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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. You may have seen a glimpse of them on last week's episode of HBO's Entourage (worn by main character - Adrian Grenier). Today, they are released on theory11. A new line of designer apparel available now, produced under an exclusive license with the United States Playing Card Company.

    The shirts are available in several different styles - as well as a designer hat bearing the USPCC emblem and Bicycle logo on the back. All of the items are produced on high-end, vintage apparel. Quality is beyond comparison. They are not cheap, and they are not intended to be. Only the highest quality materials are used, and all elements are manufactured in the USA.

    We are proud to continue our collaboration with USPCC and Jacks & Jokers apparel to bring you these items at prices 25% off what they have sold for in high-end retail stores across the USA. Check 'em out! Practice in style.
  2. Beautiful stuff, love it. The pictures are amazing too. I want me one of every size....of every color.
  3. JB these look sweet! I was super excited to see this and they look great!!
  4. Is T11 still going to have any stocks of the old gear? I'm afraid to say that I liked those better.
  5. Oh man I would love that king shirt but 50 dollars is bananas. I don't think I'll ever spend that much on a shirt.

    It looks like an amazing shirt no doubt but uhh yeah...folks gotta eat.
  6. Yeah. I'm with Haunter on this one. Love the shirts. Would totally get them but 50 bucks is way out of my reach.
  7. Agree with Haunter.. The price is high for a shirt.. make it $29.95-39.95.. Just my suggestion.. Cheers
  8. Pretty dayum expensive for a Tee,

    Not worth it in my opinion. King Tee looks alright though.
  9. what size is the hat?
  10. Looks good

    They look great. I'm afraid though, at $50 I'd rather invest in some magic equipment and look like an ordinary joe :/

    I agree, I think asking for $50 is a bit steep. I understand if they are in limited quantity and I'm sure they're super comfy/soft...but they're not even long sleeved! $50 I'd drop on a coat. Not on a tee. Regardless, hats off to sweet clothing.
  11. Cool! They look great. But $50 is way out of my ballpark. Id rather get 5 shirts from puma or something for the same price...they can't be much better quality than puma shirts.
  12. Yeah I agree. In first saw them and thought they looked pretty sick. Then I saw 50 bucks. 50 bucks I would pay for like a sweater or something. This is like Abercrombie and Fitch prices! haha
  13. Awesome shirts. $50 is a bit too much for me to justify though. But I love the designs.
  14. That Bee tee looks fantastic. Wish I wasn't a broke student.

  15. Hey guys, just to clarify, these shirts were not manufactured by theory11. They were manufactured by JACKS&JOKERS under exclusive license from the USPCC. They are definitely not just "Hanes Beefy Tee" shirts relabeled and marked up - they are true designer shirts that are selling right now as we speak in some of the country's most high-end stores (Fred Segal, etc). Comparing them with shirts that cost $10 is a bit like comparing a Ferrari to a Vespa. They both get you from one place to another, but they're not the same.

    That said, theory11 has absolutely no control over the current price. J&J were gracious enough to allow us to sell the items for 25% off their normal price ($49.95 instead of $62.00), but they are a designer product and the price reflects such.

    We realize that these are not for everyone, and we will keep your feedback in mind as we continue to add (and design) new gear items. I would recommend that everyone check out the hats as well - the price on those ($24.95) is VERY reasonable for a quality item. The hats have a stretchable back panel that makes them one size fits all. They're awesome!

  16. Hey man, you're totally right -- I don't think any of us are comparing the product to cheapo walmart shirts, for sure. I think that most of us don't (or like myself, can't!) shop at designer stores, and thus, the prices are a bit of a shock. That said, again, totally love how they look and wish I had some more of that green to throw at something like this.

    The hat, however, I totally agree with as being reasonably priced. Might pick one up just to satisfy the inner nerd in me.
  17. Awsome. I will get a hat and a t shirt for sure.

    50 might seem much, but quality t shirts like these is something that you can use for years, and just like a great pair of jeans, they will just get better and better.
  18. What kind of example are you trying to set? Vince is damn near addicted to drugs this season, and dating an adult film star. Is this who we should emulate? If Ari was wearing it, different story...

    I'll order some next paycheck.
  19. Haha - I agree! Although I think that Ari's shirts would be way more expensive.
  20. I definitely dig the hat! The shirts aren't really my style, and the material looks a bit thin for my taste.

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