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  1. checks, visa, gold and silver dubloons, aztec gold, rare jewels, jerry's nuggets, or chucky cheese tokens.

    no american express or discover, were working on excepting paypal :p
  2. Hi,

    My name is Kris,

    I am 15 I have been doing magic for nearly 3 years now,

    I get my income out of acting,Snowboarding(compotitions and such)And I have my own little magic performing componie me and my buds made here in Canada(no I do not have a pet beaver)

    Thats me Pretty basic life I do eaverything and anything stage and cards.
  3. Hi,
    I'm tom field,
    I'm 13 and doing my maths GCSE early, so far I've got 100% in the modules I've done, so I'm planning on becoming an economist seeing as they get a large income,
    I do occasional magic shows at restaurants, and soon I will be a working restaurant magician, on weekends.
    I did have a load of videos on Youtube but I took them down, because I'm going to redo them when I buy good editing software, and the good camera I should be getting for Christmas.
  4. My name is Sam, of course. I'm 18 years old and currently attending college in Missouri. I'm studying Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics. I've been into magic for around 2 years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It's great seeing all these, it gives a whole new perspective to some of the people using these forums. It's nice to meet you all, and feel free to talk to me about magic anytime ;)

  5. My name is Matt.

    I'm 28 and I work full time as an artisic associate with a theatre company in Atlanta, GA. I make a living acting (film and stage) and perform magic mostly as a hobby although I have started making money off of it. I am looking into making magic a bigger part of my profession.

    I have an awesome wife and two kick ass dogs.
  6. The universe collapsed into itself.

  7. I'm Miika and I've been to magic for close to ten years now. I'll turn 19 in January, so that means I started quite young. Right now I'm a semi-professional magician, meaning that I'm a student but my main source of income is magic. I mainly perform close-up at corporate events and private parties, but I occasionally do stage magic too. I've done around 60 paid gigs this year, so that's a little more than once a week on average. I've won some prizes at magic competitions and performed a couple of times on TV. I'm concidering turning full time professional.
  8. My name is Glenn West, and I am 26. I have been doing magic seriously since I was 15, but y interest started when I was 5 or 6 and my father, who is also a magician, gave my a magic kit for my birthday.

    Out side of magic, my passions include comics and film.

    I am working in retail right now, as well as free lance film/video editing. I am working on getting a career in editing.

    My most depressing moment came when I realized that if I worked 2-3 restaurant gigs a week, I would be making more than i am at my retail job, lol.
  9. Well, you own me, man. That's awesome.
  10. I like long walks on the beach and watching the sunset with someone speci.... oh wait, wrong forums. lol j/p

    Alright, the name's Dante. I'm 21 and livin in Everett MA. I dropped out of high school when I was a sophmore because of family problems. I'm inbetween getting my GED. In 09 i'll most likely be going to college for either Psycology or Photography... Or maybe both. Other than Photography, music and cards are huge. I always have my ipod and a deck of cards on me. I started learning flourishing this year. I'm more of a flourisher than a magician, but I have started working on my sleight of hand a little more within the past month. If you wanna know anything serious, www.myspace.com/theeverlastingdarkness is my site. Feel free to stop by and harass me lol.
  11. My name is enigo montoya.
    You killed my father.Prepare to die.
    Oh,wait oh, im sorry I just watched THE PRINCESS BRIDE so im still stuck.ill go again.
    My name is Felipe Monjaras.
    I am A high school senior in Grand Prairie Texas.
    Close-up magician. Studying to become a filmmaker and or cinematographer.
    I do photography,play guitar and critique,watch,talk movies.
    Work at Hollister Co.
    And,according to my friends,a womanizer.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You beat me to it!! I was JUST about to put that!!!!
  13. i am Jack's hands....
  14. I am TimFt and I am a Ninja, yes thats right a Ninja. Oh and by the way I was trained by the one the only the amazing Chuck Norris. Thank you and that is all.
  15. I am Jack's brain tumor
  16. I'm Omar, 16 years old and High School student.

    I do magic as a hobby and don't necesarily picutre myself performing professionally but will definitely never stop performing ;)
  17. hahaha great movie.

    im Michael, im 16 and a sophomore in high school.
    im 6'6, I play basketball, and have been doing magic for about 5 months now.
    I only do cards, and i do some flourishing.
    I home school, and dont know what i wanna do after high school.


  18. Inconceivable!

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    My name is Wayne. I'm a professional entertainer in the process of going full time with my magic.

    I perform as the stage persona: William Draven Master of the Macobre.
    I am specialized in the presentation of close up magic with an added flair of carnival Sideshow/ Freakshow style stunts.

    My current magic act blends the art of illusion with elements of the freakshow and mentalism to create an atmosphere of entertainment that leaves my audiences truely wondering where the boundries between their reality and my world truely are.

    I am an apprentice of Aye Jaye. (www.ayejaye.com) Whom you would better know as the worlds first Ronald McDonald. I draw a lot of my carnival freakshow inspiration from him, and to him I owe a great deal of thanks because had it not be for his constant and guiding insights my career would not be where it is.

    I do have a facebook and a myspace page. I can be found at www.myspace.com/lon1324 and you can find me on facebook by the email waynedwizard@yahoo.com

    I have held memberships to several magical organizations over the years, and have learned quite a bit from these experiences in this past year.

    I work the private party sector, and double up on street performing and doing work for celebrities on backlots and off hours on production sets.

    If I am not performing magic then I am working backstage or on stage at Universal Studios Hollywood where I have a part time gig working in the Entertainment/ Character department.

    My goals for the future is to produce a comprehensive work detailing what goes on behind the scenes of a working professional magician. I want to expand on some of the foundations laid by other magicians when it comes to booking gigs, dealing with contracts, getting repeat business, designing an act, building a character, performing (prep, stage, and after show), dealing with marks and hecklers, etc. I especially want to focus a chapter or three to the presentation of the magical arts for an online audience, to insure the integrity of our art is best represented by the youth of the internet.

    It is a pleasure to make your aquantience.
  20. I don't even think you know what that means

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