theory11 roundtable discussion - Dan and Dave Buck

Oct 28, 2007
1. in your new project improv, i hear there are things involving food what up with dat?

which refers to my next question,2. do you guys enjoy preforming with things other then cards or did you do it because people were complaining that all you guys do are card flourishes

3. a lot of people say that your tricks are a display of skill what are your views on that, is it just a display or skill or do you guys preform them for people daily?

4. do you guys like to preform in general? i have never seen any live preformances other then the iceland video or is that just not your style.

5. do you guys go for a particular style? like what do you think of your style compared to others?
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Sep 15, 2007
1.Which is better to you: magic or flourishing?
2.Who is your favorite theory11 artist?
3.What deck do you favor more: smoke, mirrors, or jerry's nuggets?
4.What do you spend more time practicing on: magic or flourishing?
Sep 7, 2008
1. Out of the two of you, who is the better Magician and who is the better Cardist.
2.When was the last time one of you made a mistake during flourishing.
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Sep 1, 2007
6) With being amazing magicians did you accomplish your dreams and what would to tell younger magicians that want to be just like you but are discourged?
Sep 1, 2007
8)Who motavated you to continue and preform magic? Did you think you were going to get where you are now and what tips do you have for younger magicians that what to have a dream job being a magician?
May 3, 2008
Who are the other flourishers that you admire most?
What are you favorite cards to use?
Why did you guys choose to go with your flashy, in your face style of magic?
1.Everytime i see a picture of you guys you always have a deck of cards. I would like to know if there is ever a time when you put them down? (ie: when showering ect.)

2.Was the trick Hedburg's peak named after the comidian Mitch Hedburg?

3.What does it feel like to be super awesome?
Mar 4, 2008
-What is you favorite card in the deck of 52?
-Do you ever NOT have a deck in your hands?
-How many decks do you rip through in a month?
Do you use Smoke and mirrors on a regular basis?

How limited are smoke and mirrors special edition?

What is the hardest flourish you do?

How many more books do you plan on selling in the future?

Whats your favorite food?

have you ever rickroll'd someone and who?:D

Whats your favorite color?

WHOs your inspiration in magic and cardistry?

DId you do magic then get into flourishing or did you get in to flourishing then do magic?

Who is on the king of clubs on the smoke and mirrors deck: dan or dave?

Are either of you better in magic and flourishing than the other one?

Who is more artistic between you two?

How the heck did you create the Jackson 5? :D

Who's your favorite magician to work with and why?

Whats your favorite chuck norris joke?

Whats your favorite magic related movie?

If you were stranded on a island for a year and you could only choose one of: deck, knife, or a girl?

How do you feel about this videoHi! I am a video!!

Thats about it.:D
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Mar 4, 2008
-Which magician do you RESPECT most?
-What advice would you give someone who is just starting out in magic?
Sep 1, 2007
A couple more:

I don't know if this has already been asked because I haven't read all of the posts, so if it has, sorry:

When you guys went to Japan, there was supposedly some footage of you doing a 'routine' where you apparently 'battle' or something to that extent. I guess that the footage wasn't that great so it never surfaced. Will that routine ever get re-filmed and shown, either online or on a future offering?

Also, do you guys have effects/flourishes that you only do live or for laymen that you don't want to publish? (i.e. saving the best for yourselves).
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