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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I'd pay for a Tally-Ho power suit.:D

    I'm on the fence on which one to get. I like the Bee-man design better, but I every time I look at it I think of Tony Chang. And the Bicycle design combines my life's two passions, Entourage and cards. Decisions...
  2. I wouldn't mind getting the hat if it were a fitted. I'll definitely be copping the King shirt though.

    Sidenote: I tried to add a large to the cart, but in my cart it still says it's a medium.
  3. Way to expensive. Who would have bought it at the regular price of 62$?

  4. People that care about having a certain name on the tag.

    I really like all the designs but I'm not about to drop $50 on a shirt if I can't even touch it before I buy it. I've seen designer clothing fall apart just as quickly as non-designer, and the most comfortable shirt I own is a beefy-t I got from working at the Pottery Barn a few years ago.
  5. There was a bug earlier with the sizes, but should be fixed now.
  6. Designer clothing isn't really designed to last any longer. That's not the point. The point is style.
  7. God, I was honestly hoping for the old t-shirts back. These are way too expensive, although the hat may be worth it, since those last for ages..

    JB, can we please have the old shirts back too? I kind of liked those better, to be honest. They were nice and subtle.. and a lot cheaper.
  8. I saw these a while back and thought they were really cool.... then I saw the price tag. I thought it had to be some sort of mistake. haha 50 is still a little too high for me though. It is cool that T11 can offer them at a lower price. HOWEVER: My one big complaint in GENERAL is that there are magicians that are a little "larger." I'm not HUGE, but I'm not small either. XXL seems to be like a size not many people even recognize anymore! So to recap: Cool shirts, cool deal, not my kind of price range for shirts, no size over XL. sadface.
  9. my only concern is that the hat still wont fit me. Sits its not fitted and has a limited stretch, my large dome might not fit in it and thats 30 bucks wasted... i'll have to give this some thought, and wait for someone to review the hat hahahaha
  10. I've got a pretty big head - I'm talking big. The only person I have ever met who has a bigger head than me was John Mayer. That dude has a REALLY big head - literally. Even with my large cranium, this hat fits me great. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it and I think its because it looks great, and is not geeked out at all - in fact just the opposite. It's barely recognizable as a playing card hat - even with the Bicycle on the back. So, it's very cool because I can be a geek at heart and still be stylish.
  11. hey thanks alot dan. Looks like i will definitely be picking this up then as a replacement for my Split Spades hat that finally gave up the ghost last week. Good timing.
  12. The style isn't worth $50 if it's going to fall apart on me in less time than my cheaper shirts, which look good on me already.
  13. I honestly don't mind the new shirts or their price. It is one of those things that I have accepted with designer clothing in the real world. Though, what about the old shirts... I was hoping to get them with this next pay check and now they are gone =(

    Will we ever see them again???

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