zarrow shuffle battle

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  1. I mainly posted this up for two reasons.. Mainly to see if the mods/staff are actually doing their job, and to also have a funny video that people would love to put in a textbook and make it go down in history.
  2. Oh your feeling guilty now and making excuses
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    I am not guilty, these were my original intentions.

    Do I have to prove this to you or something?

    At least I am not a douchebag from New Zealand.
  4. Don't diss his homeland just for reprimanding you for your profane video.
  5. Not a douchebag from NZ aye? Dude you got some lame comebacks if all you can diss is where I'm from... and whats that got to do with me anyway? This here is a friggin' magic site not a porn site, if you wanna put videos on the net of your fat ass sister go do it elsewhere.
  6. Come on man, you know you would totally put your mouth all over my "fat ass sister."
  7. And the moron of the week award goes to . . . . . . drum roll please . . . Riffleactionpalm, for his wonderful performance in "Why I'm an idiot"

    I wasn't prepared to give you this award early on, but you really hooked me with the "At least I am not a douchebag from New Zealand." Thats what locked it in for me. You will recieve your trophy the next time you step in a pile of dog sh**.

    Look man what you did was inappropriate it and you know it. I like boobies just as much as anybody else, but this isn't the place, and if you can't take the comments then don't dish them out. Especially with belligerent, ignorant comments like attacking someone's heritage.
  8. Hahah Wanting to see if the mods do there job, dude, the mods do there job and they have given you rules, you are supposed to follow them. Then attacking some one for heritage, what is the point, pleaese just delete the video, or somthing.
  9. you sick b*stard!
  10. =)

    *Word count*
  11. you know.. you told me taht you never come on here because its just a buncha little kids who are annoying but your chilidish and immature actions/comments really make you no better than them.
  12. Read Erdnase.
  13. Thats completely off topic. Did you know instead of changing the subject you could admit that you're wrong? Or is your ego too large for that?
  14. Of course it was wrong. However, it finally made me realize that I am a total douche on the forums. At least I am a douche with a use. It is so warm and cozy here.
  15. another excuse... if it can even be called an excuse..
  16. Anytime I am in a difficult situation, I just whip out my Erdnasty.
  17. well your erdnasty isnt helping your zarrow all that much.

  18. Well, if you read the description, you will see that this is a very old video and that it was shot five minutes after learning a certain handling of the shuffle.. I just had to post it here because it had a nice set of chesticles in it.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
  19. Wow, I think someone needs to mature a little. Seriously, this is pathetic...

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