Who has best 3Fly routine?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dayton76, May 29, 2009.

  1. I am just curious who has the best 3 fly routine that is out for purchase? Oh and easiest too...
  2. right here on t11 chris kenners. 1on1 section
  3. That would be 3FRY, a coin vanish sequence. 3FLY is a visual, fingertip coins across.

    Well, first, your question, Dayton, contradicts itself. The "best" routine will rarely be the easiest. A good routine will certainly take time to learn and attempt to master, but, as Erdnase said, if everyone could do it there would be little joy in doing it in the first place.

    That said, if you want to learn 3Fly, go to the source, its creator, Chris Kenner. The complete work on 3Fly is in his book TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL under the name "Menage a Trois".

    As for as easy(er) version, I believe Daryl has a routine out that simplifies the handling by using a shell.

    Hope that helps,
  4. I very recently picked up Asher's Three Stylin' at an Ackerman lecture. It uses poker chips which can be easier and quieter then coins. It also adds a visual element because of the different colors.
    Asher used one of Ackerman's transfer moves in the routine and Ackerman has added some of his own ideas so you can start and end clean.
    I am really enjoying it but I can't say that it is the best routine out there.
    This is good for someone who has yet to invest in a soft Morgan set, like myself.
  5. This is the best 3 fly routine, hands down, no questions.
  6. There's the Ultimate 3 Fly by Bob Kohler. Todd Lassen used to make these but they no longer have a partnership. If you can find a set on the cafe or on ebay, it'll run you between $300-500. Bob's supposed to be coming out with Ultimate 3 Fly 2 through Thomas Wayne, but nobody knows when that will be.

    There's another routine called Come Fly With Me, which is another good 3 Fly, but again will cost about $300.

    Chris Kenner is releasing an addition to his 3Fly routine called Superfly. This was advertised in Magic Magazine and will be released at Magic LIVE! in Las Vegas. Not sure what it is exactly, nor do I know the price, but I do know that it will be produced by Schoolcraft so I'm sure we can all assume that this will cost a pretty penny.

    With that said, I think that the original 3 Fly from TOoC is the best way to go.

    Edit: Holy crap that 3fly on youtube was awesome!
  7. You can also do 3Fly with Todd Lassens triple threat. Tho it'll cost you like 400 bucks or so.

    Ultimate 3Fly is like the same price and I think you can email Bob Kohler about it.
  8. Super-Fly

    It's new and it will be out in August. This has been in the works for over 2 years, it's like performing 3-fly with cruise control. Other than that the original is your best bet, by Mr. Kenner himself.....THE Creator of 3-Fly!!!

    Magic Live! is where it will be released for the first time to the magic community.

    / jamie.schoolcraft
  9. People have trouble accepting Jonathan Townsend's original visual coins across. For what we know, Downs might have been the first person to do this. But from what we know for sure, Townsend was the first publisher of this.
  10. Jamie, care to share a price range on this and purchase details for those not attending Magic LIVE or are you going to keep teasing us?
  11. Well, I know thiss isnt a 3Fly effect, but as I was reading the posts on here, I was skimming thru Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment and there is a simple FOUR coins across...I believe the effect itself was called P.D.Q....I know its off topic but its visual and uses only 4 coins...no dupes or shells. :)
  12. True, but what we know today as 3Fly was created by Kenner, no doubt standing on the shoulders of those before him.

  13. Originally created as The Visual Coins Across, in a fan at the fingertips displaying 3 coins lol. A name is a name. Somebody today might steal an effect and re-name it someting, but that doesn't make it a different trick, does it? I'm not saying that Chris stole the effect or anything, but people just don't recognize a lot of the greats in magic.
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  14. I meant the routine we know under that name, not the name itself.

    And certainly, there is much debt owed to the masters and pioneers before us. I was simply saying that the routine itself that is now known as 3Fly was created by Kenner and he has, in my opinion the most definitive work on it.

  15. Hey thanks a lot guys I will look into it. I think I am just being lazy about learning some coin sleights. I am having a hard enough time trying to do the clipshift..lol.
  16. Not forgetting. He asked for the best, Kenner's is the best in my opinion.

  17. Mirage Et Trois is one of the most magical "Three Fly" routine I've even seen. I do think it's better than Chris'. Every aspect of Eric's routine is pure magic.

    But, I must say that I believe Bob Kohler's U3F routine is the best out there. I can't wait to see U3F2. It's very magical, and all of the coins can be examined.
  18. Holy crap.

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