UPDATE -- Trilogy : The NEW theory11 Video Contest

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by dananddave, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. how do you know that for sure?
  2. 2 minutes til :] i'm gonna buy it like right when it releases :]
  3. umm....is it out?
  4. Holy **** that's a lot of submissions.

  5. Yes. In case somebody hasn't figured it out yet, the trilogy contest videos are available by going to the media section and then clicking the Trilogy Contest Videos link on the left.
  6. wow some of these vids are really rad. man though its a lot of the same freakin cuts it's making me numb a bit after watching like 15 of em in arow... i'll take a break. Jaspas vid ROCKS :D
  7. I have to agree man. Good work Jaspas! Now where do you live? Alright let me get my butcher knife and I'll be right over!
  8. I saw 5 good videos...
    but, where the hell is my video:( I submitted it on saturday but it is not between the other videos....what do I wrong:(

  9. Hey Felix, just sent you a PM about this one. We had a bit of difficulty with it, but if you can send it in a different format we can post it up.
  10. Thank you:) hope wmv is fine!

  11. So when are they going to post the winners?

    Eh, I tried to stay up to 11:00 last night... but I fell asleep... crap...
  12. The winners will be posted one (1) week after all of the video were released last night.

  13. I didn't do as good as I thought
  14. music trouble

    Hey guys its zak..
    I haven't been posting for awhile but w/e
    Well anyways
    I am having problems downloading the music..
    I know that the contest is over but I still want the music.
    So...I open the web page for the music and it begins playing
    it on Windows Media Player and then I can't seem
    to figure out where to download it.....:p
    Someone please help..(I'll be your best friend!!!) lol
  15. Right click the link and select "save target as" or "save link as". Save it onto your computer and you're done!

  16. Geez.

    Somebody could have told me The Virts were going to be entering. :(
  17. you're sad :( that the virts made an incredibly awesome video?

    that comment gets 0/5 from me dogg , unless you were being sarcastic, in which case a :p face would've worked better.

    i personally hope the virts continue to make top-notch videos for every contest theory 11 ever has.
  18. Ha ha, don't worry I'm not sad. I'm uber impressed by their video, that's all.
  19. It should make us strive to make the best videos we can :)

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