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  1. I have small hands, but I get hardly any noise. I get the occasional click or snap, but they will go away soon. Just make it smooth. it doesn't matter if t takes you 10 minutes to do the move, just make it smooth, just let the card slip up there.
  2. Your clipshift looks great.

    Great to see another magician from sweden, never seen anyone around before.:p

    Im having a hard time learning this move, i just cant get the clip right.
  3. Great job on the review Josh! Did you guys know that the E forums will not allow any mention of Surfaced, Clip Shift, Chad Nelson or Dan and Dave on any posts? So anyone that only visits E forums probably has no idea about Surfaced or the Clip Shift unless a magic friend tells them about it.
    Kind of sad for them. ;)
  4. Thanks alot! Vart i sverige bor dudå? Heter du Frida också eller? :p
  5. Dude, what happened your post got deleted? Don't cry about it please.
  6. Can we stop with this E-Bashing stuff? It's just immature "Ooh they don't let you do this" etc. C'mon really, they have their rules and reasons and we should respect that.

    Sir FansAlot, I know you're more mature than that man. :)

    - Sean
    (aka that one that's sick of all this E and T11 hate each other pathetic pile of excrement)
  7. Well got my copy today, excellent everything.

    Anyways, could someone give me advice on the alignment of the card. I'm not going to state my problem but, anyone who thinks they can help pm me :)
  8. Great. Now upload it and send me the link to download.
  9. I did not mean to sound like I was bashing E or crying. Just thought it would make you feel a sense of excitement knowing that you are discussing and learning stuff which at least one other magic site considers band or prohibited material. Now that is what I call underground. And yes a part of me feels it is sad that E members do not know about Surfaced but another part of me thinks it is good that less magicians out there will know about the Clip Shift.

    And you are right Sean that E has their rules and reasons. And I do not want to start a debate about that.

  10. I'm sure for the most part that (many) E members are aware of Surfaced. I was just playing around above. I've had MANY posts deleted in the past at E, and yes I did cry.
  11. I dont know if anybody's having the same problem. I can execute the clip shift decently. However, if I execute it while i shake there's always the problem of having the card below it outjogged to the left. I don't know why this happens. Help anybody?
  12. Yeah make sure you move the card on a diagonal
    if you need more help PM me so I can go into further detail without exposing it.
  13. I cAN'T wait 'til I actually get this. I ordered it the day it came out but it still hasn't arrived yet... I'm a little annoyed. At the postal service, not d&d of course.
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    Well, I saw how it's done yesterday on youtube (it's down now) and I started practicing it. I feared it will be too knacky, but now that I played with it for two days I see that it is completely "doable". It's hard to do it correctly first (like a pass for example), but once you get down the correct execution, it's a matter of practicing it for speed and smoothness. I have average sized hands and I have no problem doing it. So I will actually buy the DVD :) It's a powerful sleight and one worth working on.

    Same thing happened with the Asher Twist. I had no idea how it was done, but then I saw it "exposed" on youtube. I ended up buying the DVD.
  15. @coldsleeping and @Dr. Nick: I have the exact same problem. 8 out of 10 times the card second from top is outjogged a bit after doing the clipshift. Please PM me too. Thanks :)
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    Just don't press with your index finger too much. If you position the card right, it will take very little effort to complete the replacement without disturbing the other cards. The hard part is to position the card well for the replacement.
  17. me too...:(
  18. It's a shame that it was up so quickly and for so long... :(

    It definitely is worth buying, not just for the clip shift itself, but all of the insight Chad gives, plus the extra effects, ideas and performances...

    You won't regret it. :)
  19. After 5 days of intense practice now, I can finally do the move quite good. Not extremely fast, and also not soundless, but the speed is good enough and the sound is so minimum, that it's good enough to try it out. So I did, and performed it to my parents, just to know how they react. My dad said it was a miracle :)
    I will keep practicing for weeks before performing this for real, though. But it's really good to know the effort on practicing this move is really worth it :D

    I got the out-jogging of the card 2nd from top a bit more controlled now, but just to be sure, I do an all-round square up in my other hand immediately after performing the clip shift. It helps, just to be sure :)

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