theory11 roundtable discussion - Dan and Dave Buck

Jun 10, 2008
You little stalker!
-What inspires you to create flourishes? Do you just fiddle around until you find something cool or do you set your mind to it and try to make one.

-What inspired you to make your own playing cards?

-Any news about the andthensome dvd?

-Are you going to release a third edition of Smoke and Mirrors?

-Do you think you're better than Andrei Jikh?
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
1) Who are some of your favorite magicians or flourisher's to watch besides each other? Break it up into different categories, stage, street, cardistry, close-up etc.

2) What is your favorite place you have visited in your magic travels?

3) Do you still slide down escalator banister's or get kicked out of places for having fun?
Sep 2, 2007
1) When you guys were first starting out, did you ever think that you would make it this far and become the cardistry icons that you are today?
Mar 3, 2008
When you guys perform magic, do you present it like "magic" or "sleight of hand"?

Dave/Dan: What utility move do you feel is the most used/best by you? (double lift, force, 4for4 etc)

Which deck of cards do you use on regular basis?

What does your parents think about your magic and flourishes?
When creating a move or flourish, how do you know if it is even physically possible? Is truly anything possible?

Sometimes when I'm trying to make up a move, I wonder if ANYONE can do it.

What would you do if a "traditional" magician walks up to you insults you in some way?(involving magic). Like insulting flourishing in some way.
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Sep 1, 2007
Here are a few. Pick and choose the best ones....

What is your favorite thing to perform that you have created (effect or flourish)?
What is your favorite thing to perform that someone else created (effect or flourish)?

Are you officially going to stick to creating solely in the magic community, or do you ever see yourself branching out into the actual film industry (be it writing/directing or designing and editing, etc...)

And not to beat a dead horse to death, but where in the heck did you learn the Miller Shuffle originally, and can you give us any info on whether or not it will ever be officially published! ;)
Jul 10, 2008
how to practice????????????????????????????????????????

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Sep 1, 2007
2) Does the music you listen to inspire you to create?

3)What implications/effects do you think you will have on the future?What does this mean for future generations?

4)How do you feel when you flourish? Relaxed,Tensful etc
Mar 4, 2008
-Have either of you worked on any other magic besides cards? (coins, cups and balls, etc.)
-Who is your favorite magic creator?
-I've noticed that a lot of the tricks on the Trilogy (I assume those are the effects that you use daily) are very flourishy and very quick. Why do you choose to present an effect like that over the traditional use of (extensive) patter?
-Have either of you read Royal Road to Card Magic, or did you start card magic with other means? (Just wondering :))
Sep 1, 2007
What do you prefer magic or cardistry?
What do you think of the cardistry community right now?
Do you think that smoke and mirrors are the cards you and we have ever dreamed about? Why?
Knowing that the second edition is limited, is a third edition going to be released?
What do you think about people doing tutorials and keeping them underground?
Favorite flourisher?
Do you thnk that Andrei is gonna be the best on Earth? Or is he already :)
Which flourishes have you created by accident and which ones did you just imagine them and BAM you got a XY231313 Cut?
Sep 1, 2007
Have you ever gotten laid because of a trick or a flourish you did?

Is Dorian Rhodell a lovable weirdo or is it just me?

If you had a superpower what will it be?
who's better dan or dave...

where did u "find" chad nelson and why did u choose to work with him.

what is your favorite trick and or flourish not created by you.

Flourishing vs. XCM--- does it matter what it's called.


How do you respond to this:
andreijikh: I always wanted to make a parody called
andreijikh: TWO BUCKS ONE DECK
andreijikh: thats innapropriate though
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Oct 19, 2007
1. Do both of you live together?

2. Do ethier of you ( Dan or Dave) have a wife or girlfriend?

3. Which magician's/ flourisher's do you look up to or like?

4. Do you guys have your own private set of flourishes that you havent realesed to the public?

5. How did you meet Chad Nelson? And were you guys the ones that gave him his big break?

6. Can you guys tell us anything about any future projects from ( coin magic, flourishes, or any sleight of hand ect.)

7. Dave what was the REAL reason why you weren't at the first theory11 roundtable discussion? LOL liger accident

here are my 7 questions congrates on the one who wins!::)
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May 24, 2008
What was your first real flourish? Not including fan, charlier cut etc. I mean like legitimate flourish.
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