The Five Lives of Criss Angel on A&E

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Will you watch the new season of Mind Freak

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  1. Yea, of course

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  2. No, Criss sucks

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  3. May be only to see how it turns out

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  1. Totally true, everyone does things like that.
  2. The sad thing is, I have psychologically convinced myself that it's a good thing! In my train of thought, re-iterating the conditions will ultimately add a false sense of impossibility to any effect, in turn will convince the spectator I am Jesus lol. Doesn't that seem logical, or is it just me?
  3. Im more lookin forward to the close up magic. Some great minds work behind the scenes.

    I find that no matter what the trick is or how it works, either way: i usually get inspierd by it and come up with ideas and concepts that i never knew were possible.

  4. "It's never been proven that he uses camera cuts (though if he does, then I officially hate him)"

    Well, here > is your proof. This clip speaks for itself. Do you officially hate him now? He DOES use camera tricks.

  5. I do agree that he is a great performer but I work at a haunted house every October and after watching the failed Dive Of Death (I'm not angry about it in my own eyes) and after watching it I was kinda dissapointed with the ending but I did like seeing some stuff I might want to do sometime later in my career.

    But anyways back onto what I was meaning to say. I was talking to the people and asked them what they thought of Blaine's Dive Of Death tv special and I'm not kidding about this every single one of them (which was 40 people) except for 5 of them had never heard of Blaine before I talked to them and they're some of my best friends so I know if they're lying to me and they were definitely not lying so his stunts aren't remembered by all.

    But I had to laught when they said they never heard of him it's like teenagers nowadays don't watch as much tv or something because for an entire month before Blaine's stunt they were airing it on tv almost every commercial on most tv stations in my area.
  6. That wasn't really "camera tricks" in the regard everyone's talking about. That was more so just a poor editing job, probably thrown in after the trick when some of the film crew said, "Let's get a close-up shot on who he threw it to."

    Also, that mass levitation sounds pretty cool.
  7. Yeah I would think the live explosive stunt would be cool as long as they do not take the cliche way out and "Blow" Chris up and have him appear somewhere else.

    Also you want and example of camera trick look at his mid-air motorcycle vanish,
  8. The majority,ive seen,of people that dont like criss is because he doesnt do Close-up magic.
    Thats it. Its alot of "oh he doesnt use sleight of hand,so he sucks".
    Just because it isnt card tricks and sleights gallore they say it isnt real "magic".
    Whatever that means.
  9. Kinda getting old

    i might be the biggest criss angel fanatic there is, however all these stunts are getting old, very takes like 20-30 minutes for him to prepare, the show is almost over....i personally think he needs to limit the show to one stunt per show......and do mostly close up magic....thats why supernatural went so hard....

    i think he and blaine needs to limit the amount of stunts, it too time consuming and if they wanna keep people excited, do street magic, and end the show with some big stunt.....

    its almost like everytime ,i hear him take up 10 minutes with his dad, another 10 with houdini, and the rest is preparation for this one stunt. c'mon criss!!! more street what brought you to the dance......i could care less about the stooges and camera angles...i want entertainment and magic, not half the show showing his film crew and advisors, or him crying trying to sell one idea......

    i like him better than blaine, his magic is really good, however these stunt have gotta come to a hault. I gotta give blaine this much, he does waay more street magic.....
  10. I predict that this shall be stupid, rediculous, and not worth the effort to change the channel. Therefore, I won't be watching it.
  11. I think it will be good. Well... I hope it will be good. :)
  12. What you guys seem to don't undertand is he's making a ****load of money doing what he's doing, and he's entertaining people. He's not some middle aged guy on a forum complaining. Sure, he uses camera tricks, but so what. Laymen don't know that like we do. Let the people be entertained.
  13. toyrobot, that was a camera cut and it was two shots spliced together. It was not "one continious shot" as he is always saying, all Davey G wanted to see was proof of camera cuts, and I supplied the proof, and the proof is undeniable.
  14. I don't know... I watched him when he first came out, and realized how little talent he had. So I stopped watching.

    But back then, I enjoyed the show. I can't argue he is a good showman and a good entertainer.

    He is just a lousy magician.

    I might watch season 1 again, just to bring back memories of when it first came out... Lol.
  15. Guys I hate to be a Spoiler here, but im 99% sure Criss is still alive and won't die in the first episode of the season or in the middle of it, or at the end
  16. What the hell!?!? You just ruined it for me! :(
  17. yawn.

    (word count)
  18. Did anyone watch it? And did anyone like it?

    I watched and I personally liked it... But then again, I am a fan of Criss Angel, as he is the one who got me started in magic.
  19. I liked the first two seasons of Mindfreak, I hated the last two, but I kind of like this one.
  20. I used to like the show before I learned it really should be called



    it should be


    He's such a hack and people actually believe his crap. He's just a TV magician who couldn't perform anything that he performs on TV, impromtu or live.

    He tricks people through false premises like saying things are "LIVE" when it's really prerecorded, or "CONTINUOUS SHOT CAM" when it really cuts away. Or stating that he's never met the person before when it's actually a stooge or a paid actor. Everything is prearraged on that show, he doesn't really do much sleight of hand that any of us couldn't do. The New Orleans show he used PROFIT/EXTREME BURN. In another episode he used the rubic's cube gimmick. In many of his stunts there are clearly paid actors as their reactions are completely FAKE. Anybody whos taken acting 101 can tell you that.

    A lot of times he shows the taped reaction from one effect for a completely different effect. It's ALL camera tricks, stooges, actors, and editing!! That's all! I can't beleive people fall for his crappy camera tricks. He couldn't do half that stuff live.

    Where he was floating above the Luxor.... photoshopped! I can point out every "mindfreak" he does and tell you how he does it. Like the elevator episode where he tries to prove that he's the real deal. He starts off with the false premise that all of the shafts are open and he'll fall to his death if he's wrong. It was crap, it didn't PROVE anything other than it was prearranged.

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