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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. You already told the whole world you got a deck of the new cards... most likely Sentinels.
  2. Did I really? Or was I lying?

    ~cerca trova~
  3. Honestly, I don't care at this point. I just want to get past all the hunt drama and the mystery drama and finally see what all this has been for.
  4. I pretty sure if that happened everyone in this forum would storm up to NYC and destroy JB
  5. Yeah... .
  6. I am curious, how did T11 get to your address? They shouldn't have the address of forum members. If they have to ask for your address, then how could them manage to keep it surprising?:confused:
  7. I think it is pretty obvious what "The wire" is.

    When someone on the forum said that a package arived at his door and there were no one there it when he oppened the door just gave it all away.
  8. He sent them his address when he found the email for the cerca trova clues. And I believe there's some sort of way to have your store account and forum account hooked up or something - I remember one of the support team members helping me with a problem regarding downloads without actually knowing my order # or anything (he also reset my downloads and gave me a longer period to download them).
  9. T -11 hours WHOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. you (J.B.)create 5 trailers of 5 releases?
  11. I am so excited for this event.
    All I want is a release from Dan and Dave.
    I set 250.00 aside for tonight. Can't wait.

    Thank you
  12. So what's tonight? Anyone care to give me a run down of over 100+ pages of info?

  13. CONTEST, RIDDLES. Wait 2 Days. MORE RIDDLES! Wait 2 days. MORE RIDDLES. Repeat.

    Eventually: PRIZES, FIND EMAIL.

    5 WINNERS.

    "oh hai guys 5 things will b released soon."

    few more days:

    "lol we lied 7 things will be released on saturday"

    Speculation on what they are, ranting, and wtfing throughout.

  14. The whole idea was that once you found that hidden email, you email them your address.
  15. lol...

    Anyways can't wait for 2nite... I only have $60 right now. I need money...
  16. I'm sure this is some sort of small win. I'm just not sure what category of "Win" this belongs in.
  17. Yay for puns!

  18. Haha you guys already have your life savings ready and you don't even know what's being released yet. Now that is loyalty. :rolleyes:
  19. Where are the darn "like" buttons on T11???!!!

  20. This isn't Facebook Ian....lol
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