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    It is fairly hard. I got the DvD yesterday and my hand is killing me from all the time I spent working on the move. I would say it will take around a good month before I would attempt to try it out for a stranger. However I plan to try it out on my girlfriend within a week.

  2. Didn't you get a booklet with your DVD? The booklet explains more about the clipshift and still teaches it.
  3. I have not looked at the booklet lol. I just put in the DvD :) I am going to go check it out right now:)
  4. I ordered mine the night of the 1st and haven't gotten them yet.

    Some were shipped out the next day and some aren't being shipped until today because the orders exceeded the amount they had. So if you haven't gotten yours yet it will either come today or tomorrow or maybe early next week.

  5. Damn, b/c I ordered mine like the second it came out.
  6. and still no dvd =(
  7. A lot of folks are going to be disappointed because it's not easy.
  8. We've known that it's a hard move for a while...
  9. Is it hard to perfect or hard to even execute the move. I've seen a good amount of people already doing it on youtube and I can't catch what they're doing. They're probably bad performances, but to me the shaking apparently covers everything.
  10. its going to take awhile. for all those having difficulty, i would recommend watching the part around 3:20 quite a few times.

    i also recommend watching robot chicken.

    oh and also try with a few cards short of a full deck.
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    How hard is the clipshift compared to the last change in TiVo 2.0 ? I practiced the TiVo 2.0 move for many months but I still can't do it. It seems to be the hardest move I've come across so far. The cards just don't square up perfectly and there is of course the noise. If the clipshift is as hard as the tivo 2.0 chnage, I will seriously consider not buying it. As a counter example I can point the Lee Asher Twist - it also takes a lot of practice but it actually gets better and better and can be done smoothly, silently and works like magic :) The tivo move to me is like the David Blaine double lift - it takes practice, may be a year, but it cannot get perfect because of some physical laws that work on the cards. There is always a chance that the cards will not be squared up. I have to admire the confidence with which Blaine does this DL (it's a modification of Derek Dingle's DL to be exact).
  12. Never heard of someone who wouldn't learn something because it was challenging. The time put into this sleight is well worth the reward. But if difficulty is the only reason you don't want it then i suggest you to read the book series from Steve Beam "Semiautomatic Card Tricks". Great tricks that require no sleight of hand.

    But if you feel that David Blaine's double lift is really hard, i suggest you stick with the self working tricks.
  13. You forgot to answer my question...
  14. it's really hard. don't buy it.
  15. Wow Pwnage!
  16. hahaha
    I found that really funny.
    Most people here won't get it.
    I saw Steve lecture, great card handler!
  17. I have the honor of seeing Steve in person every month at our IBM ring, what a fantastic guy and magician. While his Semiautomatic card tricks might not fulfill the big finger flingers out there, they are still dang impressive effects.

  18. ahh i just got my mail and still no DVD =(
  19. taught by the inventor himself: BRAD CHRISTIAN! (along with HIS erdenase color change, you can impress your friends)

    man that set me up perfectly!

  20. Wow that's funny. Congratulations you just became a comedian without even trying.

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