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  1. The thing thats frustrating me with this move is that all of the explanations were done using a fairly large movement of the deck. This seems to be the only thing I can get down so far (slowly as of yet). Then when he says "and this is what it looks like done fast" the deck is kept horizontal unless I'm just missing something.
  2. Sir FansAlot,

    I had the same issue. What I did was to start doing the move as fast as I could. it seemd to help me out in a big way. I also keep the deck flat. Move quick on the first part and then the second part will flow really quick.


  3. Should I practice it horizontally? Because when I do it with the deck facing down the card drops.
  4. I am having the exact same issue.

    I'm also having allot of trouble keeping anything from "touching". I know there is little we can say on an open forum, but getting the shift to happen without any touching is something I just don't understand.
  5. i'm having trouble 'cliping' the card (step 2 image 5 in the booklet)

    if someone could pm me that would be really nice.

  6. Yeah, the "shift" part isn't that hard, but the "clip" part is real hard. PM if you have advice.
  7. Do the Clip move with speed and listen closely to what he says. PM me, and I will try to help :)

  8. Any pm on establishing/practicing the clip portion of this would be appreciated. I have noticed videos of some folks doing the clip shift bending the pack excessively, and I do realize some benefit by doing this; but just getting the first 2 steps down right is tough- I just don't want to get really good at doing it wrong ... And FWIW, I have a hard time doing the shift without touching as well... Big hands seem to help though! :D

  9. I was starting to think I'm the only one with small hands. Never before have I considered this when learning a sleight.
  10. Nope you're not the only one with small hands, I cant even pull it out long enough to be clipped and when I do clip it it still touch the deck and I cant seem to move the deck out of the way with my thumb. I think this move is harder then a pass.
  11. I can't get the friggin card to be squared at the end of the sleight. Its its the edge of my thumb, unable to clear it.
  12. It's knacky, you just have to practice. That used to happen to me, but I've found a way that is comfortable for me and accomplishes the move. Try changing the finger positions a little bit, that may help.

  13. I have problem with the noise and the last squaring action. Keep practicing! ;)
  14. At least you got your DVD already....I'm still waiting. :(

  15. I say this is probably the hardest one handed sleight I have come across.
  16. Lol, yeah, the solitude pass is pretty difficult too but the 26 shift is just insanely hard, anyone actually got that down?
  17. Its a hard move, but its worth it.

    It will replace alot of moves for me.
  18. I can get the whole move down in a slow pace. However, when I try to shake it and then do it, I can't do the replacement part of it. (Can't seem to square it up) Also, I'm using the help of my index finger during the shift even tho it says not to but it helps. I just put it back in the original position after the shift and it should work fine.
  19. I say just get the move down, then go for a shaking motion.

    This last square up is a real ***** of a move.
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    dudes, (dudettes), problem.
    the bit with chad explaining the handling of clipshift has been uploaded on [edited].

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