What is Dan Sperry's problem?

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  1. ooookay... so he's got an opinion on something or more specifically someone. How is this any different than anyone else in this world?
  2. lol, I thought it was funny. Dan Sperry is awesome in my eyes still.
  3. For anyone that reaches a certain degree of "famous" or becomes somewhat of a public figure, one of the hardest things to do is to keep your pride in check, maintain humility, and to always hold others in the up most of respect. You pretty much have to do it 24/7 or else anyone can come on and make a complaint about you. He is human, just leave it at that.
  4. Okay. This is what I know from going to the weekly chats.

    Dan Sperry had been assigning an award from the fictional "Disillusioned Illusionist Club" to various figures in the world of magic who, more often than not, were looking to make a quick buck without much ethic. The "winners" were usually people who sold second-rate copies of other peoples' effects without permission. The first letter in each word of "Disillusioned Illusionist Club" also makes up the name of the award.

    Shortly after Dan Sperry made his first appearance on America's Got Talent, this Incredibrent person posted a spoof video of the same Lifesaver routine to YouTube. If anyone has seen the video -- it's terrible, bordering on exposure. Dan Sperry saw it and declared that guy the winner of that week's, um, award.

    What happened next is mostly a mystery to me. However, I do know that Dan Sperry has discontinued the award segment of his show due to the fiasco surrounding this particular incident. There will be no more "Disillusioned Illusionist Club" awards.
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    Edit: Andrew beat me to the punch. I've edited out most of the back ground info I found, because frankly Andrew said it best.

    After watching that one youtube video, I decided to do some poking around. This is what I've found.

    IncrediBrent is a comedian who fancies himself a magician. He produces magic to web short videos which he posts on his youtube channel. From what little I've been able to download on my crappy hotel internet, it looks like he's only performed for a web cam, and no one else. His selection of material ranges from what's popular right now, to things you'd find in a classic kids magic set. IE: Pen through dollar bill. (To clarify: I'm not saying there's anything wrong with pen through dollar bill.)

    EDIT: After visiting IncrediBrent's website I need to amend a few things I've said here. It looks like he is indeed a professional entertainer having worked for the Disney corporation. He is one half of a comedy magic due, and looks like the extent of his magic performances have been for the Walt Disney corporation. Specifically for the Disney Cruise ships. Since his website doesn't list any other clients (other than Disney Cruises) I'm left to assume that his magic show is a product of Disney Entertainment, and he's just taken it to the next step: The internet. I don't doubt that he's not entertaining, or funny. Disney is known for producing quality performers. I may be wrong on this, but I get the feeling he was an actor/ entertainer first, then turned magician.

    Really, the short of this is It's not your argument. I'd stay clear of it. Pick your fights, and this shouldn't be one of them.
  6. I actually thought it was quite hilarious. Dan is a human with an opinion, can't hate him for that.
  7. i actually respect him more now. Anyone who has the balls not to compromise his thoughts and ideals just to suit the crowd has always stood out to me as someone with integrity. I could try and be PC and say things like, well criss angel isn't the most technically sound magician he is a well versed entertainer... but the fact of the matter is im lying so i dont get flamed or come across as negative. In truth, i will say Angel is a **** with no respect minimal talent who got lucky and shouldn't be allowed in public. Good job dan, dont ever compromise. A compromise is half a loss
  8. On a side note, Douche Canoe is now one of my favourite sayings. Haha
  9. he is quite annoying. i just watched a video. just annoying.
  10. Jacob - It's one of my favorites, too. That was a tricky thing to explain to the wife.

    William - Thank you. I really did want that to explain it as respectfully as possible.
  11. I wonder if that phrase is a midwestern thing. The first time I heard it was from my ex who is from Wisconsin.

    Anyway, I think Dan's problem is that someone ganked his performance (music and all) and did it very poorly under the guise of a 'parody'. Also, Dan is not the type to pull punches when it comes to his opinions. This was totally in character for him, and it was absolutely nothing I wouldn't have expected, nor do I respect him any less for it. I'd be annoyed, too, if someone did that to me.
  12. Honestly? The people who hate Dan Sperry will always hate him, and no amount of talk will convince them otherwise. If anything, it will only increase their dramatic attempts at getting attention. I'd be surprised if anyone other than the "wounded" people and their friends cared. Maybe he's a dick, maybe he isn't - I'm not qualified to say - but one thing I do know is that there are plenty more out there - who are far greater a**holes than Dan Sperry may or may not be. For everyone else, to use a favourite T11 staff phrase, "get back to the magic".
  13. Well said so close the thread!

    (^ I'm a poet and I wasn't aware of the fact <--- free verse baby!)
  14. In Dan's defense, that guy really is a douche canoe.
  15. I find it amusing that everyone seems to have taken Dan's side here, whereas I'm firmly of the belief that Dan is in the wrong. He might not like Incredibrent, but I don't go around publicly announcing that everyone I don't like is a douche canoe. I think he was quite out of line here.
  16. Well see Random, just because you do not, doesn't mean it is in Dan's character to do the same. He really doesn't seem to care about stating his unbridled opinion of people publicly even his sense of humor may be offensive to some. He is who he is and no amount of wrist slapping may change that.
  17. It's true, but that doesn't justify it. If some troll started insulting everyone on the forums, based on the excuse that 'it's just who I am,' they would still find themselves banned like anybody else.
  18. His motivation for saying what he said was the parody video made by incredibrent. It really wasn't that funny, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsjJTHzt9y0 . I think Dan got a lil irked because he basically mocked his performance. It wasn't that Dan was "trolling" as you put it but just stating his opinion about incredibrents antics.

    Trolls however have no motivation other then to cause a reaction.

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