What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Well I dont have much money to get myself a gift (I just live alone with no family) but I might be able to get 2 stinger decks if the shipping is not so bad.
  2. Call of duty Modern Warfare 2.
  3. Mass Effect 2
    Bioshock 2

    I don't see what this has to do with Magic or anything else.

    A car would be nice.
  4. How can you afford those, I dont know if I can even afford the 2 stingers.
  5. I am just asking for whatever they can afford.

    I like your list though, Michael! Good stuff there!
  6. Oh I cant wait for that, I wont get it for a while but cant wait.
  7. Get back on topic, stop draging these forums down get back on topic, it is a magic forum stop posting mindlesly. :mad:
  8. Sorry I will get back on topic. Sorry.
  9. And he needs to be singled out because nobody else is posting non-magic comments (in fact, he was replying to an "off-topic" post, which wasn't even the first in this thread--if you're going to criticize, at least go to the source). :rolleyes:

    If you have a problem with his post being off-topic, then report it. Don't whine in here about it, because it's ultimately up to a moderator/administrator to deal with.

    Goku: You don't have to keep apologizing to people. Backbone, my friend. Backbone. :)
  10. Yeah but he is right I was of topic and that was wrong, you know?
  11. Dude, cool off.

  12. that was my subtle hint that I wanted some....
  13. Then the proper thing to do is report the post to let a moderator know and take proper action, which could include PMing you to inform you of the rules, but more than likely would involve posting a general message to everyone to get back on topic (which is far more useful than having a member whine at you).
  14. Nothing Magically for Christmas but I want:
    4 new speakers with 1600 watt amplifier
    Neon lights with Music Interface

    AND of course FOR JESUS TO BE HAPPY!!!
  15. Guys,

    Does literally every thread have to turn into a pointless argument? If someone posts something completely irrelevant and off topic - simply report it. No need to post a response to the off topic post, as it only adds more fuel to the proverbial fire and further steers the thread off course.

    That said, let's get back on topic. Thanks in advance! :cool:
  16. My mentalism skills seem to be working, it seems. ;)

    Also added to my list: The Stealth Assassin Wallet. :)
  17. They dont even have to report it. It was a simple comment.Nothing offensive or distracting in it. People need to chillax their bones
  18. That really should have been a word.

  19. Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher
    Revolutionary Card Technique
    and some more loops:D
  20. Hahahaha, im evil. Just read the whole topic and everyone listed some new stuff, mostly DVD's.

    Micheal Kras i totally agree with you, when i get a new book im smiling for days if i get a DVD im smiling for 2 seconds and the dvd goes into what i call the pit of doom.
    Its a box that has a flamethrower install in it! :)

    Anyways, mine is simple its going to be one of two things:

    Max Maven Prism
    Banachek Psychological Subtleties 3.

    Max is better in my mind so im getting him probably.
    Going to be a nice christmas :).


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