What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Im getting my university applications back. Those are all I want.

    Crossing fingers for McGill and Johns Hopkins!


    PS: Keoke, you are one sick sick ma-cough-beast. I am honestly at a loss for words!
  2. OOhhh! thats a book that I have been wanting to read for some time :)
  3. Good luck getting in G! Johns Hopskins is near my house! If you get in- GO! It's a very very good and prestigious school.

    Best wishes,


    BTW: As for x-mas, still not sure ;)
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    Another super sharpie- mine broke
    Outlaw Wallet
    No Chance

    That's about it.
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    You get them back already? I thought you don't start getting early admission offers until sometime during your second high school term (with normal offers coming during the end of June, beginning of July). o_O

    Either way, I better get my application in for college pretty soon (due Feb 1). Also need to put in my intent to graduate from university (finally done this year, after 5 years, yay--I opted for UWO, also a Canadian university ;)). Haha, applying for college after graduating from university--gotta love Social Science (at least I didn't opt for Arts and Humanities, or else I'd have to be putting in my resume at the nearest McDonalds right about now. ;)).

    I'm curious, what are you going to study (major in) at university? I started off in Chemical Engineering, but switched to Psychology/Sociology, as I would prefer to have a career involved in helping youth/disadvantaged people (it'd be more fulfilling for me--like, a quarter of the pay, but more fulfilling, lol). :)

    As for my Christmas list:

    I'm thinking Electric Touch, and maybe the Tarantula. Also, a Bicycle stripper and Svengali deck, because I don't have a Bicycle version of either of those yet. That'll be what I'm asking my brother for, anyway (I'll be giving him the TA set I won here, if I get it before Christmas, along with some Arcane decks, and a few other things).

    My parents said that this year they're giving my brother and I money for Christmas, and that's it (so we can buy whatever we want--the intention being that we'll be doing some Boxing Week sale shopping). I'll likely be buying two 12" Alpine Type-R speakers (with a box) for my car, and maybe a touch screen (also Alpine) to replace my deck (which is still good, but it never hurts to upgrade from a CD player to a DVD player). And I'll bank the rest. It's also my birthday on Christmas Eve, so I'll have extra money because of that (hence the extravagant spending).
  6. Its really good. But ive never had a copy of my own. Always libraries or quick glances when im at a bookstore.
    Did you know theres a game coming out based on it?
    Its insane. But im not pissed off like the uptight literary types who say a game based off this book is an "abbomination" im just kinda indifferent.
    Maybe gamers will get interested in it enough to read the poem.At least the Inferno part.
  7. You



    Kidding me...

    Really? game for what? board game? video game? thats insane, I love greek mithology and I know that some characters that I know appear in that poem, I really need to get a copy.
  8. video game broseph. Check out the game trailer on youtube. Type Dantes inferno.
    It looks sick.
  9. I would love:D to get Reflection by Bill Goodwin. Now this is something definitely on my Christmas list.
  10. Just remember, these are my THOUGHTS as to what I want, I won't get everything on here, plus, there's always gifts such as clothes and what-not. But the main reason is to celebrate Jesus Christ and being with family. Presents are just a bonus. I put a description of why I want them next to them.

    1. Kaleidoscope by Jay Sankey (I love his work, read the reviews, seems like it has some pretty good magic in there.)

    2. 99 by Jay Sankey (Want to step into something besides cards, this seems like a sure fire way to get people's reactions. And, it's flat and portable.)

    3. By Forces Unseen by Earnest Earick (I know these effects are difficult, but I will put in the amount of time to get them down i.e. 1-2 years. Based on the preview video and the reviews, this seems like it can be one of my best buys.)

    4. Card College by Roberto Giobbi (I'm not going to say which volume, considering it will get a lot of hate, but this volume is the stuff that I personally need the most work on. This can help me a bunch.)

    5. Arcane Deck Black/White (Yeah, I know, it's another E deck, but so what, they look nice, and another deck that I can add to my collection.)

    6. Serial Biller by Rich Ferguson (I always wanted to get into some money magic, things with everyday objects. The fact that it can be borrowed makes it better, I'm really excited about this one.)

    7. Blue Vintage 1800 Deck (My red one was ruined trying to make an invisible deck, which succeeded. Since I'm a Visual Arts major at my arts school, the design and the detail is really what gets me, not because it looks like someone pissed on them.)

    8. Card Clip (Aside from my Assassin's Pouch, I need something to keep my cards in great condition without lugging other things. A lot of heat and humidity down here in Charleston, the card clip will keep everything in good condition.)

    9. Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher (This book can really help on my card magic a lot, and can help me improve in everything. I'm looking forward to this buy, especially the things featured in the preview vid, as well as what was said in the reviews.)

    So that's it guys, tell me what you think about some of these products that I have listed.

  11. I'm not sure what card clip you were intending to get, but I would suggest the Porper card clip. Best card clip that money can buy, as it not only physically protects your cards, but can also help to repair your deck (to a degree), increasing the longevity of them. And it looks extremely slick/professional. :)
  12. i was thinking like a standard card clip, not the expensive porper one, because my family is tight on the money right now, I'll only get about half of the stuff anyways.
  13. Thats an awsome list right there. Nice to see more people actually reading books out there.
  14. I want my two front teeth.
  15. My list (magic-related) consists of:

    1.) Genesis - Andrei Jikh

    2.) Reflection - Bill Goodwin

    3.) By Forces Unseen

    4.) Some Arcanes

    5.) Some Smoke and Mirrors

    My list (non-magic-related) consists of:

    1.) Clothes

    2.) X-Box 360 games

    3.) New pair of shoes
  16. A Keyboard, a nice watch, a wallet, maybe some cool new electronic toy(PSPgo or iPod Nano)

    I often save up for Christmas and use it as an excuse to spoil myself. Last year I bought a Coolpix and an iPod Touch.

    Edit- OH yeah and Borderlands.
  17. I want you all to stop getting presents because you don't deserve ANYTHING! You greedy bastards!!!

    Just kitten.

    I would like...
    The Paper Engine
    The Legend by Steve Fearson
    A few Stingers
    A few Smokes maybe some Mirrors
    One Arcane deck
    Perhaps some love
    Monies perhaps.
  18. Dan and Dave buck and the rest of T11 guys to come to my house and party, share tricks and crash.

    And, some gift certificates from T11 so I can freely choose, can't decide yet, :D
  19. I'm not too greedy. A brick of the new S&Ms, cos they look nice. And split spades. Loads of them

    Then another airsoft gun :)
  20. Books are pretty much all I buy... it's where nobody else looks :). It takes a rare, special kind of DVD or single effect to tickle my fancy.

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