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  1. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for everyone helping each other out

    i would say i have this move down pretty good now.

    some of my pointers are this
    • Make sure the Clip is nice and tight so that the card doesnt slip during the shift
    • Don't shift until you have gotten a good clip
    • When replacing the card, dont put to much pressure on the index finger (its used to guide the card not force it)

    hope this all helps!
  2. Just arrived and holy shtick the effects are amazing. I'm learning Rum Jungle right now.
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    Very good points!

    I also found out that you have to maintain a firm grip of the deck while doing the replacement so that the deck remains well squared and the top card should not move. Otherwise the two cards will not perfectly square up and the illusion will be lost. And of course try to do the replacement very, very slowly and patiently at first before you pick up speed.

    BTW, I've been practicing for three days now for about 2-3 hours a day, and it now takes me about 5 seconds to do the clipshift perfectly (no noise, well squared and angles covered). I think I have to get it down below half a second to create the illusion, might take me a couple of months.
  4. I've got it down pretty well too - about 2, 3 seconds for the entire thing. Slight noise, fully squared. I've been practicing it countless hours for the past 5 days I think.

    Something I found helps tremendously with noise and getting the shift done quickly is to bend the deck with the thumb and push in with the index finger, just before the shift. It helps alot.
  5. Yesterday, I performed the Clip Shift as a color change for my uncle.

    After doing some cool tricks, I could see he was impressed, but not really amazed. So I said:
    - "Ok, the tricks you've just saw where just sleight of hand, right? Well, the thing I'm going to show you now is just pure magic."
    - (silence)
    - "Ok, say stop as I dribble the cards". He selected a card, I (false) shuffled the deck.
    - He was like: "Yeah, that's right, shuffle those cards good! You'll never find my card back!" (laughs)
    - I showed him the face card. "This isn't your card, is that correct?"
    - "Yes."
    - "Ok, now watch the card. No matter what I do, just keep watching the card"
    And I just did the basic Clip Shift coulor change.
    His card appeared.

    His mouth fell wide open and he kept staring at me for half a minute. :)

    I loved that moment. :D It's really nice to see that my hard work payed off. The Clip Shift has many great aplications, for example as a control (I even came up with my own trick involving the CS :) ), but when just perfoming such a simple tick as mentioned above, where you just use it as a basic color change, and you really build up the presentation, it is just lethal :D
  6. nice one morphweasel it sounds like you fried him :D

    im definitely going to get this as soon as smoke and mirrors comes out so I can save on shipping...

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