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  1. Well, finally done.
    At least the last one was easy :)
  2. You have not reached the finish line.
    But the beginning, in the distance, is in sight.

    Come back to this page soon for further clues.

  3. Im up to the new timer.

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    I have decided to not to continue updating the cheat sheet. Sorry.

  5. I'm at the new timer, these riddles are incredible ! I can't wait until the August, it's gonna be awesome !
  6. if i'm counting the timer correctly, it ends on sunday at 10? is that correct
  7. 7/26/2010 22:00 est
  8. The unrivaled strength one is also tough. Haven't gotten past it.

  9. Yeah, I don't get that one either. Anyone willing to help?

  10. I'm stuck on this one too :D
  11. Let me put it this way.

    In the past, those who help the others in these 'quests' are disadvantaged for any 'prizes' available.

    Im not bothered if others help others, but they are only reducing their chances of winning any prize available.
  12. Well, most people are already done so no harm done.

  13. Yeah, that's kind of the way I'm seeing it. If there's going to be a prize, it'll probably be for the first person finishing the riddles. Therefore, if a few people have already finished it, there's no harm in helping others figure it out.

    If it's a random sampling of who's finished the riddles, then it doesn't matter that much if a few more people are in on it.

    And honestly, I'm just having a good time solving the riddles (Except for the 'rational' one).
  14. Maybe, it's just me, but I don't care about the prizes.

    I'm just enjoying the riddles. I'm also thinking of gathering them all up and trying to fool some friends with them when this is all done.
  15. So will you guys help?

  16. Oh right. Which one are you stuck on?
  17. "My strength, unrivaled. My life, without end. Unlike you, I will not die."
  18. I'll send you a hint in a PM.
  19. Thank you!

  20. I can't get the butterfly/king one. I feel stupid, :p.
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