What color would you choose?

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  1. Great work x......
  2. the 3rd and 4th backs(red and blue)

    Those dragon bikes looked pretty cool as well.
  3. White / "Negative Style" looks the cleanest and best to me.
  4. If I had to choose - even though blue decks are of plenty - I like the blue you chose. The red is nice too.
  5. Thank you all for your comments
  6. The White and blue ones are my favs.
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    wow, my draw literally dropped when I saw these....
    Blue are my favorite, only because the red ones are slightly too dark. All of them are absolutely amazing though!

    Actually, looking at your other ones, I'd want the green ones!
  8. Four then two as a runner up.
  9. These designs have blown everything out of the water that has been posted in the past two years. I love the blue ones. Keep everyone posted once you decide and i'm sure people will be ordering off of you like crazy. Nice work.
  10. I love them all, my favorite is the gold one.
  11. Wow..... i would say blue but depending on the cost i would get all of them.
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  13. I love the red ones and the fact that they are nice and dark.
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    Those work gnarly, I really like the White and Blue ones the best. the all look great though.

    I did see that link awhile ago from a post of yours and they still look like the BOOM-JA! Any idea (if they are going for sale) When they will be up for grabs, I would definently take some.
  15. Love them. Keep us posted! :)
  16. First White then it would probably be the Black. But I would like to see the actuall cards.
  17. Wow they all look great. I personally would use the first choicen or the blue, but the red has potential. Just make the red colour a bit lighter/brighter.

    I don't care much for the negative (second) option. Reminds me too much of a ghost deck.

  18. holy freeholy and tacos the amount of views on this simple little thread is in the thousands! :D
  19. white. definitley
  20. Are the things still coming out?


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