What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. You'll enjoy Prism. Classic work. I'll probably get PS3 in the new year sometime. Dunno about magical items for Christmas, though. I've spent a fair bit this month, so I might get some non-magical related stuff for Christmas.
  2. PS3 is amazing. :)
  3. Glad to hear it goku. Will probably get it when PS1 is reprinted.
  4. Thread
    Gaff Bicycles
    Split Spades
    Blank Bicycles
    Marked Bicycles
    Gimmicked Handcuffs
    Hippity Hop rabbits
    Magic colouring book
    Magic silks
    Couple of wands

    If anyone reccomends anything else please say!
  5. I love that one too. I would say that you will love them.
  6. I would personally like gaff decks printed with Alladin backs =D

    Anyway if I want something that already exists, then it would be 12 bricks of Split Spades of each color. Heheh

    Ah yes, Genesis too XD
  7. -andthensome
    -3 stingers
    -3 red tallys fan back
    -3 blue tallys fan back
  8. I'm pretty happy with everything in my repertoire right now, so nothing magic on my Christmas list.

    I thought the new Daniel Project discs, 4-6, were supposed to be out by Christmas. I'd get those. Anyone heard anything on this lately? What's the latest scoop?
  9. -Distoriton
    -Split Spades
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  11. Anything that has to do with magic will be fine with me.
  12. reality is plastic, AoA and a mail bag.
  13. Great band.

    Try looking here.
  14. i really like that.....
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    Good one :) I have looked there, but I couldn't find any I like that were from reliable websites. I want one with the Badmotorfinger cover.

    Edit: Just found one, it took me like an hour of searching on google, and I finally gave up and searched for a Louder Than Love Soundgarden shirt, and it immediately found a Badmotorfinger shirt:


    Edit: Couldn't resist, I bought it my self :) (It was only ten bucks)
  16. Errr, The Trilogy, andthensome, Static by DJ, Witness, 3 Split Spades black, some guardians and some loops.

    and christmas dinner.
  17. Other than Strong Magic and Designing Miracles, nothing magic.

    I want money/gift cards/clothes (so I don't have to spend my money on them).

    Oh! and a mini-deep fryer for my apartment. mmmm greasy goodness.

    Unless you all want to send me tons of decks of cards :). My girlfriend already thinks I have too many...she doesn't know any better though.
  18. Well i talked my family into it and i pay half and they get me whatever i want so im getting, Inside by Daniel Madison, Card College (all books), 100 sets of Loops, True Astonishments, and finally 100 decks mixed of Arcrane black and white, Gaurdians, Smoke and Mirror, Split Spade, Centurion, Tally Ho, And Watermelon Bee. Yep i get to spend a crap load of money for my own gifts.
  19. I would highly suggest the million dollar knot + a few spools of IET (it can even be Mesika thread, available on E and elsewhere). It would save you a ton on Loops if you just get a spool (or a few spools) and tie your own. :)
  20. the trilogy,the system,surfaced, tally hos,blackpool ticket

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