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    What the ****. Im reporting him right now.
  2. Its been up since this morning. I've tried contacting dan and dave, heck I even shot Lee Asher a pm because he was online at the time. Nobody that has the power to take it off knows that its up there. We have got to get it off, quick. It already has like 200 views.
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    -.- It's a shame a move as awesome as the ClipShift is uploaded straight to [edited]. :(

    Anyway, I am just learning the CS for just 2 hours now, and I am amazed that I'd actually learned it already without making any (well, not much) noise! Well, only if I do it very slow though. I will be practicing this for weeks, just because I love the move, and Chad really explains it well: it's fun to watch. :)

    I'll try to give you guys some hints without exposing the sleigt (although that's already done -.-)
    1) Make sure your thumb is in the middle of the short end of the pack. (To get to this point: hold the deck in biddle grip with thumb at the left side and fingers also on the most left. Then rotate the deck clockwise slightly with your other hand to get it in the right, sleightly diagonally grip.) This way you can extend the deck a bit further later on.
    2) Make sure your fingers are a bit tilt over the edge of the pack, just as Chad explains. Make sure your thumb is not that far over the deck.
    3) And the most important tip: Remember the clip part of the clipshift is a VERY important part. If you don't clip it right, or let the clip go too soon, it WILL make noise!!! So make sure to watch the 1st explanation again, and just watch how Chad does the entire clipping action.

    I hope this helped.

    My problem is not to push the card 2nd from top with it, if you shift and align the top card... And of course getting it at speed and doing the wave motion at the same time while keeping the move silent... I guess that just needs practise. Much practise... ;)
  4. It seems to be what it's coming down to.
  5. My advice is not as detailed but it should kind of help.
    Don't rush too fast on learning and practicing the CS. TAKE YOUR TIME.

    Don't concentrate on the "change" itself first. If you really want to perform this LIVE, make sure you try to make it silent and practice it slowly. HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE!

    For most of you, this might be the first really "challenging" sleight and will probably give you a habit on learning other difficult sleights as well.

    I know it's not has helpful as others, but if you want it to look good just tell yourself not to rush it.
  6. man this sleight is killing my hands, but im sure its will be worth once i master problem is just the replacement part...i need tips PM me thnx
  7. Yeah, my index finger has a huge blister on it, but I'm a trooper, so I taped her up and I'm still practicing. My thumb hurts pretty bad too.

    it seems for a lot of people, including me, the most difficult part of the sleight is the replacment. No matter where my fingers are, I can't get the damn card past my thumb. My thumb always blocks it.
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    i agree the replacement is the most challenging part for most people...i cant get index pinning part (again if this exposes lemme know so i can edit it)
  9. You might want to edit that a bit.

    I can do that, my problem is the squaring.
  10. my problem is also squaring it.
  11. For me it's the shift. Replacement wasn't that hard for me. My pinky was sore for two days and that was about it.
  12. I keep having this problem where after the shift, the card isnt under my knuckle far enough for me to square up the card with the deck during the replacement.
  13. move ure ring finger back into original position
  14. Once again, the shift part is the most important part. If you do the shift part good, you'll find the replacement a lot easier. Jut watch exactly how Chad does the shift, and my advise is to keep your middle finger at the right point until the shift is executed completely. This will avoid the most sound problems you can get. And learn it slow! Very slow.

    I can do it fairly good at really really slow speed now, but building up speed really takes ages :p
  15. effects
    criterion is the best imo

    i have a bruise and my hand is sore from practicing this
    can't wait to get this clean
    shaking and shifting is difficult :[
  16. the problem for me was the alignment of the card, it doesn't seems to align square with the deck after the replacement.

    Any help? pls pm me. thanks
  17. How hard is surfaced I am not trying to make up an excuse that my hands are to small but honestly will i be able to do this trick with small hands?
    Please help.
  18. i got the clipshift 99% down!!! :D (because you can never be 100), i love using it as a control, so clever, seriously!
  19. guys, i found that using about 40 cards helps and add one at time its helping alot on keeping it quiet
  20. i think everyone who has small hands is having the same problem....i know i am...when i do it the cards never align right and they touch most of the time...

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