What's sitting at the bottom of your magic drawer?

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  1. I know that all of us have bought a lot of magic over the years. Some was good, some was bad. What magic stuff do you have that you thought would be amazing, but in the end never used it (for whatever reason)?

    Similarly, what's the best, and worst magic effect (or prop) you've ever purchased?
  2. For me probably every magic 'kit' I've bought when I first started and thought was really cool. That was obviously before I found out about theory11, Dan and Dave etc.
  3. 2 Sealed Arrcos that I will probably never open. 1 deck of Arrcos signed by Jon Armstrong, 1 deck of Arrcos signed by Kostya Kimlat.
  4. 101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck. Haven't touched that one in a couple years.
  5. A stripper deck...
  6. I lost her deck sometime ago, I just have a stripper stuffed down there between a few sponge balls, and a hippity hop rabbits.

    In all seriousness jesse feinberg's Alpha Cards remains to this day the absolute worst waste of money I've ever spent on any single effect. Hands down. Every time I do a product review I have to ask myself "Does this product suck as bad as Alpha Cards?" and that's usually enough to gain it a few extra bonus points on the overall score.
  7. The Gecko. It looks cool but is totally unpractical, useless and expensive. Plus, when you do an Internet search you'll only find spoiling performances and reveals.
  8. I don't think it's impractical at all. I quite like it.
  9. The Raven....Beautiful piece of equipment but I never could hook the F****** L*** on my finger without it looking painfully obvious. Might be good for an opener???
  10. Same here, I have only ever used in at most about 4 or 5 times with a live audience. It works great as a vanish device but then I found its pretty difficult to produce the vanished item.
  11. MAN, I remember getting this. I was so confused as to how to hook it up. I never wore clothes that fit the description, and I was always was afraid that they were going to see the gimmick. Needless to say, I never touched it again.
  12. The advocate is one of the things I was sooo pumped about, but never used. I could just never get it down and it seemed to awkward. Also a few DVDs I bought when I was just starting out, but haven't looked at since.
  13. A hot rod, the first trick my uncle taught me.
    ...yeah, olde tyme magick.
  14. Jskwared, you need to pull that hotrod out and dust it off, It's a great effect to carry around in your pocket, and there are some pretty cool visual changes you can do with it.
  15. at the very bottom ?
    my ego !
  16. You know I have to agree about that Hot Rod. It's a wonderful piece of close up magic, with instant resets, that really works well for walk around or restaurant work. It may be old, but there's a reason why I own three or four of them!
  17. Me too, I did use it for a while though. Coin unique has been sat there for a while as well.
  18. A few DVD's that I bought and then realized later on that I didn't like them. David Stones Window is one of them. The trailer looked good, but then you spend the 70 bucks on it and all you get is one performance that is from the trailer and another quick one and then maybe about 5 min worth of explaining. It's also extremely unpractical.
  19. Ah....I too fell victim of the Advocate hype and Raven. Didn't use either of them more than once.
    Also, for heavens sake Yes, get that Hot Rod out. People love that thing if presented correctly with great patter and entertainment.
  20. Oh man...Re-explore the Advocate. The thing works miracles. PM me with any specific questions if you need. I also have a modification that makes it a little easier to count.

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