What is your "best" trick?

What is your best trick? The one that leaves people wanting to see it over again, and keeps saying "Oh my god! The trick where you done <insert line here> was amazing!"

So which strong powerful tricks you do that effect the audience a lot?

Mine is: Spooked - Nicholas Einhorn

What is yours?
Apr 26, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
surprisingly... chance zero probably gets the best reactions for me. such a simple trick to perform yet such a huge reaction.

but i suppose even the simplest of effects can get the biggest of reactions if the performer can sell it right; take david blaine for instance, he gets ridiculous reactions from simple DLs (not to discredit him at all, he is a fantastic performer) it's just all about how the effect is presented and sold.

on that note, i've also found that if your audience understands that you can do difficult (to a layman) moves such as a pass or similar, then you can get a bigger reaction when you do a simple move like a DL - for instance the whole "one handed pass" routine (brad christian's version anyway), if your audience knows that you can do passes really well and then you suddenly perform a "one handed pass", you'll get a massive reaction even though it's a simple method. that's what makes blaine great.

that answer was much longer than i anticipated.. sorry.. :S :D
Since I perform a fair bit for my somewhat large family, I actually have a really good reference for this question. Typically, the tricks that get brought the most in discussion as being amazingly memorable are:

1. The Invisible deck
I use a Ghost Invisible deck, so that makes for a really good, memorable plot.
2. Card to Pocket
I have a cousin that begs me to do this trick every time I start to do some tricks.
3. HoverCard
I do this trick, and the typical response is, "Dude! You're a freak!" Much fun...Much fun.

~The Asian
The invisible deck is, I think, by far, the best reaction getter, which is also pretty short, and the patter is very simple... Just amuse your audience with this little show of the imaginary deck, and then amaze them. Very simple, very effective.
I usually take out my regular deck first and do some simple tricks... So when I switch to the invisible deck, they don't even notice it.
But, as said, it all depends on your patter, and how you "sell" the trick.
There are a couple that get people talking around me.

Number 1 by far is Card2Mouth from The Trilogy. I use that to either open or close an ambitious routine and no matter where I put it, people ask for it again. Either in the middle of the routine, or during a completely different one, it comes up again.

Next would have to be Witness. I just graduated from high school so that was my main audience, and I would perform Witness about once a month after school in a huge mob of people. I had some "regulars" every time and when the plastic-bagged card came out some people let out "YES!"'s because of how much they love the trick.

Another one I'd have to mention is the 2 card monte. By itself it's such a beautiful piece of magic that it really doesn't need any explanation.

Lastly, I'd like to put out, 5 speed. It just recently was put into my line of acts but I have to say it one of the most powerful routines I've seen. It has such a great ending, I've already had people ask me to do it again, and I've only performed it for family and friends once.
Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
probably Mental Lapse.

Card is placed in your pocket. spectator selects a card, the preform makes them forget their card. And when they finally remember it, it's the same card that is in the pocket. No dupe's or spare cards in your pocket.
Oct 6, 2007
Probably a VERY simple mentalism effect, that just came across as pure, pure magic.

I'm not going to tell the whole story, but basically what happened was that I 'foretold the future' twice, in the same trick. :D
Mar 30, 2008
Derren Brown's Smoke is a killer effect. I don't smoke so I usually reveal the card in another way, but it is without a doubt the best effect I present.

Also, I think the title of the thread could be changed by a moderator. Rather than best trick, it could be best effect presented. It does not matter what trick you do, but your presentation of the trick. Some tricks can stand out by themselves with zero presentation and amaze your audience to a level, but any good patter and presentation can perfect the effect.

David Blaine has such good presentation with his Monte's, that even though they are not complicated tricks with gimmicks and gaffs, audiences are still left baffled.

Other good reactions for me though are Witness, New Era Moving Pips, Distortion, and This That and The Other. This, That, and The Other is simple, but it can really work a crowd.
Dec 13, 2007
Those are the tricks that i probably get the best reactions from

Stigmata: I usually get this whole, "that was real magic" sort of thing
Indecent: I usually get the "How The F$%# did you do that"... and then a 5 min session where the spectator tries to recap and figure it out
Invisible Palm: People usually just smile and laugh
2 card monte: I usually get people saying "The cards were in my hand" or "are these magic cards or something?"
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