What can WE do to improve the forums?

Aug 18, 2008
Part of the problem I think,is to many threads about use less things like "lets see how many of us we can get on line at one time and crash the servers" I
I thought the idea behind the forums was to help each other grow in our magic journey. I dont see how "crashing the theory 11 servers" has anything to do with magic. It looks like a wast of time and valuable space. But that's just me.
And part of the reason I don't post much is the comment made by people that should really not say anything because a) they dont know what they are talking about.(but think that the rest of us are to stupid to know that)
b) think that they are the next great comedian
or c) to busy to really take the time to help a beginner but want to make every one else think that they are great.
Sep 1, 2007
I constantly see the same 5-10 people who consistently give useful and well thought out replies, another group who constantly post moronic comments and the rest are somewhere in between.

It's the old Pareto's Law at work. Pareto's Law was technically developed as an economic theory, but it applies to most things in life.

The theory goes that 80% of effects are the result of 20% of the causes. In economics, this means among other things that 80% of all tax revenue for the federal budget comes from the 20% highest earners in the population. Pareto's Law has some flexibility so that in some cases the ratio can be 70/30, 85/15, or 90/10 and so on.

Theory 11's forums have become a clear-cut example. 90% of the best contributions seem to come from the same 10% of the smartest registered users.

Deleted member 2755

I think it's time for people to start following their own advice....

Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
I see alot people here saying that they want more meaningful threads.

I say,then make some. If you know of a topic of real importance,post it.
Dont wait for someone else to do it for you.

(darn you doug,just a few seconds ahead of me)
Jan 18, 2009
I would like to see people stop bring back old threads.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, if you are talking about making new threads about old subjects then you are right. However, there are a decent number of threads that were created that are useful but were lost over time and several new members should take a look at it.
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