two reds Aces face up on top and bottom.


Friends (04:56)
This is a great reel that shows Chad discussing many different applications and such involving the clip shift. Since I have seemed to give away everything else in the dvd (except the explanations of course) I would like for you to buy it and see what Chad’s friends can do with the clipshift. (Ricky Smith even has a piece dedicated to him, love yah Ricky!)

New York (01:52)
This is a very odd music video with Chad (I think its Chad anyways) doing some interesting things (with cards, and bunnies and crazy colors… well you will see.)

Trailer (01:54)
This is the final trailer released on Dan and Dave’s temporary site. If you liked it you can watch it over and over in your DVD player! haha

Final Thoughts
Ok guys here are some more things I have to say about the DVD.
So far no Easter Eggs (PM me if you find any)
Or special files when put in the computer (“darn” I know)

As for what I think
As the trailer says “this will change your magic forever”

I think this move is perfect for this generation of magicians; it’s a flashy move that will impress everyone. It’s been in the underground for awhile so thanks Chad for deciding to make this DVD, its wonderful!
It’s going right on the shelf next to my signed copy of the trilogy (hehe)

So thanks guys for reading this review and I hope you get the DVD (please don’t illegally download it (I hate that!))

God Bless!
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Wow! Looks like Chad teaches more than just the Clipshift! I thought the DVD just taught that one move and then taught effects just only using that move. It seems he teaches a lot more things too! That's amazing. :) This is now going on my list. Great review Josh!



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Sep 1, 2007
good review, although it sounds like you just copied their descriptions of the effect rather than writing your own, so , in that case I take it back, bad review. :) I still want the DVD though.
Sep 1, 2007
Houston TX
ok trashmanf sorry i didnt spend 10 hours making this review, it began to get very time consuming so sorry i just wanted to help everyone out, in knowing what was going to be on the dvd.

And for everyone else that ordered it.
dan and dave dont send out an email for the shipping confirmation. they just ship it.

and ricky smith is not on the dvd. he is just credited for a cool trick in the extras section that chad explains (not ricky)
My DVD is on the way, hopefully, but I can already say the shift is not going to be easy. Jordan Lapping has said it took him, I believe, 7 months to get it performable. Give it time and work hard, anything worth the work will be difficult.

On a side note, I ordered Totally Out Of Control, some Alladins, Arrcos, and an Absolut last night and got shipping confirmation this morning... WOW that is fast.

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