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  1. 1. Who is the older brother, Dan or Dave?
    2. What do you guys do when a deck is warp and you dont have a porper clip on you?
    3. How long does it usaully take you guys to come up with a flourish?
    4. What brand do you guys most pefer to use on a daily basic?
    5. Where do you guys see yourselves in 5, 10 years?
  2. Are there any certain performances that are memorable to you in the past?
  3. 1) Recently D+M posted a video of him being fooled by G. Do you guys try to fool each other when creating effects or is it more collaborative?

    2) You guys have accomplished a lot this last year, what are your current goals regarding magic or flourishing upcoming

    3) Outside of working, what do you guys do for fun?


    Dave G.
  4. In all honesty, a lot of people have criticized the Smoke and Mirrors deck because of the use of using your initials (D&D) as the back design. If you had a choice to go back in time and remake the deck, would you keep the same design?
  5. 1.) When you two realized your talent and found something you enjoyed, did you have plans
    for what you wanted to become with it, or what you wished to do with your magic and flourishing?
    2.) Did you ever think you would be as well known as you are now? (cough**LEGENDS!**cough)
    3.) Do you really shave at the same time?
    4.) Who is more of a comedian, Dan or Dave?
    5.) What are your main incentives and/or reasons you flourish?,and Do you flourish in public?

  6. What was it that influenced/inspired you to make your sleight of hand so elegant and smooth? I think that's my favourite thing about your sleight of hand, so elegant.

    - Sean
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    Dude not cool. lol jk I probably had similar questions compared to a lot of people too. (and sorry to whoever i did)

    Anyway, here's some more questions:

    When did you start flourishing?

    Which place was your favorite to lecture NY or Philly (or where-ever else)

    Who are your role models?

    Do/did you have a mentor?

    Do you flourish with anything besides cards (excluding that coin flip thing with josh jay)?

    Why does dave have a facebook and dan does not???
  8. 1.- Do you think about yourself as a magician or a flourisher?
    2.- Do you think about yourself as a magician or a creator?
    3.-what do you think about trashmanf who says that you guys need to work on your one handed fans?!?!?!?!?
    4.-I heard you were working on a non card proyect. Could you guys tell us something about it?
    5.- Do you like using a certain gimmick?

    Question 4 (on the comments...)
  9. Were there any previous designs of the cards before the official design?

    Ever thought of quiting magic and flourishing?

    How was your *honest* response towards the many "mixed" reactions from the people after the very first release of your decks?
  10. Do you think magic is going the wrong or right way and why.
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    1 Did you guys ever had a "normal" job like working in a factory or something?

    2 Do you ever get annoyed by the boring questions that i and all the other kids ask you here, on your forums and via mail?

    3 Did you ever meet this Devo guy?

    4 Was there a time in your magic career, where you walked to strangers and said "Hi my name is Dave/Dan: May i show you some magic? Yes? Ok! In my left hand i have 3 little red balls...." for tips?

    5 Am i the only one who is saying: "Thank you for not removing the Ds in S&M."?

    6 Why didnt you sign my absoluts?

    7 Do you have your hands insured? If yes, how much? ;)
  12. Sorry mate. Don't know why I did
  13. Why dont you like
  14. 1. What made you first want to pick up a deck of cards?
    2. When did you first decide flourishing was for you?
    3. Who was your biggest inspiration?
    4. What made you decide to join Theory 11?
    5. How do you come up with triks? Do they all just come to you, or do you have an idea, then method? Or something else.
    5. What do you think makes you different from all the other flourishers on decknique and t11?
    6. How often do you practice?
    7. Have you ever questioned if flourishing was right for you?
    8. Have you ever gotten in a fight over who is the better flourisher? even just a jamming battle
  15. 2. From what youve seen, what do you think about the younger aged people of flourishing ( 14 or less)?
  16. 1)so you think the twin factor helped yous guys as you were starting and if so is that still the case.
  17. 1. Do you listen to music while you flourish
    at home, if so what kind of music?
    2. Which do you like better The smoke deck or the mirror deck, Why?
    3. How are you going to spend your Halloween?
    4. What is your ringtone on your phone?
    5. Do you have any pets, if so what are they?
  18. Whats the hardest flourish you know? Are their still a couple moves you just can't get down?

    How old were you when you started? We are starting to see more and more really young guys who have a ton of talent.

    What do you think should be done about the current cardistry community. In my opinion its just getting worse. Its like a war between styles. Why can't we just get along? After all, all we're doing is messing around with a deck of cards.

    What is your favorite cardistry video of all time?
  19. 5) When you were younger did you thing that this is where you would end up? If so was your family supportive?
  20. LOL sorry I skimed through the thread but I didn't see that :p

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