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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Is it only me, or do those signatures look photoshopped?
  2. So none of what you said is serious? Even the fact that Dana is a girl's name, I knew it. But on a serious note I though it was real for the most part even the sheets!
  3. I'm not gonna fall for this one. Good try guys. El Oh El. LOL! I guess I'm banned now.
  4. LOL ROTFL fine i will play along Dana+IsAGirlsName
  5. You got me! I really like *word who shal not be named* post! Laugh out loud. This post is sweetened
  6. so if i post 1111 posts can i still get thoes sheets?

  7. Ya but the only problem is, 90% of Es members are stick-up-the-***es. You can't even post a single thing there without 50 people telling you to use the search feature. How are you supposed to advance concepts if you can't even post more than one time about them.
  8. I don't really get why Dana would be mad if you said that Dana was a girl's name. I mean, Dana Hocking is a girl right?
  9. Oh you've done it now!

  10. Looks like I'll get the bedsheets...

    Do you know what's horrible? For a second I thought all of the rules got changed, and no one bothered to tell me...

  11. you were getting shunned:p
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    The Thomas the Train set has includes an autographed prototype of D&D's new deck.

    Note: their is only one TTT box as a promotion, so the next person to reach 2222 posts gets it. This came off the specialized dnd fourms two days ago, dnd said reason being is with all the competition in decks they wanted to really get their deck out there and gather publicity so when the final version is released it will make great sales.
    EDIT: DnD just deleted the thread after somone ratted on me posting this. :mad:
  13. 1) The. sweet. BRB. ROTFL. LOL.

    2) Dana IS a girl's name.

    3) I will be sure to post in the forums between 7 and 7:15 EST, every day.

    4) WH, DM, DanaIsAGirlsName.

    5) I already have four Tommy the Choo Choo Train Twin Sheets. And, I'll be looking forward to mocking Dana's name when he flies to my house.

    6) Thanks, but I am already suscribed to them.
  14. You are officially banned. :p

  15. who is dana hocking?
  16. Dana is definitely a girls name. I bet he goes by Dan. It's like my brother, his russian name is Valera, but when we came over they translated it to Valery, which is purely a girls name in english so he got screwed. He goes by Val.
  17. Lol. Lol lol lol lol lol. Wow, that sucks. His passport/greencard says Valery? Sorry, but I'm legit laughing out loud. Wouldn't it be fun to be the guy who assigns names? Just a thought.
  18. I dont think he's joking. :D

    And yeah, Dana is a girl name, but we love Dana cause he's one of us ;)
  19. man, that got me.


    oh well.

    i can't wait till next year's april fool's joke.

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