UPDATE -- Trilogy : The NEW theory11 Video Contest

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    All submissions for the contest will be released in the media section, along with the Trilogy, on October 17th at 11:00 PM.

  2. Thanks a lot Jack the Magician! Just submitted my video! :)
  3. You're welcome. I can't wait to see it. :)

  4. Trilogy Contest

    where do you submit your D&D contest videos?
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  6. well, guys im finished with my contest entry, but i´d like to ask you something.

    My Video is in .avi format but coded with WMV. Is that okay? Becuz i already submitted and i´m not quite sure if it will be excepted in its current form :)

    thx for your help
    I appreciate that!
  7. Hm. I'd convert it to WMV JUST in case. Just import the file into Windows Movie Maker and click publish movie. Then click "best quality for playback on this computer". It will save it as WMV.

  8. Who's pumped to see everyone's videos?


  9. I am! I'm also pumped about the new seriously cool T11 gear and about the fact that 2nd edition Guradians are on their way. I'm placing my order soon but let's watch the competition first.
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    AVI (.avi) format should be fine.

    I cannot wait to see all the contest videos. The deadline for submissions is almost here -- 11:00PM EST tonight. :)

  11. I'm stoked to see some videos, hopefully there's some real original stuff in em and not just a bunch of performances of the Jackson 5. I didn't know Ineski was entering, he should bring it.
  12. Do you think the videos will be posted right at 11?
  13. i hope so..im excited for this..and so is everyone else. cant wait:p
  14. Hi there,

    Where do i submit my video, also where did the original trilogy contest page go?

    Thanks a lot.

    Take care,

    Da. Speedfreak.
  15. You can submit your video to the media section -- http://media.theory11.com/.

    Which original Trilogy Contest page?

  16. One hour left! Hurry up! :D
  17. Hi there jtm,

    Thanks for your help, do i have to call my video a special name or anything?

    Also it doesnt matter about the original page here it is;

    Thanks a lot,

    Take care,

    Da. Speedfreak.
  18. Yea i hope the videos are up sometime soon after 11 p clock. I am also excited to see the videos.
  19. No. In the description, to be sure, just mention it's for the Video Contest.

  20. Good news!

    My contest submission is no longer in the queue! That means that it should show up soon.

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