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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 19, 2010.

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    I'm watching now the timer :D
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    Diamond Page is solved. It actually reveals a page about 5 ahead.

    Check it out [MOD EDIT]

  3. Finally done. Almost 13 more hours until we get the next clue(s).
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    Don't just give it away like that... people want to figure this out on their own...
  5. That's why he called it a spoiler. Don't look at it if you want to figure it out for yourself :)
  6. I've decided to join in. I'm at some timer now. good riddles too.
  7. Wow... I am so in the dark right now. This week has been so busy, so I have no idea what is going on.

    Although this looks a lot like what I do on www.hackthissite.org

    Could possibly help people with these clues? Check it out.
  8. Gah, the minor issues one... that seemed difficult until I figured it out... It feels good, to not sit around aging trying to solve that riddle.

    Hope that helps ;)
  9. Yeah that one was a hard one. When i found out the answer i wanted to smack myself, but then notice i was over age so decided to get a drink ;)
  10. LOL. :p

    Since that exomagic chat thing doesn't seem to be working (atleast, to me), anyone have a good chat to join when the next round of riddles is up?
  11. Umm I've been wondering this the whole time: There is a prize at the end. I understanding giving hints but not the spoiler or the awfully worded play on words such as: ..."I realized I was OVER AGE so I decided to get myself a drink" or whatever it was that was said. The spoiler was a direct link and RebelAce warned about posting those. Wasn't the last cerca trova hunt in 2007? And it also had a prize at the end. It would seem that maybe you would want a chance at winning. I know it's fun to help others, but the thrill of trying to win is fun as well. I've even helped people. But do it through PM so the whole forum can't view it.
  12. Just to re-iterate on what J.Slade was saying:

    PLEASE do not post spoilers or clues that are VERY OBVIOUS. If you really want the answers you can ask for help privately (through PM) but this is a spoiler free zone if you will. I've removed any direct links to answer pages or the pages itself, just be careful how you phrase your hints for now on.

    Thanks everyone, Cerca Trova,
  13. dude...heven`t seen you in a long time...I thought you were dead!!!
  14. I laughed so hard at that for some reason.
  15. Nope, not dead just lurking and doing things behind the scenes. I'm the Cerca Trova king so I can't not participate with everyone ;), it's actually my favourite thing theory11 does.

  16. I second this. It's good fun.
  17. Go to http://www.themagicsession.com if you want to chat up about the theory11 thing, or other stuff!

    Pass = erdnase

    That's where I go, friendly people and usually Luke Dancy is there every night chatting it up with us. We have also had Jesse Feinberg, Irving Quant, Shane Black, Dan Hauss, Dan White, Eric Ross, and more come to talk with us and lecture. Justin Miller comes on every now and then. FUN PLACE!
  18. I strongly believe one of the releases will be Shmoke by Alan Rorrison.
  19. Question, after T11 does this great big monster release, will somebody please update the artist page? its a little outdated.... Jason england isn't in there, Eric Ross is left out....there are some names who have played a big role here (at least from the consumers standpoint) who aren't recognized as artists...

    just a thought.

    EDIT: not much of an question, more of a request, but you get the point.
  20. T minus 5 minutes...

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