T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

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  1. does the high victorians deck have some easter egg hidden in it? cuz I recently found something written on it which could only be read by a magnifying glass
  2. If it did, would we tell you? ;-)

    // L
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  3. Of course you would tell us something to keep us motivated something like "your on a right track" in a pm. Not over here are you silly :p
  4. I second the motion for the stingers! My favorite for 'Game Night' Any chance for another release, V2 or something?
  5. Hi folks...I am trying so hard to figure out my monarchs deck versions and this is what I split them into. Please know I designated the version 1.1 and 1.2 for my own clarity. I am reaching out for help from the community...

    Version 1.1-High relief on embossing, clear wrapper thread seal, rounded tuck seal, Theory11 logo printed upside-down on bottom of tuck, inconsistent foiling on bottom inch of tuck case, "U.S. Playing Card Company" on facing right side of tuck.

    Version 1.2- Low relief on embossing, clear wrapper thread seal, scalloped tax-stamp seal on tuck case, "High Quality Playing Cards" on facing right side of tuck.

    Version 2-High relief on embossing, gold wrapper thread seal, scalloped tax-stamp seal on tuck case, "High Quality Playing Cards" on facing right side of tuck, tuck is vertically sealed on reverse.

    I am most interested in the (my) version 1.1 - Is this the first version as I named it, or is it one of those original Gold Monarchs that were of very limited nature. I keep my decks sealed, so must it be opened to know such a thing?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this. Lyle, I have read your previous information about this over the past few years, but I would feel better with some confirmation on what I have. It is driving my OCD up the wall!
  6. This would indicate one of the first 2-3 printings. This does not mean FIRST Printing. This was flipped pretty early on in the lifecycle of the Monarchs.

    This changes ALL THE TIME, and indicates nothing. We have swapped back and forth on this multiple times based on availability.

    This has not changed.

    This is a relatively recent change. This means your "1.2" deck is much newer than your "1.1" deck.

    What do you mean here? Are you talking about the cellophane? If so, it means nothing. Changes depending on how the machine was set up during packaging, can vary inside of the same printing.

    So.... your info tells me that this is PROBABLY what I would call a 1.0. Your deck was printed before we made any major changes. Doesn't mean it was a first printing, it means it was a very early printing.

    I'll repeat it here as I do everywhere else. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE on the outside of a Pre-release Monarch deck and a 1.0 First Edition Monarch deck. None. Period. Anyone who says there is a difference is lying or ignorant, and I can say this with absolute surety. These two decks share the same tuck cases (from the same printing), the same seals (from the same printing) and were wrapped with the same cellophane in the same manner. There never were intended to be two different decks - we printed everything, realized the cards weren't what we wanted, and then reprinted the cards. The only difference is the cards, sealed away inside the box.

    I will say this - the chances of you having the Pre-Release deck are nearly zero. Everyone who purchased a deck knew that they had a super rare deck. If they got rid of it, they sold it for $$$. If someone else bought a deck, they bought it for $$$. These aren't mixed up int stashes of normal Monarchs - these are locked away in hard sided protectors.

    I'll do a regular Monarch fact sheet soon.

    // L
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  8. Lyle, thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge. I still observe wide differences in the embossing depths of the decks, but could that just be differences in the pressure the operator set the press for? Either way I treasure these decks. I still cannot believe how you guys put together such high quality decks at such a competitive price point. Also, you have helped me with other issues without hesitation always to a satisfactory conclusion. I look forward to the Monarchs fact sheet.

    One more question: could you do a fact sheet on which stock is used for which deck. As an active participator in the card collecting community, I often enter your decks into sites like Portfolio52 and I want the info to be accurate.

    Thanks, and happy holidays,

  9. Lyle, I’d love to see some info on Steampunks. I put up a post asking for some deets if anyone has them. Seems like there’s a few variations, but not sure if they’re official “Versions”. I’m also curious to know if one purchased a Steampunk directly from you guys, if it’s 100% identical to the decks currently distributed by USPCC. This stuff is so fascinating!
  10. There are FOUR versions, funny enough. I'll add them to my list.


    // L
  11. I just picked up (Magically) an “Ellen Deck”.
    Am I special, Lyle?

    Also, quite interested in info on those 4 Versions of the SteamPunk Decks.

    By any chance, are the “Blue Tycoons” a “Garbage Edition”? Or did I just get an unlucky deck....? No offense to anyone, regarding ANYTHING, WHATSOEVER. Promise, Promise.
    Juuuuuussst a bit curious, if there is a secret inside scoop.

    I LOVE every deck I’ve ever gotten, produced by TXI. 110%!
    Thank you for this opportunity. This is a wonderful thread!

    P.S. (NPH Puzzle is STILL eating away at my soul.) Ha! ♥️♥️
  12. They aren't really "rare", they are just hard to get, and there aren't many of them out in the wild at the moment. That said, most people don't have one yet, so of course you are!

    Coming soon!

    Definitely not a "garbage" edition. Printed with the same care and using the same materials as every other t11 deck. Defects happen though, so contact support at https://www.theory11.com/support if you have a defect.

    // L
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  13. You are a Saint.
    Thank You, VERY MUCH, for the responses, Lyle.
    Annnnnd, again, no disrespect intended, in my inappropriately worded “phrase” used in describing the “Blue Tycoons” that I, more than likely, ruined somehow, all by myself....

    This is a Ultra Super Wonderful Thread, & I appreciate ALL of your hard work, as well as your very own personal dedicationed (sic) efforts put into this. I hope that someone is paying you very well for doing this.

    Keep on Keepin’ on!
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  14. Maybe one day we will get target in Norway:D
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  15. With the recent Gold Artisan hype, definitely excited to see the fact sheet for the original Artisans! :)
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  16. I freaking love you guys for keeping things like this tight.
  17. Hi Lyle! I have a question, and fair warning, it’s about the OG 144 Monarchs lol. Specifically, how to tell if a sealed OG is a real OG.

    I was in a thread chatting with Don Boyer over at PlayingCardForum.com, and he mentioned something he was told the cellophane tear strip is reversed on the OGs.

    Someone put up pics of what they say is a sealed OG (a trusted forum member and provided his original T11 receipt) I’m going to quote Don’s two replies; the second reply came after the pics were shared.

    “Actually, I was told there's exactly one way to tell the difference between the rare 144 Monarchs and the original wide-release Monarchs. I was told that the cellophane is reversed on the 144, so the tear strip goes in the other direction from standard - but don't quote me on that, because I've never actually seen a pack personally to know for certain.”

    Second reply after seeing pics:

    “Now someone tell me if I'm wrong, but on that photo, when looking at the box from the front, the tear strip is on the right side of the box. For ordinary Monarchs, as is the case with nearly every USPC-made and -sealed deck, I'm pretty sure that the tear strip would appear on the LEFT side of the box when looking at the front of the box.

    So maybe they cellophane is the way to know.”

    What is your thought on this? I know that nearly everything about these decks has been discussed, but I haven’t seen this outside of that thread. With so little out there and prolly even smaller amounts sealed, there’s no way to be positive unless someone has intricate knowledge regarding the tear strips. I definitely trust Don and he’s been on the USPCC floor, but he’s even slightly unsure.

    Really appreciate you being here and doing what you do. Us card nerds love this stuff :) Thanks, man.
  18. Incorrect. Hearsay info that originally came from unreliable sources and has been circulating around since those decks shipped. This is 100%, absolutely not a reliable way to identify one of these decks. This is the most prominent rumor, and it simply won't die.

    The Pre-Release Monarchs ARE ALSO a USPC-made deck, to put things into perspective.

    Don is great, and an awesome source of info. That said, you can put this rumor down. There was absolutely no outside change to Monarchs between the Pre-Release and the 1st Printing. Tucks from the same printing, seals from the same printing, cellophane from the same machines. The only change is inside the tuck - the actual decks themselves.

    Might there be decks out there that have the cello tear strip on the wrong side? Of course. I've seen weirder things. I once purchased a deck of Bicycle pinochle decks at a local store (Walmart or something) and ended up with a deck of yet-unreleased cards that Dan and Dave had made for a custom deck client of theirs. I've seen decks inserted the wrong way. I've seen decks with lots of other weird things. They aren't representative of the collection as a whole. If Pre-Release decks exist with reversed cello, it is not by design and doesn't represent the whole batch. It also does not mean that the exact same thing did not happen to some of the 1st Printing decks.

    I hope it helps!

    // L

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